Friday, 1 November 2013

The (W)Hole of the Week

This week has been fairly quiet. It was my first week back at work after my holiday so it took me a while to get back into the swing of things, and to be honest I'm still not quite there.

In terms of PVP, I've already summed up the majority of what went on in previous posts. In hindsight, that was a little bit dumb as it leaves me a little short of things to write about today.

Last night we got a 0.0 connection and I went out and did a bit of exploration. I normally role with two ships, one a dedicated hacking Helios named Helen Mirren (think about it) and a Manticore in case I should happen on something I can kill easily. Within a couple of jumps I found a nice system with three Data sites and a Relic site. I did the Relic site second and prior to hacking the cans, I cargo scanned them. In one of the cans, I found a Faction Blueprint. It was only for a White Noise Generation Array, a ECM POS module, but even so, I've seen enough POS in my time to know that some people are willing to spend extra for faction mods. The first mini-game was appalling and full of those bastard healing virus things. I was doing OK on the second one until a hostile Cerberus came into very short D-Scan range and I had to warp away. Upsetting, but not the end of the world I guess.

Considering a Cerberus has no cloak bonus, I knew I was fairly safe for a few seconds after he decloaked - which is enough time to get a cloaky out of danger - I went back to the site and carried on. A few minutes later, a new person arrived in system. Sure enough, thirty seconds later, the Cerberus decloaks and a Kitsure appears. A Kitsune. A. Kitsune. Who brings a Kitsure to kill two exploration frigates seriously.

I came away with about 30m in loots, which I took to HS and sold straight away. While I was there, I upgraded my Helios to actually include some mods that would give me bonuses to hacking.

I also finally got around to taking two of my alts out of the wormhole to upgrade their pods and I realised that all of my characters are now over 30m SP and my main's new clone now costs 10m.

I've also been properly accepted into the corp and found someone to live with last night. There are four of us sharing a POS, each with an SMA of our own and two CHA hangars. This means that I can finally move in some more expensive ships (although I've been managing with what I have) and they'll be a bit more protected. It also means that I don't have to play stupid log on/log off games with my alts to try and find items, as previously, everything had to go in to a PHA. What I'll probably do this weekend is drop some money on a load of frigates and destroyers and maybe pick up the "Teach Myself to PVP" book again.

The post yesterday was all about PI, and what prompted me to post it was that I've started to set up my PI empire yet again. I've done one alt so far, with three more to go and I'll be building POS fuel, or at least the POS fuel components. A lot of people hate on PI, but I actually find setting it up a little therapeutic. So get fucked.

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