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Choices Choices

This morning I was greeted with a beautiful thing
I was going to wait until tomorrow to write about this, but I'm legitimately too excited.

My main character, Notmo, has been training Leadership skills for the past five to six months. It originally started prior to the original "We're just here for good fights" Delve invasion, when every fleet I ever went on sat in a tower until we could find someone to sit in the Wing Commander spot within the fleet. 

I decided that as an FC and all around good guy, it would be useful for me to have those skills and so off I went to EveMon to plan out my new training path. Only fools train Leadership skills without a remap, and remap is what I did - to Charisma and Willpower, which are the two skills that affect the Leadership tree.

I've also had a +3 Charisma implant plugged in for quite some time, and every single jump clone I own has one plugged in right now.

I'm sitting at 13.4m SP just in Leadership alone (compare that to 16.8m in Spaceship Command and consider I can fly almost every subcap), and the only two skills I'm missing are Mining Director and Mining Foreman. Which I'm not going to do because this character never has, and never will, mine.

I'm not 100% on the direction I'm going to go in next. I guess I should technically go for Command Ships V, but it's another 40 day skill and I really don't want to. I also need Gallente Cruiser V, and I'd quite like to put a bit more SP into Drones.

On the other hand, I also only have Projectile weapons trained up to T2 past Medium, so I kind of want to hammer out all my gunnery skills as well.

Choices choices!
I'd just like to mention something that annoyed me and made me a little angry over the weekend.

If you didn't already know, is an Eve news site and is multitudes better than EveNews24. They run regular news items, articles which provide analysis of various things and other articles which provide an insight into different game areas. I quite like TMC, they produce some very good stuff despite the inherent flaw that it run by Goons. (grrgoon)

On Friday, there was an article published titled "Digging for Gold: Wormhole Exploitation". The tl;dr was that anyone can go along to a WH, set up base and make mad ISK and it included a brief outline of how to go about doing so.

Now, in essence, the article was correct. Anybody can go and do this, but what annoyed me was how easy the article made it sound.

Living in wormholes is not easy. The article suggested that you go in and drop a tower, which you can then base from. What it didn't include was that a tower takes quite a large amount of effort to keep fuelled, both in terms of physical fuel hauling and also in cost.

In addition, it implied that once you have a tower, no-one can hurt you. This is completely mostly untrue. It's true that when you are inside a tower, no-one can hurt you, but anytime you are outside of those riplling shields, there will be people waiting to kill you. It doesn't matter what class of wormhole you live in, people are waiting to kill you - and they will go to fairly extreme lengths to ensure that kill.

The article also had a number of inaccuracies.

Firstly, it suggests finding Magenometric sites. For those new people that are reading this, Data sites used to be called Magnometric sites, and they were renamed in Oddysey.

Secondly, it states that most WH residents are "unskilled and domesticated". Go take a look at zKillboard and filter the killmails by Wormhole space. You think it's domesticated? It's not. The meta is changing from T3 blobs who would only fight each other in wormhole space. If you are in a wormhole, it's always a pretty safe bet to assume someone is watching you, and watching you in a ship that can probably kill yours. And he probably has friends too.

Thirdly, he seriously suggests putting up and tearing down a tower in every single hole after clearing the sites. Seriously, he suggests that. Speak to anybody who deals with POS even on a semi-regular basis and they'll confirm that this is a dumb idea.

Fourthly, 20b a month running C3 sites is rather on the high side. I guess it's possible, if you ran them all day every day, but I very much doubt it takes POS fuel, time spent hauling and replacement ships into account. 

Fifthly, the process he suggests is this:

Find hole*
Put up tower
Bring in mods*
Bring in combat ship*
Bring in salvage ship*
Run sites*
Salvage sites*
Haul out salvage*
Take out comabt ship*
Take out salvage ship*
Tear down tower
Haul out mods*

The items with an * next to them are activities where people can, and will, kill you.

Sixthly, I think he is suggesting doing this solo.

Finally, the guy doesn't know what he is talking about.

By all means, if you are even remotely interested in playing Eve in wormhole space, do so. It's fun, it's different, it's risky, it's profitable. For Bob's sake, don't do it alone, don't even try to do it alone. Find an estalished corp whose activites match your interests and join them. Grab a bunch of your friends, start a corp and go do it together.
We had a pretty good fight that invovled a fight escalation at the weekend. Escalations in WH space don't involve dropping a Super Blob, but involve slowly revealing more of your fleet in response to your enemy or in order to bait a fight. 

