Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Totally forgot to set a long skill on a patch day, which would normally be a mistake except it seems that everything went well today for CCP and the Rubicon deployment.

I'm not going to be writing a long post today, as I want to go play with Rubicon and the things it brings. I'm also travelling to a course (a very boring one) tomorrow so it's unlikely I'm going to be writing something tomorrow either.

Oh, and Thursday is my RL Anniversary, and Friday I'm going to visit my parents (and the in-laws) so this is actually the last post of this week.

I'd just like to mention one small thing. Just because I'm mostly a nice guy, and I like helping newbros, and I will give help to anyone who asks, does not mean that I will not take your money and give no services rendered if you just give it to me.

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