Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Period

Blog posts over the festive period are going to be sporadic. I'm fairly busy IRL but I'll try and find time to type as and when I can.

Friday, 13 December 2013

An Elusive Good Fight

Last night, we killed a number of T3s (and a Brutix) and I made 100m.

We'd just finished plexing when someone started shouting about T3s on our static hole. They were in a Buzzard, which was promptly locked.

We formed up, and were landing on the hole as the T3s started to jump through into our home hole.

We started to go to town, and a typical WH battle started, with people jumping in and out and both fleets being basically split between both systems.

Their gang comprised of:

A neuting Legion
Three (?) Proteus
An ECM Tengu
A Brutix
Two Guardians

On our side, we were fairly rag tag. We had a mixture of shield battle cruisers, a scythe. As we continued to fight, we started to upscale and ended up with a couple of Domi's, a Cyclone. and Oracle and a couple of Drakes.

The interesting thing that happened was when the hole went Verge of Collapse.

We decided to commit, and that's when we bought the Domi's in to fight. I was flying a Cyclone and an Oracle, and switched the Cyclone out to a Broadsword after very nearly dying (10% armor baby).

We were also shouting for someone to bring in a scanning alt, and our rather stoned Director eventually did so. 

The hole collapsed when one of their Proteus' jumped through in order not to die and trapped himself in our hole.

We continued to fight, without losing a thing and this is the BR: http://0nepercent.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_related&kll_id=20890901

It kind of looks like we blobbed them, but in actual fact, we were pretty even numbers but the extra T3s on their side aren't in the BR because we didn't lose anything other than the two scanning ships (one of which was in the static about 30 minutes earlier in a totally unrelated loss).

Once we had driven them off, it was time to get back home. We'd only half scanned the static when this fight started so our Director dropped his probes. All three of them.

Luckily, I had some spare ones, and we eventuall found a HS and two LS exits. 10 jump home through fairly hostile LS (some of us are pirates and couldn't go to the HS)

Meanwhile, I logged on an alt and convoed the Proteus pilot who was stuck in hole, with an apparent lack of probes. I sold him an exit for 100m.

All in all, both sides agreed it was a very good fight. And it was.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

RIP Stratios

Another quick post, sorry.

Today, I combat scanned a Noctis like a mother-fucking pro. (I had a little help from a corp member in finding out roughly where he was)

The system was fucking huge, like 120 AU across. Me and Rae spread out to try and work out exactly where he was, with Rae finding him.

I warped off to a distant planet, uncloaked, dropped combat probes and immediately moved them way the fuck out into the middle of nowhere and hit scan so that they would actually move.

Then, warping to the nearest planet to where the bad guy was, I positioned probes roughly where we thought he was, hoovering up them wrecks. I hit scan. I wait. 100% hit baby.
I warp. I decloak. I lock. I scram.

Rae comes in and we start to take him down.

Suddenly, Proteus... 

Meanwhile, a corp mate is ont he way with a Stratios and lands at roughly the same time as the Legion. The Stratios starts to go to town on the Proteus, neuting him and applying fairly significant damage. Other corp members are on the way as backup when a Dominix lands, starts to rep the Legion and pops two of us in Manticores as well as the Stratios with his sentry drones. RIP Stratios.

Those of us that died are racing the two or three jumps home in order to reship to heavier ships, but Mr. Berolt drives off the Legion and kills the remote rep Domi.

Overall, OP success, other than the loss of the Stratios.

Here's a really fucked up battle report. The Domi/Noctis were obviously not on the same side as 0ne Percent...



I'm trying to decide what to do with my industry character. He has all the Industry skills trained up pretty high (but none of the research/invention stuff). He's currently training into an Orca, but I'm looking to do something a little more interesting and, importantly, to make money.

If anyone has some good market tips that meet the following criteria, please let me know:

  • Highsec based
  • Single character only
  • No massive start up costs
  • As little effort as possible

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Official Grammar Police

Apparently I'm now a proofreader for The Mittani dot Com. Who'd have thunk?


I'm in the middle of writing a big "How to HR" guide, drawing on my experiance as a recruiter/HR dude for Dreddit. This means that the next few posts might be a little small, as I don't want to exhaust my fingers.


A few people have reported some issues with the Moon Goo spreadsheet I talked about last week.

There were some redundancies created when I edited my personal version into a version that could be made public.

