Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Some People Are Bad

Just a couple of quick battle reports.

Firstly, people should stop trying to jump our plexing fleet...


There was also a Machariel there, but it got away (FC made the right call to kill everything else first, and it slipped tackle).

Secondly, people shouldn't mine when there's a neut in local.


(hopefully this updates properly to include all 5 mining ships, and all 5 pods)



For those that don't realise why that Widow is bad...

It has a Warp Core Stabilizer, which isn't going to save you from very much. It also gives you a nerf to your Scan Resolution (the speed at which you lock things). To offset this nerf, he has a Sensor Booster in his mid slots, instead of say, another ECM module (something which the Widow has heavily bonuses towards)

For your information (and his), the Meta 4 ECM modules have the exact same stats as the T2 ones, but use less CPU. So always use the Meta 4 ones.

If you are going to spend 800m on a single ship, invest in some goddamn T2 rigs... seriously.

The dude had a covert jump portal, and no covert cyno. That's just pretty bad altogether. The only reason to ever have the portal fit is if you are bridging a fleet around, which he was not.

The other thing I have a slight gripe with is the low slots Ballistic Control Units. Whilst I can understand he wants to do more damage, he'd be much better off with the ECM low slots, considering he is flying an ECM ship.

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