Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The post CCP pretty much wrote for me...

So literally minutes after I pushed the button to publish the article yesterday, CCP decided to release a Dev Blog. This has happened to me before. Stop it CCP, you're clearly doing it on purpose.

Anyway, the blog they released was concerning Rubicon, and the changes they are making to the Character Selection Screen.

I don't think I'm alone when I say I got incredibly excited when I saw the title, and like other probably shot off a quick thanks to Bob.

Again, I'm sure I'm not alone when I was disappointed when the changes didn't include easily switching directly between characters, rather than the current method of closing Eve and then reopening it in order to get to a different character.

Apparently, this was on their list of things to do, but it hit technical problems and they couldn't get it done. Much like POS. Oh well, one can only hope and pray for the future.

They released another dev blog today, this time before I'd written this (AHA!). It details what is basically a replacement for the Certificates system. The Certificates system always seemed overly complicated and strange to me, and I actually like the visual way they've done it this time. It's called ISIS (Interbus Ship Identification System), and it's pretty sexy.

My only criticism is that I feel they've taken it a little bit too far in terms of simplicity and now all I can think of is a skill tree in a shitty RPG or something. I got heavily down voted on Reddit for stating that opinion when CCP first previewed this change, but it's what I think.

You can read the Dev Blogs here and they explain the details far better than I can:


Character Selection: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/the-new-character-selection-screen/


I'm starting to make bank with my PI setups, but we haven't had a good exit for ages and I'm fairly sure I'm going to get ganked in HS because I'll be carrying 1b of PI stuff and I'm lazy so I won't do multiple trips.

Expect moaning and tears when that happens.


  1. I Assume volumes are too high for a blockade runner? Use an epithal to move stuff out of the hole and then have a freighter or orca pick it up? Use a freight service like RFF/pushx or public contracts?

    1. Yeh, too high for a single blockade runner and that would also require me buying and moving one.

      When I take it out, it'll be somewhere very close to the trade hub.


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