Over the next few days, I'm going to rework it all so that it's nice and clean for your consumption.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Invaders in Space

So, over the weekend I sold all of the assets I'd purchased in preperation for my moon goo project.

It seems I have made 100m due to fluctuations in the market, so OP SUCCESS YO.



Two Russians in Tengus's (and their scanning Manticore alt) have decided to come for a visit in our wormhole.

To make matters slightly more complicated, one of them is the CEO of the corp we evicted to move into our current home.

Here's another completely stolen battle report that explains what's going on:

Its 12:00 am Sunday morning my time. i just brought a 100mn tengu and a boosting tengu. Daddy Minus needs isk. Kinda hungover its weekend. YOLO

- Minus in Helios, goes to scout static. No new sigs in home or static. i dont rescan cuz im a bad wh pilot. i also forget to check the c2 connection in static because vippy said it was EOL.

- It looks clear, log my RR tengus in. fleet up and warp to le static to make the money trees rain glourius isk with my awesome jew power.

- When i land on static a neutral tengu decloaks, i attempt to just warp the tengus off. one gets pointed, so i jump both in to static and GG BRO GTFO, as im doing this another tengu decloaks and goes for tackle but im able to get both tengus off.

- I bounce around safes in system and warp to plantes at 100km, at one point i go to log off one of my tengus but accidently log off the one that had agression timer, so he just fucking hung in space. *DERP* I see combats on scan, i log that tengu in and warp him to a safe, align both my tengus and warp 1 of them to static, because yolo. when my 1st tengu lands, neutral tengu decloaks on my side, so i jump over and GTFO, as im warping out another tengu deloacks in home. So confirmed two hostile tengus. i log my other tengu alt off in the static.

- i poke Laf on coms and he comes down, after some debating he gets in a Augur NaVy Issue. i get in a RR myrmadon because i wanted to rep him and i had lost my tornado yesterday. 

- He warps to the wh first for tackle, im bumping off pos mods but am just behind him. A tengu decloaks as he lands on home side, he jumps threw because we are armor, the tengu follows him and his buddy decloaks in the static. he tackles One of the tengus as they agress him. i land on home side of the static and jump threw agress the primary tengu with my ogres, and start repping Laf in his augor. By the time i get my reps on him he was in like 1/3 of his armor.

- We are Chewing on the tengu and there like "Oh crap bro jump the wh" so one of them jumps back into our home, we both follow him. i forget to pull my drones before jumping. We manage to get tackle on him in home and start slapping him around again, i burn of the wh abit drop my garde then come back in. Laf gets into structor in his Augor and my RR myrm runs out of cap because my booster didnt auto reload. 

- Augor starts gaining shield while being in structor and having no armor. I like brainfart and realise Laf has alt Scimi on the field and is shield tanking his augor because u know *pulsar*

- The first tengu's shield breaks but hes not polerized and just jumps out. so we switch to the second tengu He gets into half shield and jumps out because hes not polerized, we got to follow but BAD LUCK we are both polerized. 

- GG we hold the field, Fuck ur T3s niggah. i log my plexing tengu in and get it back into home wh while picking up my abandond drones every where.

This is when yours truly logs on, and I;ve already written a BR so heere's that part:

I log on about 5 minutes after this and Minus fills me in on the above.

We decide to roll the hole, so I warp my Tempest. As I land, a Tengu decloaks and starts laying into me.

I'm in a brick tank Tempest, so he brings his friend through and between them they get me down to about 90% shield.

Meanwhile, people are reshipping to combat and start landing on the hole.

I decide (after briefly discussing with Minus) to try and collapse the hole (which is already at half) behind them, trapping them in so we can kill them.

I jump through and one of the Tengus follows me, collapsing the hole. I manage to warp off to the first celestial I can see (at range). Just. Tengu was yellow boxing me, if he'd caught me, I was slowly fucked as I jumped without my drones and an Arty Tempest cannot possibly hope to hit a Tengu at close range. 

The SC3 is connecting to a static, so I warp there and land at the exact same time as the Tengu. He follows me through and once again, I hit warp right as he starts red boxing me. 

I told him to "get fucked nerd" and "hope your friend has probes" as I safely dock up in system.

I'm not entirely sure what happened next, but the second tengu (still in the hole) manages to warp off.

Minus scans out the new wormhole and jumps through.

We are all very confused.

It's the same static.

Chances of this happening? Small.

