Friday, 25 October 2013

Something Witty Should Go Here

I got back from my vacation yesterday, so I'm still a bit in holiday mode rather than sit-down-at-my-keyboard-and-string-some-words-together mode.

So I'll keep this brief.

While I was away, apparently one of my accounts lapsed and the sub didn't automatically renew. It's annoying because I was expecting JDC V on one of my alts to be ready so that I could jump both my carriers to a LowSec/HighSec system and offload all my assets to some scrubs in a market hub.

I've thoroughly decided that the WH life is for me, it allows me to be the "bad guy" and scare all of the poor ratters in lots of different regions, as well as plenty of actual fleet PVP with my corp. This means that I'll be selling all my capital ships, and cross training into ships that will work a bit better in our home hole. I heard recently that Rorquals don't trigger capital escalations in Sleeper sites, and I'm looking forward to trying that out. The Rorqual can pack a mean tank and can actually do a pretty reasonable amount of damage, as well as having a bonus to shield transfers.

I'm also only a few weeks away from finally getting a dreadnought, but I'm still not decided which one to go for. I've been training the tank and support skills before the weapons systems, just because I can't make my mind up.

Going back to capital escalations. I apparently missed a big super cap fight, although from what I've read, it wasn't so much a fight than a massacre. Shame I missed it. I'm guessing Makalu was pretty fucking smug when he yolo'd back into the POS shields in his titan.

He's getting a bit cocky though that Makalu, cheeky bastard doing a drive-by just a day or two later: 

Finally, when I checked the corp killboard last night I came across this beauty and was PRETTY FUCKING SPEECHLESS:

Look at that! Seriously, click the link again and take a good hard look at that. 

That, my friends, is a fucking solo kill and a half.

Apparently Zed was just roaming around our WH chain and came across this dude ratting in a C3, he watched for a while and noticed that the dude couldn't even tank the sleepers and had to warp in and out. Once Zed was in position, the Drake warped back in, caught all of the Sleeper aggro before Zed de-cloaked and killed him. He got the pod too, although one would expect something a little better considering the price tag...

I'm reliably informed that comms during the time were rather hilarious when Zed looted the wreck.

Go and look at that kill again, I'm still laughing about it. I'm half expecting TMC ALOD post about it

Next post will be on Monday, when I'm back at work. Topic undecided.


  1. If you want to bling your drake, fine, but at least plug that EM resist hole!

  2. ReplaceT1 afterburner with an EM resistance amplifier.
    Replace T1 rigs with T2.
    Replace drake with faction drake.
    Generate new lossmail and get some serious fitting advice.


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