Monday, 7 October 2013

A Quick Note on the SOMER Blink "scandal"

This seems to be the hot topic of the weekend, so I thought I'd quickly mention it. CCP allegedly gave SOMER Blink some free random ships in return for their support in sponsoring events.
The ships weren't even that good. I don't have any new "gossip" , and I'm not butthurt at all - which seems to be the case with a large proportion of the "well known" Eve bloggers. Whilst SOMER Blink is a player run entity, it's also probably the biggest and richest. And they do ALOT to support other players and events.
If you are not CCP please read the following sentence, then skip to the end. If you are CCP, please skip to below:
It's not a big deal, calm down OMG WHERE IS THE PR TEAM THIS IS SO IMPORTANT is not an acceptable response to something that isn't a big deal, especially at the weekend. I suppose you don't like the government giving contracts to large corporations either do you?
If you are CCP please read the following:
This is an outrage. I will only be pacified if you make amends quickly and appropriately. Such as with a free rare ship. Perhaps one designed just for me. Any other freebies graciously accepted.

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  1. These bloggers should consider not calling themselves "eve blogger" if all that is really going to stand for now is reporting on things in the same spirit as Fox News. Unless of course that's what they are trying to develop.

    I've seen more childish behavior in regards to these ships and the (probably 35 years old) eve players than I do on the daily with my on children. It's actually fun to watch for about all of 4 seconds.


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