Monday, 4 November 2013

Finally, Subsystems.

So, quiet weekend.

Killed a Noctis who was salvaging a C3 we rolled into, and the Falcon who came to try to save him.

We also found a NS exit that had forty people in, with a single gate, no station and an ongoing mining op. Something stupid like eight Mackinaws, twelve hulks and three Rorquals. There were also some ratters in expensive ships. As soon as we jumped in, they all POS'd up and despite outnumbering us four to one, refused to engage us at all, no matter how hard we tried.

We did kill a Brutix eventually. He engaged a bait drake and died very quickly.

And today, we ran thirty eight sites in a single C3 hole... Think of the monies!

I was struggling to think of a topic to write about today, I have plenty of topics in reserve, but they are sat in a file on my work computer where I was not today. Luckily for me, CCP announced two things today.

The biggest of them is this: 

This change is something those who dwell in wormholes have been waiting for for quite some time. Now we won't all have to have dozens of T3s with different subsystems.

We're all pretty happy about that.

The other big change is this one:

Again, this change is baller and provides a huge incentive for PVP WH corps to go out and kill other people's POS and scoop all the shiny ships. On the downside, it means more structure shoots, which is a bad thing.

In other news, I'm continuing to set up my PI empire, and have now done three and a half accounts worth.

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