As you can imagine, not too many people like fighting outnumbered, and will probably not engage a 20 man fleet unless they have 20 of their own (or more). They will, however, engage a 4 man fleet, at which point (once you have them tackled), you can drop the hammer with some more of your fleet.

The enemy will then either die, or bring in more of their own ships.
Here is a copypasta of the After Action Report I wrote for our internal forums after the fight:
Tonight, Berolt had his mean boots on and we went C3 plexing, with a twist. 
The double reverse sammich whack is a technique fabled by the faithful followers of the Holy, Bob.
It involves killing the sleeper menace with a small combat/bait setup, whilst a support fleet full of deeps sits in wait on the home side of the whole.
Today's reverse sammich involved us rolling the C3 static, and finding a lone Drake calmly plexing away solo. 
He was quickly tackled by the hero tackle of Raeiyn in an untanked Manticore. 
A select few heroes, whose meaty fingers could "x-up" in fleet chat first were selected to come in and kill the drake.
Those quick fingered figures were:
Berolt, our trusty FC and in an IshtarNotmo, with a sturdy HAM CycloneDrahomir, and his swift Flycatcher of Bubbles
As our trio landed and started to take down the Drake, some new friends arrived with ships for us to kill. Firstly, a Loki, quickly tackled and held in place, and secondly a Pilgrim whose neutralisers were a force to be reckoned with.
Our cool headed FC called out for the cavalry to come join us, to whore on the juicy mails. 
Our cavalry consisted of the following honourable fellows:
Mr Black Uchonela, Ferox
Villa, Drake
Appollo, Drake
Varag, Ferox
4of4, Cyclone
Doku, Broadsword + Nemesis
Chimiera, Rupture
Nick Slick, Manticore
Flymolo, Vigil
ThyShiva, Scimitar
LaFeaux, Scimitar
As they charged their ships across the system, warp drives flaring, the enemy landed with some further things for us to kill. Warping in ships despite already losing is a trait we often see used against us. Most often unsuccessfully. This time was no different.
A hostile Sabre landed to add his own bubbles to those already deployed by our own interdictor. His minimal threat was quickly and firmly dealt with by the Ishtar's sentry drones and the Ruptures artillery, as he unwisely burned directly away from both.
In addition to the Sabre, the enemy were joined by an Armageddon, a second Loki and  a Zealot.
The call was made to kill the Pilgrim first, as it was applying heavy pressure to the Scimitar's capacitor. Unfortunately, it was too much pressure and the Scimitar's cap was run dry - turning off the active tank modules and the Scimitar went down. RIP Scimitar. In addition to the Scimitar, the initial tackle of Raeiyn was sacrificed to the cause, and the non-combat capable Vigil of Flymolo was also lost in battle. RIP in pieces.
The second call was the Zealot, who had landed at range but had been tackled by the hasty Notmo. 
There was a little confusion and non-communication of who had pointed who in the excitement, and unfortunately all of those that had tackled the first Loki switched to the second Loki when it landed and so the first Loki, sending all his praise and thanks to Bob, escaped.
Lastly, and finally, the Armageddon suffered the full extent of the DPS we could exude from our trusty ships, and went down very quickly. Repeated calls were made for EWAR only on his capsule, but Chimiera shot it anyway.
In between removing ships from existence, we had been killing pods who were caught in the tangle of our bubbles, with Berolt becoming rather excited about ensuring we killed a Golden Pod piloted by the Zealot.
Surveying the field afterwards, and looting the smouldering wrecks, it became evident that we had dunked like motherfuckers. Calls of "GIVE ME YOUR SHIPS AND YOUR SITES" were made over comms as we proceeded to run all of the remaining sleeper sites.

The final butchers bill was thus:
The second fight between the Badger and the Pilgrim was totally unrelated, but they were so impressed with the performance of 1%, they snuck themselves into our battle report.
The second fight we had this weekend involved a sporadic connection from our home hole to the home hole of a corp in the Alliance Sleeper Social Club. SSC are a reasonably big name in the WH community, and are known for their T3 gangs and high pilot activity. I was asleep at the time, but I'm informed they decided to counter our T1 cruiser/battlecruiser kitchen-sink-ish fleet with a rather large T3 blob. They have no e-honoure, and are the reason WH > WH PVP is on the decline in my opinion, of course.

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  1. Varag has never piloted a Drake and never will!
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