Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Changing Plans

Sincere apologies for yesterday's post.
I got home and logged into to one of my accounts which has been sitting in a C1 wormhole for several weeks (maybe even months?). This is part of my normal "get home, log in, update" routine before I log into our TS server and find out what everyone else is up to.
Once logged in, the normal routing was to warp to whatever bookmarks I'd made yesterday to make sure the holes were gone, then to make sure there was nobody sitting in the only active POS in system, before dropping probes and finding all of the signatures.
A few days ago, I posted that every recent exit has been absolutely miles away from Jita, which was where I had all the things I needed. Last night, the hole was four jumps away, so I made that quick post and then started sorting out my shit.
I can't remember if I'd outlined what the project was, and if I did, then you can skip the next part. In basic terms, the plan was to set up a very small POS reaction farm in a C1 wormhole. This farm would (in theory) make me around 5-6 billion profit a month. The investment on the project was quite big, but I did limit myself in the things I bought in order to set it up.
The farm itself, and by that I mean the POS plus modules, was about 800m, and the moon minerals required for a month of reactions came to about 3b. I didn't spend the full 3b though, I bought enough minerals for me to run the reactions for 14 days, by which time I'm be making good money and have some cashflow in order to buy the second half of the months' required stuff.
The reason I chose a C1 wormhole was fairly simple. It's very hard to displace someone. Not impossible, like some seem to think, but has to be done using battlecruisers or below. On the off chance that someone did decide to shoot at my stuff, I could easily move everything to another tower and evac it before the reinforcement timer was up. And nobody wants to reinforce multiple hardened dickstar POS (I had a hilarious POS setup in mind).
Last night, as I purchased my Iteron V, I realised my plan was pretty infeasible for one person to do alone. The investment cost isn't really a problem to me, and the profits are well worth it. What really made up my mind was the sheer amount of hauling I would need to do. It works out to about 400,000m3 a month to go into the wormhole, and about 100,000m3 to come out.
There is a mass limitation on the wormhole, so this can't be done with an Orca, but must be done with subcap haulers.

With multiple people, this wouldn't be too much of a problem. A good exit, a handful of people makes fairly light work to be fair, but when I looked at the sheer amount of m3 I had in my Jita hangar, I decided that I did not want to haul it all into a wormhole. Even with a couple of alts, I worked out that it would still have taken me around 4 hours for the hauling (provided absolutely no risk or diversions) and setup of the towers.
Coupled with the fact that if I didn't keep up the hauling, the loss I would take would be rather large (like, everything) I decided to not go ahead with it at all, and started to resell the assets.
Unfortunately, I seem to have purchased all of the ancillary stuff I need (POS modules, reaction blueprints etc) at a high, and it looks like I'm going to take a loss on those. On the flip side, several of the minerals I bought in bulk are now higher in price so I might just break even.
My plan is not gone forever. It's going on a back burner until I find some people who want to do it with me (and that I trust fully) or until I discover I have lots of free time, more hauling alts or make a return to nullsec in some form or other.


  1. Do you want to take all profit for yourself and do most of the work or are you looking for a partner?
    Solo a C2-C3 would allow bigger ships like an orca inside.

    Or partner up with someone like Foo so you can get him/me/someone else to do the hauling for you? Additionally an agreement with the current owner might mean you don't have to defend that POS all alone in case someone does decide to try anything.

    400k m3 going into the wormhole is several trips but you can use a freighter or orca to move everything to the high sec side and then just jump in and out a few times with an industrial ship. Moving stuff once a week or once every two weeks doesn't seem that much work. Looks a lot better in isk/effort as PI or some other low entry activity.

    I would like to try my hand at stuff like this, I am just not that interested in doing the calculations on what is profitable and such. If you already did all the work and are just looking to hire someone to do the dirty work then I might be interested.

    1. To be honest, it is literally just the hauling I can't be arsed with.

      If there is no exit close to Jita and you need to move shit in, it's too much stress and when silos run dry, isk is being poured down the drain.


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