I warp my Tempest back to the Static and jump through. Surprise surprise, the Tengu is waiting there for me. This is fine, as it is what we had hoped. I strat to drag him off the hole as the cavalry arrive. Unfortunately, three more T3s land, from an unknown third party. We bug out and only Minus gets caught in his 100mn Tengu.

If you ask him, he'll tell you that the 100mn saved him from those T3s, but in reality, it was my Tengu Falcon landing two off racial jams (Against a Legion and a Loki with Caldari jams)

Tonight, I log on to tense comms, just as we kill one of the Tengu's, trading it for an Apoc that they ganked 10-15 minutes earlier trying to roll the static.

I think they're probably going to try and escape at some point as they both logged off as soon as the combat timer of the capsule had finished. Luckily, we're a multi-time-zone corporation, so we're going to make that escape as hard as we can.


The rest of the weekend was pretty active PVP wise, with this being my personal highlight: http://0nepercent.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20797254

His low slots are quite interesting, but we think it's because he was sat next to a Mobile Depot and was in the middle of refitting.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Making Money from Moon Goo

If you've been reading what I've written over the last few weeks, you'll know that I started and abandoned a plan to make myself mountains of ISK.

Now that I'm back out of that particular market, I'm going to share with you just how easy it is to make bank with moon goo.

(provided you can be arsed hauling shit around, and have the money to invest)

Money from Moon Goo Spreadsheet

(That sheet was a) wrong and b) no longer works properly)

New Working/Correct Spreadsheet

Basically, it's a spreadsheet and I'm going to talk you through each tab.

Throughout the whole sheet, I've coloured cells orange if you should be touching them. I take no liability if you start editing all the other cells.

All prices are based off the Jita Sell price, meaning that if you went to Jita right now, and bought one outright, this is how much it would cost. You will save money if you set up Buy orders.

Where profits are calculated also assumes you sell straight to the highest Buy order rather than setting up your own Sell order.

Anywhere there is a monthly calculation, I am using a 28 day month.

Item Data (EC)

This sheet is pulling the price data from Eve Central

You don't have to change anything except Cell H1 - which is the shipping rate. If you do you own shipping, set this to 0. The number is ISK/m3 which should be fairly easy to calculate.

Don't change anything else.


This is a very basic POS building tool.

It does not include ECM modules, and doesn't include any faction modules at all. 

You choose all the mods you want, and how many of each for a single tower setup. If you are buying more than one setup (say for a reaction) you can change the number in the "Kits Needed" row.

The PG and CPU of the modules is calculated and taken away from the total of the tower you have selected (if any)

It also tells you how much it will cost you.

Moon Mining

If you are lucky enough to come across an untowered moon, and know that it has a valuable moon goo, this sheet will tell you how much profit you can make.

Unfortunately, you have to manually input the fuel cost as I'm not clever enough to make the spreadsheet automatically do it for you.

I did however, make a table on the right hand side that calculates it for you, so all you have to do is reference the cell (for example, a Caldari Large tower would be =M2

If you change the Fuel Override to "y", all the fuel costs will be at 0.

If you change the Sov? to "y", it will adjust the fuel costs accordingly (you use less fuel in Sov space)


By default, this sheet shows you how much money you can make if you conduct Alchemy with moon goo.

Because of the way alchemy works, you end up with left over products, which you should pour back into the reactors. 

For your first month of operation, you need to buy more moon goo than your subsequent months, hence why there are two tables.

If you happen to also be mining a moon mineral, you can input it in column R and it the tables will assume it is "free"

This sheet assumes you are doing Alchemy with a Medium Gallente tower, which you might not be. Feel free to change this.


This is the meat of the spreadsheet.

It's easiest to explain this backwards.

In Column AJ, are the fuel costs, similar to the other sheets. Feel free to change these if you desire.

In Column AI are any simple reactions you are carrying out (taking two raw moon materials and putting them through a Simple Reactor Array) Leave this how it is unless you are buying Intermediate Materials (Don't buy intermediate materials, the market isn't very good)

If you are mining any materials, add them to Column AH. 

Column AG shows you the profits for a full reaction, meaning that you react from raw to composite. 
Column AF shows the profit for just the complex reaction (from intermediate to composite). It looks good, but the market fluctuates wildly because no-one really trades in the intermediates.

AE is your fuel cost.

AD is the amount of towers you need to do the reaction efficiently. For every two raw inputs a complex reaction needs, you will need one large Caldari tower.

Don't worry about the next twelve columns unless you want to double check my math.

