Friday, 15 November 2013

The (W)Hole of the Week

So, weekly Friday update.

This week has been fairly quiet. The week started us with us having a plethora of exits into Goon space (although, in the current day and age, what isn't Goon space?). We used this pretty well and farmed quite a few of ratters. Then we got dropped by an Archon and two Machariels as I wrote on Monday.

The rest of the week has been fairly quiet for me PVP wise, and PVE wise to be fair.

Last night was a bit active, we bagged a Noctis (although there was only one on the kill mail, it was a team effort) and an Apocolypse.

Now, the Apoc is a reasonably interesting story. We were farming the static (or in other words, running sites in our connecting C3 to make money) and this Apoc kept popping up on scan.

It was only him, and we had eyes on the only POS in system, so we weren't very scared. He keeps popping up on D-Scan and then disappearing again though, so we get a combat scanner into the hole with us.

Eventually, we catch him. On the Low Sec exit. Polarised. 

Yesterday, I wrote about Polarisation, and what this guy had been doing (or at least trying) was roll the LS connection alone, in a battleship. We caught him after he jumped back into the hole, and was thus polarised for a period of time. More than enough time for us to kill him. Which we did. 

Now, other than him being stupid. Go back and look at his fit. Now, ask yourself this: If you were rolling a hole, and there were hostiles in system, on scan, why would you fit three sensor boosters?

It doesn't end there, ask yourself a second question: If you are rolling a hole, it's going to (at some point) disappear. It could collapse when you are on the wrong side, so why no probe launcher? You have an empty high slot, and no probe launcher.

Thirdly, ask yourself why you would you only have three defensive modules (a plate, a DC and an EANM) on your battleship?

Fourthly and finally, WHY WOULD YOU BE IN AN ARMOR BATTLESHIP IF YOU LIVE IN A PULSAR?! Look it up, the J-Sig is J214227

The mind baffles.

The Noctis kill was a bit disappointing to be honest. We came across a bunch of people running sites in a fairly shiny fleet comp (couple of T3s, some Navy cruisers) with three logistics ships (which is a bit overkill). We formed up to fight them, but as we were forming, something spooked them and they ran away. For some reason, they then decided it would be a good idea to bring the Noctis onto the field and loot. Obviously this was a bad idea, and it promptly died. As it was dying and the rest of our fleet was in warp to try and whore on the killmail, a Pilgrim uncloaked on grid. At like 90km. For no reason.

It cloaked before we could lock or tackle it. It then managed to decloak itself on hte site collidable structure and warp off, giving us a very good indication of where these dudes had run off to (a C4 apparently).

Our fleet went and sat on that C4 entrance while a scout went and checked what was up (their POS apparently). We waited for a few minutes while we decided what we wanted to do and suddenly this dude is speaking in Local. 

"We would fight but you just killed all our ISK so..."

We offered to fight them in T1 frigates, but they were scared we would pod them. What a bunch of douchers.


The rest of the week has been fairly boring as I mentioned. I've been continuing to stockpile my PI until I take it to HS and get ganked.

I've also been planning my new adventure, which involves an Alt Corp and a C1 wormhole. It's pretty exciting but will be a lot of work. I would try and find someone to help me do it, but I don't really trust any one and it would also mean sharing the profit, which I don't want to do. Because I'm greedy.

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