Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Vikings are better than Pirates

I'm sure you've heard the word "pirate" bandied around Eve Online an incredible amount. Pirate ships, pirate players, pirate corps.

What you don't hear about very often is Vikings, even though a good proportion of the ships in the game are named after Norse mythology.

We decided at the weekend that we would no longer call ourselves pirates, killing people and taking all their booty (the treasure kind of booty, not the ass kind of booty). 

We shall now be known as Vikings, raping, plundering and pillaging anybody we care to.

Our first act of Viking happened over the weekend.

The precursor to our raid was founded upon the recent trend of lots of people stating that wormhole space is easy to live in, and is a giant cash cow of Sleepers and gas sites. The second part of that statement is true, and very good money can be made. However, the first part makes us all rather angry. Wormhole space is not an easy place to come and live, and in order to live in wormhole space, you must be prepared to do a little PVP.

At the beginning of last week, we started to scour wormhole for a good target. The criteria was thus:

  • 1-10 POS Online
  • Populated by corp of 30-150 people
  • Class 3 WH with HS or LS static
  • No Alliance

This was a trial raid, much like the first Nord who ventured from his snowy islands with just a longboat and a sword. Our target would be very similar in size and capability to our own, and so we could (in theory) test out some fleet comps and see what was up in terms of logistics and staging.

The raid was a complete success. We went in with our axes swinging and our torchs burning, reinforcing one of their POS and blocking all of the exits. We were very open and vocal about what we intended to do, Pay up or we pillage all your stuff.

Even Vikings don't rape and pillage just for fun, they do it for the loot they take, and so will be the same for us. We butchered a few of the residents as they first tried to flee, and then tried to return to save their things, we razed their POS to the ground on the second day - taking the POS mods for our own.

There was a little bit of subterfuge and defection involved on the enemy side, with one of their corp members turning tail, jetting the enemy ships from the SMA and resetting the POS forcefield password.

In total, we made around four billion ISK, split between all of those who took part and 25% in to the corp wallet.

We will continue to raid in the near future, seeking blood and honourable battle from those willing to defend themselves, and purging those who are not.

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