Friday, 4 October 2013

THe (W)Hole of this Week

Let me preface this by saying that I am aware this post has a terrible title.

I've been trying to think of something witty all week but this is the best  I can come up with. I have failed you. I'm sorry.

Anyway. This post is the first of a series, a weekly series, in which I sum up what I've been up to in the last 7 days.

This blog has only existed since Monday, so this week is actually only 5 days long.

In general, this week has been all about moving int o the wormhole and getting to know people. 

I've made a total of 24m ISK, lost a logi ship and killed about 350m of stuff.

Monday evening, we went WH hunting - scanning down the chain until we found something.

We found something. 5 retrievers in a belt. Unfortunatley, they got spooked as we were getting into position, despite our best efforts. We got his pod too, worth over 5 times the cost of the ship. What would Goblin say?! 


I'm rather smug to say I then found and tackled a totally T1 drake. Not a single T2 mod in sight, and on my first PVP op with my new corp.


The next day, Tuesday, we went on a lowsec PVP roam. The FC promised us that'd we were going to find something to kill and pretty much engage the first thing we found. We got about three of four jumps before we found an Stabber Fleet Issue. I was flying a logi ship, and a borrowed one at that. I have to say, SFI pilot, if you are reading this, bravo.

It was incredible bait. He got all of us to engage, even me with me Warriors and held us there long enough for their huge T3 blob to get there. Considering we were flying all T1 cruisers, it was a bit annoying to be on the receiving side of a blob - something I've never really experienced before. I actually got out of the first engagement (after everyone else had died though, I'm no coward logi) but died trying to get back to the hole.

Good night sweet Exequror

Rest of the BR, obviously only 1% pilots were in that particular fight

Wednesday, the third day of my week, we had an exit that dropped us in Tenal. The last time I was in Tenal was when we (Test) were being a meat shield for the Goonies. It was incredibly uneventful, and I flew an interceptor. It was just ratters that docked up as soon as we got into system. We didn't kill anything, and smack talked a lot in local before going home.

Yesterday (Thursday) we went on another wormhole hunt. We scanned a metric shit ton of holes. There wasn't enough room on our Vippy page (a wormhole tracking tool) to fit everything on. We didn't actually kill anything, but I actually enjoyed it as I need the scanning practice. When I say we didn't kill anything, that isn't quite true. Just before we started scanning properly, someone found a Tornado sitting off a station. No idea what he was doing, but he wasn't AFK, but nor was he shooting people that undocked. We were in bombers/covops and all got into good positions before uncloaking and yelling SURPRISE in local as we torped him to death. 


In the same system was a Nyx, and having never seen a Nyx in lowsec, I went and found it. It was in a tower unpiloted. Those that follow me on Twitter (SUBTLE HINT THAT I WANT MORE FOLLOWERS) will have seen me asking what I should do. I was sat watching it, hoping to get the pilot name to add to my watch list, while I tabbed out to try and find where I left my batphone.

 I have a few people on Skype who I know  are in Alliances with the capacity to come and fuck this mo-fo up if I can get his log off spot. Unfortunately, Skype has the most ridiculous password policy that totally doesn't fit in with my super secret password convention, and while I was tabbed out the pilot came back, boarded and logged off. Fuming.

Today (Friday) I went out and did some exploration. We had quite a few Null Sec exits in our chain, so I dropped out with two characters in Cov Ops, one for the exploration bit, and one for killing things if the opportunity arose.

I've never done exploration before, so I was pretty excited and within one jump of the exit, I'd found a Relic and Data site. 

The exploration sites have this new hacking mini game, which is pretty annoying to do when you've never done it before and have terrible hacking skills.

It took me a few goes to work out what I was meant to be doing with the cans that spill out when you actually do finally win the mini-game. Thanks CCP make me happy that I beat the system, and then only allow me to get a handful of the reward. Thanks.

The area I was in was dead as a doorknob, and the only person I saw was another guy exploring. He was in system before I was, but I was faster probing, even with my non Sister's probe launcher and non Sister's probes - compared to his Sister's ones. Smug. I got into the site and he followed me in. I uncloaked, he uncloaked, I cloaked. He stayed uncloaked and started burning towards the cans. I uncloaked my bomber, unfortunately out of scram range, and he quickly saw who was alpha and who was beta (me, obv). 

I also found a 8/10 DED site, that could potentially have netted me an expensive deadspace mod. I called for help in corp chat.

Annoyingly, the C3 static that I came through collapsed while I was away, so not only could no-one come to help me, but I also had a bit of a long hike back home. Luckily, I had to go via Jita so could sell all my loot. 24m. Get in.

Note: several people have said I need more pictures and less walls of text. Hope you like reactiongifs... I know I do...

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