Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cross Jump Crisis

Very quick battle report thing today.

Last night we found a similar sized gang in a WH who wanted to PVP. They were too scared to actually brawl, and resorted to hiding on the other side of a critical wormhole. When we eventually engaged, they immediately jumped through, crushing the hole and trapping a Domi, Falcon and Drake. 

The Domi and the Drake died, but I got my Falcon out by some awesome jams, aligning to somethng and remembering to use my prop mod to outrun the caracal that was pointing me (I also remembered to not completely burn out my MWD)

The rest of our fleet was trapped in an unfriendly wormhole, but luckily it had a HS exit so we were able (after around 35 jumps) to get back home.


If anybody has any intel on the wormhole that Greedy Goblin has decided to live in, I'm willing to pay good money to find out the J-Sig, and even more money for an entrance.

For real.

It's a C1 with a HS N110 static, and has a Minmatar Control Tower inside.


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    1. Mostly because he's a fucktard.

      He use up all his useful words writing about the market stuff, and even then, it wasn't something people hadn't written about before.

      The guy has serious issues.

      And his grammar is bad.

      Which makes him bad.


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