Monday, 28 October 2013

All In A Tizzy

Today's post won't be very long as it's my first day back at work and I have some ~catching up~ to do.

The weekend of Eve was pretty busy. I went for a roam into Nullsec (Providence) in a bomber on Saturday afternoon. I was actually mostly looking for data and relic sites, as I've decided I actually quite enjoy running them. I run them with a Cov Ops, but always have a bomber cloaked up within scram range so I can get a fairly easy gank if anyone comes a-calling.

I don't think I've ever been to Providence before, and definitely never solo, so I was quite shocked to see some people actually form up to try and fight me... There were like 20 of them though, so it wasn't really a fight I wanted to take.

I didn't actually kill anything, because I'm terrible at solo PVP and there were only three notable encounters. Before I tell them to you, I must point out, again, that I'm a terrible solo PVP'er and that when I jump into a system, it takes me at LEAST a minute and a half to actually locate where somebody might be. I could use combat probes, but it's too much effort and I need to get better at D-Scan and just knowing where people might be and how to catch them.

The first encounter was with a Raven, in an anomaly  I found the wrecks on scan (eventually) and located which anomaly it was. The Raven was still there apparently, so I warped in, only to land (cloaked) 100km from it. It was also in the process of warping away. I have no idea what took him so long to notice me and warp out, and I'm sure that if I'd used probes, I'd have killed him. Once he'd gone, I bookmarked a wreck that was close to where he warped from and then left system. 

I quickly scanned a couple of sigs in the next system (an EOL WH and a bad combat site) and then re-entered the system with the Raven. Immediately, I warped to the bookmark and landed about 35km from him. I started manoeuvring between the wrecks to get within point range when I noticed he was shooting me. Must remember to activate cloak on cloaky ship. Considering one volley put me into incredibly low shield (like 3%) and I was in a bomber, I warped the fuck away.

The second encounter very much highlights why I need to include combat probes in my setup. There was a system, that had no station, with tons of wrecks on scan, and in the same direction, a Noctis. Annoyingly, the system was bloody massive and there were tons of signatures. The Noctis never even noticed I was there, but I could not find him for love nor money.

The third encounter was a huge ego inflate, as somebody convo-ed me and asked if I was, and these were his actual words, "that famous Test guy". He'd been in Test on an alt at some point in the past and recognised me. He was out on a solo roam in a Thorax, and asked me if I wanted to join him. I had to decline, but my epeen grew a few inches that day.

Saturday night involved running all the sites in our C3 static, and then all the sites in our home hole. Unfortunately, we had no capitals online to escalate them, but they were still worth a pretty penny or two. It also made me resolve to sort my cap alt and cross train into another carrier race and decide on a dread. I'm going for a Naglfar, mostly due to it's utility to be able to fit either Shield or Armour, and also because it's vertical. I still haven't decided whether to train into a Chimera or a Nidhoggur for my second carrier, but I can at least start training the capital shield support skills.

Yesterday was a fairly standard day until the evening. The evening was scheduled for a roam with a new fleet concept we've been excited to try out. It's a T1 cruiser fleet, using two fairly broken fleet mechanics. We also discovered a third mechanic to abuse, but we didn't really get to try it out.

The first mechanic is drone assists, which provide a single ship in our fleet hilarious DPS and he basically turns on God Mode and kills everything. 

The second mechanic is Remote Rep. Instead of fitting guns, we fit unbonused reps, fly very close together in a big ball of rep love and basically tank everything. 

The third mechanic is linked to the first one, and is something we discovered recently. When you fit a cloak to any ship, and then decloak, you have a  few seconds where you can't do shit. This means that catching targets, or even engaging targets, becomes much harder. What it doesn't is the time it takes to decloak, launch drones and assign them to someone. That someone being a bait ship. An instalocking bait ship.

Like I said, we didn't really get to try that one, as we had a very good turn out for the roam and only idiots would engage a ship in a stationless system with 30 people in local. We will endeavour to try it out on a much smaller scale, with high hopes for success.

The roam was in lowsec, and the chain dropped us into an area of high activity.

Within a few minutes, a SCUM. fleet of similar size jumped into us on a gate, and we quickly stomped them, only losing a Keres. This is where the title of the blog comes from, as it's been a while since I've micromanaged so many bastard things on a ship during a fight. Cap boosters, remote reps, pre-locks, anchoring, utility slots, tackle and GTFOfactor was all in play. Oh, and I was multiboxing an alt at the same time (but not in the same fleet). The rest of the fleet was in the same boat, and it's surprising that we actually won the engagement.

