Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Dumb Mistakes

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I didn't get back until fairly late.
Instead of writing words, I caught up on the Eve I missed over the weekend, starting with moving about half a billion's worth of PI materials from the hole to a market hub. I didn't die like I was expecting too, despite taking it in a basically untanked ship and not scouting myself through the wormhole chain to the high sec exit.
Last time I took some stuff out, a nasty Hound tried to catch me. He was unsuccessful as with the Odyssey changes adding specialised holds to industrials, I don't need to fit Expanded Cargoholds in my low slots anymore and can instead fill them with Warp Core Stabilizers and Nanofiber Internal Structures. Like a boss.
We also did a little PVP, with two of us going out into nullsec to see what we could kill. Props to the locals, they did form a decent sized fleet, even if it was full of dishonourable Falcons, logistics ships and about eight times our size (there were two of us). We went out in a Scythe Fleet Issue and a Vagabond. The Scythe is a beast of a ship, and is very comparable with a Cynabal in terms of what it does and how it should be flown.
The Vagabond (flown by me) was an old one I had before they made changes to the hull. Therefore it didn't have a shield booster of any type, which it probably should have done.
We both died, rather quickly.
The reason I died was pretty dumb to be honest. We'd engaged an Enyo, who gate crashed away from Berolt (flying the ScyFI) straight into my welcoming arms. His shields melted very quickly, and he had an active armor rep. I should have prefaced this by telling you that not only am I bad at PVP, I'm even worse at solo PVP, and even worse still at kiting solo PVP. By the time his shields and half his armor were gone, I was at 0 to him (never not hit approach) and my guns were just like, not hitting him. I then remembered that I had drones, so I put those out, and then I remembered that I needed to be a little bit further from him, so started burning away. Once I'd done that, he went down very quickly (I think I might have neuted him out as well).
Meanwhile, on the other side of the gate, Berolt was engaged with a Republic Fleet Firetail, Cerberus, Malediction, CN Hookbill and a Falcon. Unsurprisingly, he was not doing very well and was losing the engagement, so I came through to help him. In theory, without the Falcon, Berolt should have been able to kill all of those frigates in his frigate killing ship before turning his attention to the Cerberus, but with the Falcon, he was able to do a total sum of fuck all.
I burnt straight at the Falcon, with overheated prop mod, and managed to get my drones on him and a couple of volleys before I too was jammed. The Falcon also started smartbombing the drones which was rather annoying. At this point, I decided that this was a lost fight, so aligned out and as I hit max speed, my prop mod died. Apparently, I'd not clicked the "unoverheat" button hard enough and I'd been running around making it hot for too long. I warped off and started to bounce planets, as by this time, some more friends had arrived (a Wolf, a Dictor and a couple more interceptors)
The Firetail eventually caught up to me, and as he could align and warp faster than I could, managed to point me at a planet where we both landed at the same range. Without my prop mod, I couldn't kite him so that my guns and drones could apply some damage, and I couldn't neut him out fast enough before his friends (including that bloody Falcon) landed and killed me.
Stupidly, I warped my pod straight back to the out gate, where the Dictor was waiting on the other side. I waited my full cloak timer just to piss them off (and in hope the bubble would go down) before they sent me back to Jita.
Lessons I've learnt: 
  • Fit ships properly to make use of all bonuses. (a shield booster in this case)
  • When in a kiting ship, don't forget to kite. (If I'd killed the Enyo faster, maybe me and Berolt would have been able to take the bigger gang, or at least escape or something)
  • Don't burn out my prop mod when in a kiting ship that relies on having a prop mod that works.
Side Note: Most people who live in wormholes have some kind of naming convention for their ships. Sometimes this is a corp policy (a fairly dumb corp policy), but more often than not, an individual will also have their own convention.
Mine is popular singers. All my spaceships are named after popular singers (or at least pop icons) - for example my Falcon is called "Freddie Mercury", my Manticore is called "Marilyn Monroe".
My problem is that as my ship hangar grows, my choice of available names starts to fall. How many spaceships start with V? How many pop icons can you think of that start with V?
The result is that my ship names are starting to become very obscure.


  1. Can only think of Van Halen and I'm not sure if that counts as popstar :D

  2. Interesting. I didn't realize other pilots followed naming conventions like that. I tend to name mine after PBR bucking bulls.....Whiskey Rebel being my favorite one so far.


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