Thursday, 3 October 2013

Corrections and Cruisers

Today's post is going to be a bit shorter than the last ones, not because I've run out of things to say, but because I actually have RL things to do today.
Firstly, my blog yesterday preceded the actual official announcements by CCP on how they are changing various things. I'm rather smug that I got most of them pretty spot on. However, there were a few things that I didn't get quite right. I should have known better and should have made notes on the Dev Stream thing they did when they announced it. But I can't make short hand notes and I didn't actually watch it. Rest assured that I've given myself a good slap on the wrist for that one.
Well, the biggest mistake I made was the Warp Speed mechanic. I won't go into depth, as this blog isn't a place for me to quote CCP verbatim. Basically, I said that it would affect the time it took to get into warp, which was wrong. It will actually affect how fast you accelerate and decelerate once you are in warp, so that you are warping at top speed faster. As someone on the Eve-O forums pointed out, this effectively means that when you are PVPing in a small ship, you will no longer have to suffer the agony of watching your warp off while you are decelerating out of warp. That fucking sucks dick. I'm pretty happy with this change as my SURPISE, FALCON falcon might now be more of a surprise. The other consequence is that somehow, according to the math, freighters will warp faster. I don't get it, but then I don't fly freighters so I don't really care. The last thing that springs to mind is that will this change the amazing phenomena of capitals warping sideways? I have no idea, but I certainly hope not.
I got the EAF changes pretty spot on, with them increasing the the range of the ewar bonus pretty significently. The Hyena now has a hilarious web range if you put a faction web and bonus' on it.
I think I got the interceptor changes right too, or at least no-one told me I got it wrong. They've also apparently increased the lock range on them slightly. I don't really fly interceptors so I have no idea if this is a good or bad thing.
They also released the names and stats of the two new SoE ships; Astero and Stratios. They seem to be pretty much the stats everyone was expecting, and there were only 23 pages of replies to the announcement thread when I woke up, so it can't have offended too many people.
A surprise addition to the changes is the change to Command Ship Models. It's actually not that much of a surprise, as they mentioned doing it ages ago, but I forgot about it so I'm going to go with it being a surprise. Basically, they are changing the models to make them look like fancy battlecruisers.
Here lies the end of me talking about Rubicon, how I think it reminds me of a a mango soft drink and any mistakes I've made. If you want the actual facts, go read the Eve-O forums.
Now for some actual content.
My PVP experience is totally backwards. I discovered this yesterday when my new corp and I dropped into nullsec Tenal. It's backwards because as my Eve career has moved forwards, my ship size seems to have become smaller (I don't include Capitals in this theory though). When I first started understanding what was happening in stratops, I trained into a Maelstrom, the alpha battleship of choice, as fast as I could, and flew them a lot. In the past, whenever I've not been flying in a specialised role, I've chosen to fly a battleship over anything smaller. I then seemed to graduate to flying battecruisers, Oracles & Tornados, as well as Hurricanes and Drakes. Since Test lost the forever war, I started flying cruisers alot, especially Recons. Since I've joined 1%, I've started flying frigates and I have absoltuely no idea how to do it. They go too fast, and my brain can't handle it. I'll be tackling something, and I'll shift my attention to perhaps my drones or the battle in general and suddenly I'll be 80km away from the fight doing the total sum of fuck all. I quite enjoy shouting zoom zoom as I fly around really fast, and it makes me happy that they are super cheap compared to my normal ships.
The only other problem is that they are pretty easy to kill, and that makes my killboard look bad and means I spend much more time in my pod than I would like. Hopefully I'll get used to flying them and not die so much.

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  1. You need to learn when and when not ot use the orbit and parallel track trackling methods.


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