Monday, 11 November 2013

All The Small Things

I couldn't think of a good title. Deal with it.

So this weekend was pretty good Eve wise, despite me not being able to play that much due to RL.

The biggest thing that happened was this:

Instead of writing a full AAR, I'm just going to copy pasta the AAR that was written for our corp forums:


It's 21:30 and we be returning from PvP in LowSec, Amamake. We decide it is time for our daily dose of C5 plexing. 

Minus:" Who wants to do some C5 Plex?" 
Corp: "wooooo, yeah!" you can sense the overwhelming raw excitement over comms.

It's 1% Prime Time.

Minus: "send out the corp e-mail blast Doku, you know how to do that?. Varag, we need your carrier to crit this direct C5 and NS"
Varag: "if I lose my carrier through this eol C5 I won't be best pleased"

Corp members either guard the Carrier, or ship up in either Basi or BS ships at 2-1. GreyFoxx is bringing his first BS in just for this. Toons come back into 616 through the SC3 > HS including my alt, DBZ. I notice two sets of Sisters Core Scanners on D-scan in the SC3.

Now, what kind of people bring 2 sets of core scanners into a WH?...
  C4 - C6 WH corps. In my mind no other class of player would either A) have the manpower B) urgency to scan C) or other random reason to have 2 people scanning at once in the same WH.

I note the new sig ABC-123, go back to get my Cheetah scanner. I scan out ABC-123 and sit on the WH which it's a C5 connecting to our SC3. Now, do we carry on doing PvE, or does this look like we have PvP on our doorstep.

I put Doku in a cloaky PvP Tengu on the SC3 in HH and wait for whatever pops through, we need a pilot name.

Che'Nedra Borune, Tengu in HH.

oooo, cloaky scanner tengu, so that was him scanning I bet. We now have 1%'s attention as we can't PvE now as we have a hostile Tengu in HH from a C5 corp, a corp with 150+members. They obviously see our Battleships + logi and and we assume they are interested as they don't scan our HH but wait for us to make a fatal move. We are unortunately resigned to take a PvP stance...sighs all round.

We have Basilisks and good manpower, 16 online in corp chat. Our golden fleet, Shield BC+logi is called upon. Would this crumble under the might of an organised T3 gang, yes, but infact it is the fleet with which we have great fights and huge success with. In this occassion it works as we aim to chase these guys back to their hole from which they came, and aggressively. T3 corp fleets take time to form up, and we will not give these invaders time. Minus and FlyMolo are our Basi pilots, and we have Feroxes, Drakes, a Falcon and Fast Cruiser Tackle (Caracal + Cynabal) to catch this Tengu and his mates.

1st up, Varag, who after critting our 1% WH connections, suits up in a Sabre. We think this is what they will want to bite on. A destroyer hull for any T3 should be a quick kill, blap and go. Sabre warps to SC3 and jumps in. We are not luring the T3 gang, but whatever they will bite with.

Remember, they had 2 sets of scanner in the SC3, 1 was the Tengu. So their eyes in SC3 can see a lone Sabre. After a couple minutes our eyes goes into their C5 to see what they are bringing to "gank" this lone Sabre. An Enyo+Sabre. O quick guys, my eyes see you now so you better do this thing. Off they go, into the SC3.

Varag is soon under pressure on the SC3 side as he gets bubbled, he won't last long. The cloaky Tengu shows himself on our side, HH > SC3, obviously wants to catch the Sabre when Varag jumps through. 1% springs the trap. Varag jumps into HH and launches a bubble. I un-cloak my PvP Tengu and point theirs in the bubble, gotchya. Our shield BC "kitchen sink" initiates warp to SC3.

Berolt: Ferox
Raeiyn: Drake
Kaysali: Drake
Minus: Cynabal, Basilisk
Notmo: Falcon, Caracal
Flymo: Basilisk

Varag burns off in his Sabre and goes to re-ship again to Ferox. We try to bump the Tengu off the WH but fail. He jumps into the SC3 and we chase. Our cloaky eyes notice they are bringing 2 more Proteus.

Their Sabre and Enyo are burning away with their bubble still up for 10 more seconds. Enough time for the rest of us to jump in. When the bubble goes down the Tengu decloaks and tries to warp, but we get point. And this time, we get some great bumps and take him down. Our cloaky eyes spot they are bringing a Falcon, bit late though.

We're not done yet, we have their WH scanned so we know where to go next and we waste no time. This has to be done quickly otherwise we give them time to escape, think and form-up a proper fleet. We engage on their C5a, primary Falcon but when our Ferox DPS land they all jump and ofcourse we follow immediately. We have roughly 8-10 pilots, and we are chasing approx. 5 through this so we're are not deterred.

