Friday, 11 October 2013

The (W)Hole of this Week

I'm going to write this backwards, as the end of the week was way more exciting that the beginning, either that or I can't remember what happened at the beginning of the week. Friday's blog post will always be a summary of the past weeks activities.

Thursday: Last night was so intense it got me banned from League of Legends. I logged on when I got home and we were rolling the hole to find more sleepers to shoot. When the C3 collapsed, we found that not one but two new signatures had appeared. As we finished scanning them down, there was some panicky screaming as we discovered that one of the holes was a connecting C5. In itself, this is not a problem. The problem was that it was one of the Kill It With Fire C5s, and they were sat on the other side of it with a huge T3 blob.

With the amount of pilots we have, it wasn't really possible to have a fight with these dudes. They outnumbered us just in T3s, and can call on a lot more pilots if we did start an engagement. So we did the honourable thing and reshipped to bombers and watched them moving around (they were looking for a good exit or a fight). Once they had finished whatever they were doing, they started to roll the hole, so we reshipped into a DPS doctrine and a Heavy Interdictor in case they fucked up with their dread/orca. Unlikely, but it does happen.

Once they'd gone, we rolled that C3 and the new one had a very good number of sites and an uncomplicated, fairly good chain to K-Space. We ran all the sites, which as a logi pilot, was very boring as by this time we'd picked up a fleet of around 13 pilots. There was so much DPS by the time I'd locked everyone up, the site was almost over and I only needed a single rep to get them all to full.

We cleaned up the pesky sleepers and just as we were landing on back on the POS, someone started shouting for DPS. He was in an interceptor and had a couple of ships chasing him towards the nullsec connection (they were all in nullsec). Annoyingly, I'd just logged all my characters out, but I quickly reversed direction and started logging them in. By the time that was done, the majority of the fleet had assembled and was about to jump out of the home hole. I took a logi cruiser and SURPRISE, FALCON and just as I was landing on the hole, the interceptor pilot told us that there was a Macharial and an Onyx camping him into a dead end system. How he managed to get himself trapped into a dead end system I'm not sure, but all of our ears perked up at the M word. We made haste, with me lagging a jump behind whilst discussing the best way to make sure that mother fucker didn't get away. We were held on the in gate to the system when the 'ceptor pilot started shouting that he'd got tackle and for us to come right the fuck now. So we did. My falcon was still one jump behind, but my logi landed with the rest of the fleet. Unfortunately, I was seconds too late to save the initial tackle ship (the ceptor), but by that time there were several people pointing the shiny, who for some unexplicable reason, had deemed it wise to burn off the gate to engage a ship he couldn't hit with his guns. He died, without me activating any offensive modules on him, so the kill will not furnish my personal killboard but can be found here: I also just noticed that of the kills we got, three of them were the same guy. 

We turned around and sped back to our home hole like super cool ninjas, not wanting to hang around and get counterdropped by an upset macharial-less russian and his friends. Once we got home, we rolled the hole again, and once again, as well as the C3, we also ended up with an incoming C5. By this time, I'd logged out again as it was getting late, and was a few minutes into a game of League of Legends where I was dominating my mid lane.

More shouting. T3 gang, on hole. Commit. Engage. Form up. Those were the things I heard as I apologised to by top and bot lanes before exiting the game and logging back in. I probably got reported and will probably be banned. Worth it.

This gang outnumbered us, but not by that much and they were in armor T3s. I missed the start of a fight, but from what I gather, they got super baited by one of our drakes, we committed and so did they. Between then and the fight kicking off properly, one of our directors managed to lose a Cerberus he'd only just purchased and had been smugging about all day. We have a battleship doctrine to fight on home turf (which makes great use of our home hole effects and is literally designed for this type of fight), but it arrived in dribs and drabs as people rage logged in. the enemy escalated and jumped in an Archon, to which we immediately applied neuts. Unfortunately, it was not enough and the Archon was able to produce very good epping power under out combined fire. SUPRISE, FALCON soon made an appearance and I amused myself by jamming all the things, to which they responded by bring an ECM Tengu, to which I counter-responded by immediately jamming it and keeping it out of the fight for a large percentage of the time. He did get a few jams off on me, and then onto our logi, but I just burned out of his range, and then back again and jammed him. I also had the auxiliary role of shooting all the ECM drones that plagued our logistics ships.

I also bought my plexing ship and sat 70km away from the fight and shot at random things. One of the things that amused me greatly was the carrier using his fighters to try and kill the Falcon, to which I responded by sitting still and using my ASB to easily tank them. Note to Carrier pilots. Fighters cannot easily hit a cruiser sized hull that is sat still with no MWD.
We eventually broke a couple of their ships and they ran away while we smugged and looted the field. We lost a Rupture, a Drake and the Cerberus, and we killed a Hawk, a Curse, a Loki and a Tengu. So we won.

I don't know if I've told you this, but I fucking love SURPRISE, FALCON.

Wednesday: This was a kind of boring day. We had loads of direct nullsec connections, so we went to camp a fairly busy pipe with a couple of drag bubbles. There were about six of us, but as soon as we arrived and got set up, all the traffic stopped. Which was annoying. After about an hour of this, an interceptor gang arrived, and by the time we realised it was not just one interceptor, but 8, my Sabre was in a bad position and I died. Which was sad. Earlier in the day, a small C3 plexing fleet got jumped but managed to mostly get out.

Tuesday: I was at a work thing all day and night, so didn't log in.

Last Weekend: Literally nothing interesting happened. A small group of us dual boxed and ran some C3 sites and made loads of money on one night and I played a reasonable amount of GTA V and LoL. That was it.

As you know, or I'm telling you now, I don't write things at the weekend. The weekend is for playing games and doing things, not writing about them. That means that this is my last blog post for two weeks, as I'm going on vacation. Vacation is for getting tanned and sunbathing, not for writing about Eve, so I doubt I'll be writing anything until I get back. Normal service should resume on the 28th.

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