Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Here and Now

So, I've joined a wormhole corporation.
I had a brief stint living in a C2 wormhole earlier this year, when a bunch of Test members decided it would be a good way to make money and do something other than lose sov. It was an alt corp, with the requirement that your main character stayed deployed with the main force.
The hole itself was a C2, with two statics to HS and a C3. We occupied the hole with a small group of Russians, who could barely speak English. Their main time zone was pretty much the only time zone that we didn't cover (basically early EU) so the arrangement actually worked out fairly well.
We had a single tower setup, and for some unknown reason, I was given director roles. I think it was probably because I was the only one who knew how to properly manage POS (within an hour of me moving in, I declared the current setup to be terrible and re-did a lot of it) and how to set up roles properly so that people couldn't rob us blind (still possible, but not as easy). I actually had no idea, and very little documentation exists on how to actually do it. (Maybe I'll write a post on it at some point). Basically, I read what documentation there was, and then experimented by giving an alt roles and seeing what I could and couldn't do with them.
The primary reason most of us joined this special interest group (SIG) was to make sweet sweet piles of dosh in the form of sleeper loot. This was our primary activity, with 4-5 of us jumping in to remote-rep Tengus or Drakes and killing all the sleepers in our C3 static, and then protecting the Noctis while it salvaged. We made pretty decent money, and didn't die too much. We occasionally went on a roam, or formed up to kill anyone who decided to come visiting. Due to the HS static, we got to kill some hilariously fit daytrippers who had never been in a wormhole before.
Unfortunately, the corp died an agonising death when the CEO went inactive, and then joined a completely unrelated C6 corp. The biggest problem, was that he was the only one who could fly (and owned) an Orca, which is pretty crucial in order to "roll the hole". Whenever we had cleared the C3 of sites, or our C3 connected to somewhere undesirable (no sites or active players in a T3 blob), we would roll the hole in order to collapse it, which then spawns a new one. The CEO never really taught anyone else to do it, and those of us that remained bery much lacked the experiance or ability to do it ourselves (you need a number of battleships or an Orca to do it efficiently).
So the corp died, we all took our stuff out and went about our merry way.
I'd dipped my toe in WH life, and I wanted more, so I started looking around for some corps that were recruiting. The problem was that I didn't really want to commit all of my accounts (6) when I didn't really know what I was doing, and by removing all of my characters from Test it would have locked out the option of returning if my endeavour didn't go well.
During this time, Test lost all of its sov, moved to Aridia and then to Curse. Activity waned and I lost a lot of my interest and enthusiasm for logging in.
Taking a look at my RL bank balance, and realising I was still paying just to update skills, I resolved to find somewhere to go, and now without my fear of being locked of of Test, I could look more openly and make the proper commitments.
After being rejected from a fairly prolific corp for swearing once in their public channel, I found 0ne Percent. A small ish corp, living in a C5. They had a good killboard, and seemed very active. I chilled in their public channel for a while and found that I seemed to get on with the people in there, and that they didn't mind if I typed in Caps Lock every now and again.
This weekend, I was interviewed and accepted and have since moved four of my accounts into the hole.
Due to the way roles work, I have to live a little like a hobo, and stow all my gear in an unsecured SMA whilst I'm on trial. This is understandable. Would you give someone you've only spoken to a handful of times access to your car, your house and all your stuff? No, you wouldn't.
I've invested about 500m into ships, and I log out in the expensive ones. Even if I lost all my shit, I've hopefully left myself in a position where I can continue to be useful, or find my own way out of the hole with the majority of my investment (should I be kicked, heaven forbid).
So, that's where we're at.

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  1. Drahomi'r Bozi'dar1 October 2013 at 22:22

    ended up here via reddit. didnt even notice your name until you mentioned 1%. welcome to corp!


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