Friday, 8 November 2013

Smugness Never Pays

After my smug post yesterday afternoon, the next time we went out we got shat on from a rather great height. We took out arty ruptures and did a run down the pipe. A couple of Ishtars just got away from my point, and then on the way back to the hole, there was a Machariel sat on the out gate. 

We engaged, and suddenly there were two Machariels, and then suddenly there was an Archon. That's a combination five of us cannot beat, no matter how hard we might try.

Oh well.

Later on we went out to faction warfare Low-sec in our super secret doctrine, and died rather quickly to a gang of Fweddit thrashers. 

Some lessons taken from last night/yesterday:

  • The Machariel is bait, especially when you see a second Machariel and an Archon on scan.
  • Three kiting cruisers cannot engage fifteen Thrashers, especially when sat very close to the complex beacon, no matter what the FC says.

In Part One of my PI guide, at the bottom, it mentions training Gallente Industrial V in order to fly the Iteron V.

The Iteron V is no longer the best industrial for hauling PI, as there is now a specialized PI hauler in the form of the Epithal. So do that.

I also just noticed a bunch of spelling mistakes in that guide, and then realised I'd uploaded a draft instead. Never forget that I am bad at computers.


I have nearly 20b ISK sat inactive across my accounts and I don't know what to do with it. I'm totally open to any ideas that don't involve you doubling it. Or tripling it.

I don't have the time for station trading, and definitely don't want to get into hauling. 

Let me know what I should do with it.


  1. I could quadruple it for you. :)

    Seriously why not invest it in trading? Even if you just put up lowball orders and let them sit for months without updating some of them are bound to hit eventually. Anything's better than letting the ISK just sit idle.

  2. You could buy fancy faction frigs and hold lotteries. People get free stuff, and you find a way to spend the ISK

  3. buy a freighter, name it PARTY VAN, fill it with hookers and wine, go through amamake


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