Column R shows the two intermediate products needed for the composite product in Column X

Column P shows the profit to be made if you are only carrying out Intermediate reactions. It assumes you are using a Medium Gallente tower, because that's what you should be using.

Column F shows you how much it's going to cost to supply your reaction chain per month. It's broken down per material, and a total is shown between each reaction. This is basically how much liquid cash you need to have at all times.

It will take you some time to sit down and work this shit out. I'm happy to help you if you get stuck though.

Fuel Calculator

A basic calculator that tells you how much fuel you need for a specified time period.

Change the sov from "n" to "y", and the "Days" "Hours" columns to suit.

Stront Calculator

Does the same as above, but for stront if your tower gets reinforced.

You set how long you want the reinforce cycle to be, it tells you how much stront you need.


This shows you how to setup you POS reaction farm.

There are three diagrams.

As I mentioned earlier, some reactions take four inputs, some reactions take six inputs, and some reactions take eight inputs.

There is a diagram for each.

The yellow boxes are labelled numerically. This indicates which raw material goes into it. They should never be empty.

The orange boxes are your intermediate silos. Reactions require you to take stuff out of the siloand move it to a silo on a different POS. They should never be empty.

The red box stores the shit you take out and sell. It should never be full.

Fuel Blocks

A handy calculator to see how much money you could save by building your own fuel blocks.

Change Column A if you are producing PI components, or mining ice products.

Change C11 to the racial type you want.

Change C12 to reflect how many blocks you need (refer to "Fuel Calculator")

It assumes you have good skills and a perfect BPC (which doesn't take long to aquire). You can change these values if you don't have the good BP or skills. It's Column D

Use this all at your own peril. As far as I know, everything is correct, but the responsibility for checking the market is your own. Prices can and do fluctuate depending on a large variety of factors.

If you have any questions, or find any mistakes, please let me know. Me contact details are on the right hand side of the page ---->

Thursday, 5 December 2013

What Weapon System

Sparked by another debate I had on Reddit today, I'm having trouble trying to decided which weapon system to train to T2 first.

Sentries are awesome cool (and slightly broken) but as we live in a wormhole, not too useful.

I already have large T2 projectiles.

Large T2 hybrids aren't that great, and to be honest, I wouldn't really use them. I want the medium T2 though.

Large T2 lasers are pretty cool, and would allow me to buy a Nightmare, which is something I really wanna try.

There are tons of T2 missile systems (I already have HML and HAM) but I don't think I'll use T2 torps, T2 cruise or any of the other systems too much.

Alternatively, I might cross train all the Racial Cruiser V so I can fly a Proteus/Legion, but again, we love in a Pulsar wormhole so spending that much time to train another armor ship (It's real hard to fit them shield) might be a bit pointless.


If you haven't seen this already, this is an amazing infographic/guide on everything drugs and boosters:


I'm looking forward to the next one.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Changing Plans

Sincere apologies for yesterday's post.
I got home and logged into to one of my accounts which has been sitting in a C1 wormhole for several weeks (maybe even months?). This is part of my normal "get home, log in, update" routine before I log into our TS server and find out what everyone else is up to.
Once logged in, the normal routing was to warp to whatever bookmarks I'd made yesterday to make sure the holes were gone, then to make sure there was nobody sitting in the only active POS in system, before dropping probes and finding all of the signatures.
A few days ago, I posted that every recent exit has been absolutely miles away from Jita, which was where I had all the things I needed. Last night, the hole was four jumps away, so I made that quick post and then started sorting out my shit.
I can't remember if I'd outlined what the project was, and if I did, then you can skip the next part. In basic terms, the plan was to set up a very small POS reaction farm in a C1 wormhole. This farm would (in theory) make me around 5-6 billion profit a month. The investment on the project was quite big, but I did limit myself in the things I bought in order to set it up.
The farm itself, and by that I mean the POS plus modules, was about 800m, and the moon minerals required for a month of reactions came to about 3b. I didn't spend the full 3b though, I bought enough minerals for me to run the reactions for 14 days, by which time I'm be making good money and have some cashflow in order to buy the second half of the months' required stuff.
The reason I chose a C1 wormhole was fairly simple. It's very hard to displace someone. Not impossible, like some seem to think, but has to be done using battlecruisers or below. On the off chance that someone did decide to shoot at my stuff, I could easily move everything to another tower and evac it before the reinforcement timer was up. And nobody wants to reinforce multiple hardened dickstar POS (I had a hilarious POS setup in mind).
Last night, as I purchased my Iteron V, I realised my plan was pretty infeasible for one person to do alone. The investment cost isn't really a problem to me, and the profits are well worth it. What really made up my mind was the sheer amount of hauling I would need to do. It works out to about 400,000m3 a month to go into the wormhole, and about 100,000m3 to come out.
There is a mass limitation on the wormhole, so this can't be done with an Orca, but must be done with subcap haulers.

