Friday, 13 December 2013

An Elusive Good Fight

Last night, we killed a number of T3s (and a Brutix) and I made 100m.

We'd just finished plexing when someone started shouting about T3s on our static hole. They were in a Buzzard, which was promptly locked.

We formed up, and were landing on the hole as the T3s started to jump through into our home hole.

We started to go to town, and a typical WH battle started, with people jumping in and out and both fleets being basically split between both systems.

Their gang comprised of:

A neuting Legion
Three (?) Proteus
An ECM Tengu
A Brutix
Two Guardians

On our side, we were fairly rag tag. We had a mixture of shield battle cruisers, a scythe. As we continued to fight, we started to upscale and ended up with a couple of Domi's, a Cyclone. and Oracle and a couple of Drakes.

The interesting thing that happened was when the hole went Verge of Collapse.

We decided to commit, and that's when we bought the Domi's in to fight. I was flying a Cyclone and an Oracle, and switched the Cyclone out to a Broadsword after very nearly dying (10% armor baby).

We were also shouting for someone to bring in a scanning alt, and our rather stoned Director eventually did so. 

The hole collapsed when one of their Proteus' jumped through in order not to die and trapped himself in our hole.

We continued to fight, without losing a thing and this is the BR:

It kind of looks like we blobbed them, but in actual fact, we were pretty even numbers but the extra T3s on their side aren't in the BR because we didn't lose anything other than the two scanning ships (one of which was in the static about 30 minutes earlier in a totally unrelated loss).

Once we had driven them off, it was time to get back home. We'd only half scanned the static when this fight started so our Director dropped his probes. All three of them.

Luckily, I had some spare ones, and we eventuall found a HS and two LS exits. 10 jump home through fairly hostile LS (some of us are pirates and couldn't go to the HS)

Meanwhile, I logged on an alt and convoed the Proteus pilot who was stuck in hole, with an apparent lack of probes. I sold him an exit for 100m.

All in all, both sides agreed it was a very good fight. And it was.

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