Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Projects and Poor Decisions

Before we get to the content, I'd just like to let you all know that thinking of post titles is hard.

So last night, we did another roam using the new concept I talked about the other day.

It took us forever to scan down the chain and we got absolutely fuck all in terms of good exits. We eventually found a semi-passable one and those of us that are pirates had to race through four systems of high-sec in armor ships.

The roam itself was rather quiet, and it took us 30-40 minutes of dropping on single frigates before we found a gang to fight us. We won. We killed two Stabber Fleet Issues and the rest of their gang got out. We didn't lose anything.

About twenty minutes later, we encountered a HUGE gang of SFIs with all the trimmings (logi, ECM, other EWAR) which our FC, in his wisdom, decided we should engage. We lost, although I escaped due to me having a name that starts with a letter from the middle of the alphabet. Never name your characters with the first letter A, Z or a number.

Those who were in Test or know of Sevak Inderas and his 14b badly FC skilled FC character "1verted" can chuckle with me here.

I just wanted to quickly talk about some of the new changes, despite them being covered more comprehensively else where.

Interceptors and warp speed shit is going to be amazing, and awful, but mostly amazing.

Interdictors are going to be amazing, you can now expect a  bubble every 20 seconds, or three bubbles in close succession. Oh, and they can only fit one launcher so expect all the other dictors to have a fit similar to the RibEye Sabre of ages gone by.

The Siphon units to steal moon goo was a little disappointing, as they can be accessed by anybody rather than just by the person/corp that dropped it. It also anchors 50km away from the POS (I assume from the shield edge) which is also a bit shitty. However, I htink I read that they won't show up on any API calls, and will in fact lie to the API call, so there is no particularly easy way to know if they are there other than by visually checking your POS, which is good news for me and bad news for the large blocs.

The SoE ships are pretty exciting but I probably won't try it out until the price drops considerably. (I imagine they'll be pretty damn expensive for a month or two after release)

I'm also working on a couple of long term projects, one of which includes having two "standard" EFT fits for every single ship in the game. This means having an armor and a shield fit, or a brawl and a kite fit. You get the idea. It's a long project, and isn't going as fast as I'd like, but when it's done I'll probably upload the fits file with an explanation of how to use it and how to change the fits around to suit what you're doing etc.

Another project is this list of lowsec/highsec systems with stations. It's kind of almost done and was inspired by me wanting to know a list of these station and being unable to find it. Another long term goal is to have some kind of web app where you put in a station, and it tells you what stations are in range (at various JDC levels) and whether that station is a kick out station or not, oh, and what facilities it has. All of this information is available, but is scattered in a variety of locations. If you want to take this idea and develop it yourself, please do (credit me bitch) because I don't even know where to start on it and I'm pretty technically retarded. Apparently I need to learn Ruby?

Finally, if you saw this video:

You should watch this one:


  1. It´s been a while since I looked through it, but if you can handle a little bit of basic SQL, you should be able to find all the information you are looking for (about the stations and such) in the data dump that is part of the community toolkit:

    1. The problem being that I can't handle a bit of SQL...

      I have all the stuff I need to do it, I'm just inept when it comes to things like this.


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