Monday, 9 December 2013

Invaders in Space

So, over the weekend I sold all of the assets I'd purchased in preperation for my moon goo project.

It seems I have made 100m due to fluctuations in the market, so OP SUCCESS YO.



Two Russians in Tengus's (and their scanning Manticore alt) have decided to come for a visit in our wormhole.

To make matters slightly more complicated, one of them is the CEO of the corp we evicted to move into our current home.

Here's another completely stolen battle report that explains what's going on:

Its 12:00 am Sunday morning my time. i just brought a 100mn tengu and a boosting tengu. Daddy Minus needs isk. Kinda hungover its weekend. YOLO

- Minus in Helios, goes to scout static. No new sigs in home or static. i dont rescan cuz im a bad wh pilot. i also forget to check the c2 connection in static because vippy said it was EOL.

- It looks clear, log my RR tengus in. fleet up and warp to le static to make the money trees rain glourius isk with my awesome jew power.

- When i land on static a neutral tengu decloaks, i attempt to just warp the tengus off. one gets pointed, so i jump both in to static and GG BRO GTFO, as im doing this another tengu decloaks and goes for tackle but im able to get both tengus off.

- I bounce around safes in system and warp to plantes at 100km, at one point i go to log off one of my tengus but accidently log off the one that had agression timer, so he just fucking hung in space. *DERP* I see combats on scan, i log that tengu in and warp him to a safe, align both my tengus and warp 1 of them to static, because yolo. when my 1st tengu lands, neutral tengu decloaks on my side, so i jump over and GTFO, as im warping out another tengu deloacks in home. So confirmed two hostile tengus. i log my other tengu alt off in the static.

- i poke Laf on coms and he comes down, after some debating he gets in a Augur NaVy Issue. i get in a RR myrmadon because i wanted to rep him and i had lost my tornado yesterday. 

- He warps to the wh first for tackle, im bumping off pos mods but am just behind him. A tengu decloaks as he lands on home side, he jumps threw because we are armor, the tengu follows him and his buddy decloaks in the static. he tackles One of the tengus as they agress him. i land on home side of the static and jump threw agress the primary tengu with my ogres, and start repping Laf in his augor. By the time i get my reps on him he was in like 1/3 of his armor.

- We are Chewing on the tengu and there like "Oh crap bro jump the wh" so one of them jumps back into our home, we both follow him. i forget to pull my drones before jumping. We manage to get tackle on him in home and start slapping him around again, i burn of the wh abit drop my garde then come back in. Laf gets into structor in his Augor and my RR myrm runs out of cap because my booster didnt auto reload. 

- Augor starts gaining shield while being in structor and having no armor. I like brainfart and realise Laf has alt Scimi on the field and is shield tanking his augor because u know *pulsar*

- The first tengu's shield breaks but hes not polerized and just jumps out. so we switch to the second tengu He gets into half shield and jumps out because hes not polerized, we got to follow but BAD LUCK we are both polerized. 

- GG we hold the field, Fuck ur T3s niggah. i log my plexing tengu in and get it back into home wh while picking up my abandond drones every where.

This is when yours truly logs on, and I;ve already written a BR so heere's that part:

I log on about 5 minutes after this and Minus fills me in on the above.

We decide to roll the hole, so I warp my Tempest. As I land, a Tengu decloaks and starts laying into me.

I'm in a brick tank Tempest, so he brings his friend through and between them they get me down to about 90% shield.

Meanwhile, people are reshipping to combat and start landing on the hole.

I decide (after briefly discussing with Minus) to try and collapse the hole (which is already at half) behind them, trapping them in so we can kill them.

I jump through and one of the Tengus follows me, collapsing the hole. I manage to warp off to the first celestial I can see (at range). Just. Tengu was yellow boxing me, if he'd caught me, I was slowly fucked as I jumped without my drones and an Arty Tempest cannot possibly hope to hit a Tengu at close range. 

The SC3 is connecting to a static, so I warp there and land at the exact same time as the Tengu. He follows me through and once again, I hit warp right as he starts red boxing me. 

I told him to "get fucked nerd" and "hope your friend has probes" as I safely dock up in system.

I'm not entirely sure what happened next, but the second tengu (still in the hole) manages to warp off.

Minus scans out the new wormhole and jumps through.

We are all very confused.

It's the same static.

Chances of this happening? Small.

I warp my Tempest back to the Static and jump through. Surprise surprise, the Tengu is waiting there for me. This is fine, as it is what we had hoped. I strat to drag him off the hole as the cavalry arrive. Unfortunately, three more T3s land, from an unknown third party. We bug out and only Minus gets caught in his 100mn Tengu.

If you ask him, he'll tell you that the 100mn saved him from those T3s, but in reality, it was my Tengu Falcon landing two off racial jams (Against a Legion and a Loki with Caldari jams)

Tonight, I log on to tense comms, just as we kill one of the Tengu's, trading it for an Apoc that they ganked 10-15 minutes earlier trying to roll the static.

I think they're probably going to try and escape at some point as they both logged off as soon as the combat timer of the capsule had finished. Luckily, we're a multi-time-zone corporation, so we're going to make that escape as hard as we can.


The rest of the weekend was pretty active PVP wise, with this being my personal highlight:

His low slots are quite interesting, but we think it's because he was sat next to a Mobile Depot and was in the middle of refitting.

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