After that fight, we headed to towards the Test staging system, which (as always) showed plenty of activity. Our scout reported that Test were already formed up, in much greater numbers than we had so we sort of hung out one system away and waited. Within a couple of minutes, two more large fleets were seen jumping into the Test system, and we decided we wanted a slice of that pie. We waited a minute or two for the fight to get started before making our way into the system and over to the grid where the fight was taking place (a Medium FW Plex). 

We landed on grid at 0 to the acceleration gate, and at the same time we landed, a 40 man Waffles destroyer gang landed 50km from us, and alpha'd our FC. The only real way to escape was to take the gate in the site, where a pretty large fight was going on. We landed and started killing things. Our setup has two utility mids, so scrams and points were rampant, and we managed to kill quite a lot of stuff. I think the two sides fighting (Test v someone else) had noticed Waffles on the gate and decided that a three way wasn't really what they wanted, so started to leave. Waffles never actually came into the site, so we mopped up everything that was slow to warp away without losing anything.

It was then decided that we'd pushed our luck a little more and Bob might not be so favourable to us for much longer, so we warped to a planet while we decided what to do. A call was made to warp to the station and dock up, and was quickly rescinded as we realised that there were three hostile fleets in system, on one station, and that it might very well be camped.

Unfortunately, everyone except me had already warped. Typically, this was when a Tornado landed 10km away from me, and two stabbers landed 50-60km away. Cursing, a thought I might as well fight it out, and pointed and webbed the Tornado, launched a flight of Warrior and went at it. 

Unfortunately, my Vexor has a AB, and pretty much very Tornado ever, fits an MWD, so even with the web, he still out paced me. Due to the close range, he couldn't actually hit me very well, and I did my best to keep it that way. This bought me enough time for the rest of the fleet to warp back to me and rep me up from about 10% armor. They launched their own drones and soon enough the Tornado was no more. Once the rest of the fleet landed, the Stabbers quickly realised that they'd had-enough-thank-you-very-much and left their Tornado friend to die.

It was late by this time, so we headed home, skirting around a massive camp and narrowly avoiding the returning Waffles gang.

This post actually became rather long, and I still haven't got any work doe, so I've added some reaction GIFs to break things up a bit.
Related kills mails are here:

1% vs Everyone Else (very very very messy BR):

Tomorrows post will probably have some actual real meaningful content rather than being a glorified after action report.

NB: People are still going on about SomerBlink, RMT and other related things. No-one cares. Please stop.

NBB: Fuck you USAmurican people who got super cheap PLEX. Two of my accounts run out tomorrow and super duper cheap PLEX would have been handy.


  1. Drahomi'r Bozi'dar28 October 2013 at 22:08

    sleeping is for the weak! We went out again shortly after you took off last night and got a couple more fights with our sweet turtlefleet.

    Baited some goons on the accel gate to a medium plex. They also had a vaga, but he got out of dodge after the logis and talos died, abandoning his proteus friend to his fate. We lost our bait vexors as a result of a fairly long warp for the rest of the gang, and landing just outside rep-range.

    Immediately after that, we warped into a fight-in progress at another plex, killing a small group of armor cruisers. The BR is all messed up and includes kills/losses from our previous fight as well as our opponents previous flight. Basically we had our surviving Vexors vs Thorax, Vexor, Auguror, Auguror, killing the entire enemy fleet without sustaining any losses.

    Another jump closer to home we caught this poor Cerberus and made quick work of him:

    Then things went south as we tried to bust up a gate-camp in OMS, losing our entire fleet without securing any kills. We had intel on fleet size/comp, but they had moved by the time we got to system. We warped a bate ship to the gate to try and coax a smaller fight, but the entire fleet returned at approx the same time and the rest of our fleet had a 70au warp to cover to help out. Our fleet arrived too late, and their numbers were too high for our remaining reps.

  2. Hah! Fancy that. I joined the gallente militia over the weekend and was fighting Test to take Innia. We were the "someone else" you speak of. I even remember talk on comms about how some "pirate fleet" had engaged some testies and dragged the fight away from us for just long enough to finish some sites off. Seemed at the time that the entire universe decided to shit on test

    Good times!


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