Monday, 30 September 2013

My History: Part Three - Recently

Note: Parts One and Two of this history can be found here and here

The fourth part of any large Alliance is the forums and social squads. I joined them all, and found people to vouch me in to the vouch only ones.  I made a lot of friends and a couple of enemies. The word "zulu" will forever spawn mixed emotions from me.

I eventually became fairly well known, and worked my way into several middle management positions. At some point or other I've held the following space jobs for Test Alliance:

  • Internal Diplomat
  • HR Drone
  • Reimbursement Drone
  • Skirmish FC
  • Mentor (I setup a mentor program)
  • Logistics Sub-Director

The last one was by far the highest position I held. There were a handful of us promoted when the position was created to deal with the additional pressures of sov warfare when Test invaded and took Delve, Querious and Period Basis. It was ALOT of work, and the sub-directors existed solely to co-ordinate SBUs, TCUs and IHUBs being dropped, as well as putting up (and tearing down) staging towers and money towers (towers that extract moon resources, the staple of Alliance income).

The everyday jobs invovled emptying silos for the moons we held, which were as far as 3 or 4 regions away. By this point I had my own Rorqual and could call upon the Recon department to light my cynos when I couldn't be bothered doing it myself.

To reward these tedious jobs, we were all paid a PLEX per month, and the top three silo-emptiers per month were paid a PLEX too.

Whilst we were taking Querious, we took a Neodymium moon. I, tongue in cheek, asked if I could take it as a personal moon, and to my surprise was told I could. I put a small tower on it and it lived for 3-4 months and made me a fortune. About a month before Test tried to compete with the CFC OTEC (a cartel controlling technetium), my moon died. A lot of people were mad that we had towered a valuable moon with a small tower and I wisely shut my mouth and didn't tell a sole. I had stockpiled some of my moon goo, and when the price spiked, I sold it all and made a very pretty penny.

Due to the size of Dreddit, personal moons were not allowed, as it involved giving out roles, which in turn could be used by spies. By being a Logistics Sub-director, I was trusted enough to have these roles permanently, and so when the opportunity presented itself, I took two vanadium moons and turned them into a reaction chain, making Fernite Carbide. In addition to the profits these 4 towers made (each reaction took two towers), I made my own POS fuel from local ice and PI, with further increased my profits. Some more pretty pennies.

The whole goon thing happened, for which I have a belated post planned, and we lost all our space. I tore down all my shit, and sold off most of my assets. With Test numbers declining, and activity waning, I decided I needed to do something else. I'd had a brief stint living in a C2 wormhole with some other Test people and our alts before our CEO (and the only person who could fly an orca) left to somewhere else.

Wormhole life was fun, I'd never done much small scale specialised PVP and wormhole life had it in abundance. 

About a week ago, I decided I would leave Test, and joined a PVP wormhole corp - 0ne Percent [.-1-.].

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