With multiple people, this wouldn't be too much of a problem. A good exit, a handful of people makes fairly light work to be fair, but when I looked at the sheer amount of m3 I had in my Jita hangar, I decided that I did not want to haul it all into a wormhole. Even with a couple of alts, I worked out that it would still have taken me around 4 hours for the hauling (provided absolutely no risk or diversions) and setup of the towers.
Coupled with the fact that if I didn't keep up the hauling, the loss I would take would be rather large (like, everything) I decided to not go ahead with it at all, and started to resell the assets.
Unfortunately, I seem to have purchased all of the ancillary stuff I need (POS modules, reaction blueprints etc) at a high, and it looks like I'm going to take a loss on those. On the flip side, several of the minerals I bought in bulk are now higher in price so I might just break even.
My plan is not gone forever. It's going on a back burner until I find some people who want to do it with me (and that I trust fully) or until I discover I have lots of free time, more hauling alts or make a return to nullsec in some form or other.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

At Last

Terrible post today I'm sorry.

The WH exit for my project is 4 jumps from Jita.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Monday Moods

Right, first off, fuck writing a weekly Friday post about the same thing.

It was stupid gimmick and it was totally dumb.

Next, we killed a drake last night. I'm starting to see a trend in those who fly Drakes. Mostly that those people shouldn't be allowed near the fitting window.

That's the Drake, it's retarded.

One of the guys in corp couldn't quite get over it though, and contacted the dude for comment:

[18:40:43] Warran Simalia > i dont always rat. but when i do, i throw random shield modules on a drake and go

Fair play to him. Original comment still stands.


I'm started to get a little frustrated.

I started a little side project to make myself some serious ISK.

After buying everything I needed (and getting totally frustrated with the 0.1 ISK thing, so I just spiked the buy orders. Hard.), and scouting out the place to do it from (which took a little over a week), and training all the skills I needed (some ancillary ones that this character didn't have), I still haven't got the project off the ground.

It involves a wormhole with a high sec static. The static is a very small one, and it pops of its own accord every twenty four hours. I don't call it by the static code like some people do though *cough*Goblin*cough*

The problem is that for the past, erm, two weeks the HS has been shit.

It's either been in a terrible HS island in the middle of lowsec, far away from any of the trade hubs (seriously, like 25 jumps) or really close to the wrong trade hub.

Making me very mad.


I wrote a reply to a Reddit post today that I thought was pretty good, so I'm going to put it here as well. For prosperity or something.

The question was: 

Any tips on being great success [in nullsec exploration] without being spergled within seconds, apart from hitting the dscan?

The answer was:

  • Watch and observe for a little while before decloaking yourself.
  • Learn the Cloak+MWD trick
  • Fit a cargo scanner and cherry pick from sites. This minimises exposure to death and maximises profit/time
  • If you don't want to splash out on a Sisters probe launcher, at least splash out for the Sisters probes. You can no longer lose your probes other than them being out for too long.
  • People in nullsec will mostly think you're there to kill them, up until the point you start scanning with core probes and by being decloaked (so they see you in a Helios). Minimise both of these things as much as possible. I often do my exporation with a specially fit Manticore. People are much less likely to engage a Manticore than a Helios. You lose out on your role bonus, but you will die less (I've never died)
  • Don't get greedy. Find a good drop? Turn around and take it home immediately, just one more site is not an excuse.
  • Keep to the less populated areas where possible.
  • Scan out all of the sites in a 3-4 system area then go run them all, don't scan-run-scan-run-scan-run
  • Position your hacking window so that you can still see (and use) your D-Scan, Local window and Overview. Don't neglect your three best friends.
  • You're better off using wormholes to get to NS rather than travelling through LS to get there.
  • Never warp directly to a gate you can't see on D-Scan.
  • Take the time to make perches/bounces.
  • Make sure you understand how bubbles work, the best way to get out of them, and that they are on your overview.