Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Decisive Indecision

I've recently come to the decision that I'm too indecisive in Eve – which is a hilarious paradox by the way.
This realisation came to me last night. The skill queue on one of my characters was getting low, and to stop EveMon bleating at me, I went to fix this issue. Now, I have several skill plans for each of my characters, skill plans that I took the time and effort to create and yet whenever it comes to adding the next skill, I go off on a tangent and start training something random.
For example, my capital pilot is currently training towards a dreadnought and I'm almost fully decided that the dreadnought will be a Naglfar. The same character is currently training Large Energy Turret V.
So, after I'd decided what skill to train next – completely ignoring my skill plan – I remembered that this character still had his 100,000SP from the CCP Fucks Up Training Episode a few months ago. In fact, nearly all of my accounts still have this bonus, because I'm so indecisive in deciding what skill to use it on.
Most people would advise that it be saved for that one skill that you really need one day, and my argument is that I have six accounts, and between them I can pretty much do everything already.
In other news, I'm having fun going through every ship I can fly, and creating three or more new fits.
I'm on a path of creation and absolute inspiration at the moment and, if all goes well, at the end of it, I'll have some good fits for every ship in existence.
For each ship, I'm creating an armor and a shield variation, as well as the traditional set of fittings. For example, for Blockade Runners (Transport Ships) I'm creating the traditional fits – Max Cargo/Max Align/Max Tank - but for the Max Tank part, I'm doing both an armor ft and a shield fit.
Trust me when I say that there is reason behind this madness. You see, my Corp and I live in a C5 wormhole, and lots of wormholes have special effects. These effects are a large part of why certain doctrines, ships and fittings are popular in certain holes.
There are six types of effect, doing various things.               
Each level of wormhole increase the effects, so a C1 effect is much weaker than the C6 effect.

The most fun is a Wolf Rayet, as you can seriously fight a battlecruiser/T3 gang with things like assault frigates due to the damage bonus and speed bonus.

We live in a Pulsar, so unlike most WH corps, we fly a lot of shield ships, which is why I like to have a reasonable shield option for every single hull.

It's certainly a challenge for certain things, but it's doable.

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  1. I'm like that when it comes to my skill queue too. On each character I have a bunch of plans, but when I want to update it ingame, and notice the time it takes, I just pick one that will let me do something else in a shorter amount of time. Despite actually needing the skills in my plan first.


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