We try and get tackle but they all warp off in the knick of time. What happens from this point on can only be described with the following. We have brought a gang, which has not made them think "this enemy blob is too much" but infact they have comparable manpower to keep sending in more ships. Their comms may be hectic at this point, but they have good PvP ships, in their WH, and they do not intend on backing down to a kitchen sink BC fleet when they can bring all they can. 

So, in comes solo warp-in No.1: Hurricane, warps to 0 on us.

He has no chance, his mates have just warped off just as he initiated warp. All he can do is stall us, so he jumps back and forth to buy some time.

Solo warp-in No.2: Scorpion, lands @ 100km.

ECM boat to jam us ALL out? A logical idea, but we have too many and take down the Hurricane once he is polarized. Crucially here we had a Cruiser with MWD and Point. Notmo's alt in a Caracal makes the long 90km burn to tackle the Scorp.... and calls it just as we see the Scorp accelerating above 100m/s.

We are now offcially committed, 100 off a WH in a hostile home system taking down a 200mil BS. Ofcourse, the residents step-up as they try to shake off the Caracal before we all burn up for additional points. It takes us 30 seconds to get to Notmo by which time their next warp in is coming in...

Enemy Warp-in No. 3: Drake, Drake, Hurricane, Rokh 
Their Scorp is going down once they land, he's landed a few jams but has not been lucky enough to escape. Once the scorp goes down we spread points, everyone calls out points clearly on comms. We proceed to take on the Drake but it is proving tough. The 100km burn is a long way for our Basilisks so we're light on logi against roughly 2,000 enemy DPS. Andrenaline is high as we take down their Drake and we swtich to the Hurricane. Some of us are calling for urgent reps as we see people reaching 1/2 - 1/4 shield. Our logi chain kicks in to save the day when more warp in....

Enemy Warp-in No. 4: Scimi, Rokh, Hyperion, Drake, Falcon
I'm sure most of us thought the fight would swing badly at this point. But we chased down their support. We would win the support war by forcing theirs off the field. We assign 1 pilot to chase down the Scimi, the Falcon pilot appeard to warp out without too much hassle from us. We could see they had enough DPS to cut through our logi, but this was a brawl. We hugged their hulls to mitigate as much DPS as possible, whereas their 2*Rokh 1*Hyp 1*Drake would much prefer a 10-20km range buffer.

With the support war won, the field working to our advantage and the enemy weary to send in more... we clean up.

Loot the field boys! Fill yer boots. "gf"s in local, but one more surprise to come. While we are 100km+ off a (M267) C5 > C3, they warp in rolling Battleships on the WH and start collapsing our entry out. 


A mad final dash to save ourselves and we're out of their C5. We managed to get our Tengu out only because the rolling Onyx went light, light by mistake. Had to go cloaky through their BS gang, and see they only just managed to get their Chimera pilot online as he is sitting on the WH @ 0 too. Amused with what we spontaneously accomplished, we warp back to 1%. We see GreyFoxx arriving with his Raven, so it looks like we provided safe passage. We carry on with our C5 Plexing after rolling the Static.

"Doku did you send out the e-mail blast?"
"Sorry,  got sidetracked"

UrinalPie just logs on, "Hey guys, anything going on?"


The TL;DR is that we completely destroyed some dudes in their wormhole because they warped in with battleships, one at a time.

We didn't lose a thing and killed like 2b.

From my point of view, I got on all the kill mails with two pilots, one flying a Falcon, and one flying a Caracal. Now, the pilot that was flying the Caracal was only flying a Caracal because my other pilot was flying the Falcon. 

The pilot that flew the Caracal is the pilot that has amazing Falcon skills, and the pilot that flew the Falcon has fuck all Falcon skills. Which was pretty annoying. I landed a total of one jam during the whole fight.

The corp also killed an Orca and a Freighter over the weekend, whilst I was doing my RL things, which is pretty fucking annoying because I've never been on an Orca killmail (and the freighter was 1.2b, which is always a nice bonus to ones killboard stats)


One of our corp members made this: which is pretty amazing. Maybe CCP will employ him and then he can feed us in game items that we can sell and become trillionaires.


I'm about to start a new money making venture, which will in theory make me pretty rich for not that much isk or risk. 

It's something to do with my 19b, but I'm not going to risk all of it. I'll probably throw 5b at it, and if it works off, that'll be made back in a few months. If it doesn't work? C'est la vie. Content creation.


I've been listening to a lot of podcasts recently (mostly in the hopes I'll be mentioned again). If you produce a podcast please note the following:

  • Invest in a decent microphone. I really don't want to hear your mouthbreathing between your words.
  • Please find some British people, as I'm getting a tiny bit tired of Americanisms.


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