Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Another Awful Drake

So I apparently missed another super cap fight, that's probably the only thing I miss about not being in a null bloc any more. Although, then again, I don't really like 10% TiDi either so there's that.

After my rant about POS yesterday, here's something to cheer you up.

We killed this Drake Navy Issue on a station. He was in undock range and decided to aggress our scout frigate.

I'm not sure this dude knows much about Eve. What do you think?


Bob, our Saviour, was a little unforgiving with the loot he let drop unfortunately.

I plugged that fit into EFT and that dude gains barely anything by having those faction mods. 

And if you hadn't noticed, that afterburner is a size too small and adds about 30m/s to the drake, which I'm sure is hella useful.

Later on, we went for a frigate roam in Insmother, it's one of those areas that is full of renters, and in fact I saw several cans on gates labelled as "эта система сдается в аренду" which translates to "this system is rented".

We eventually found a system with high activity and people who were actually undocked. We engaged a Rattlesnake who was 100km from the station, and swiftly died to both smartbombs and the other battleships they dropped on us.

The BR is missing a Loki that was there as well. Considering we were in T1 frigates, we were a little shocked at the response and unfortunately, we didn't have enough people around to kick these dudes in the dick with some proper ships.

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