Friday, 6 December 2013

Making Money from Moon Goo

If you've been reading what I've written over the last few weeks, you'll know that I started and abandoned a plan to make myself mountains of ISK.

Now that I'm back out of that particular market, I'm going to share with you just how easy it is to make bank with moon goo.

(provided you can be arsed hauling shit around, and have the money to invest)

Money from Moon Goo Spreadsheet

(That sheet was a) wrong and b) no longer works properly)

New Working/Correct Spreadsheet

Basically, it's a spreadsheet and I'm going to talk you through each tab.

Throughout the whole sheet, I've coloured cells orange if you should be touching them. I take no liability if you start editing all the other cells.

All prices are based off the Jita Sell price, meaning that if you went to Jita right now, and bought one outright, this is how much it would cost. You will save money if you set up Buy orders.

Where profits are calculated also assumes you sell straight to the highest Buy order rather than setting up your own Sell order.

Anywhere there is a monthly calculation, I am using a 28 day month.

Item Data (EC)

This sheet is pulling the price data from Eve Central

You don't have to change anything except Cell H1 - which is the shipping rate. If you do you own shipping, set this to 0. The number is ISK/m3 which should be fairly easy to calculate.

Don't change anything else.


This is a very basic POS building tool.

It does not include ECM modules, and doesn't include any faction modules at all. 

You choose all the mods you want, and how many of each for a single tower setup. If you are buying more than one setup (say for a reaction) you can change the number in the "Kits Needed" row.

The PG and CPU of the modules is calculated and taken away from the total of the tower you have selected (if any)

It also tells you how much it will cost you.

Moon Mining

If you are lucky enough to come across an untowered moon, and know that it has a valuable moon goo, this sheet will tell you how much profit you can make.

Unfortunately, you have to manually input the fuel cost as I'm not clever enough to make the spreadsheet automatically do it for you.

I did however, make a table on the right hand side that calculates it for you, so all you have to do is reference the cell (for example, a Caldari Large tower would be =M2

If you change the Fuel Override to "y", all the fuel costs will be at 0.

If you change the Sov? to "y", it will adjust the fuel costs accordingly (you use less fuel in Sov space)


By default, this sheet shows you how much money you can make if you conduct Alchemy with moon goo.

Because of the way alchemy works, you end up with left over products, which you should pour back into the reactors. 

For your first month of operation, you need to buy more moon goo than your subsequent months, hence why there are two tables.

If you happen to also be mining a moon mineral, you can input it in column R and it the tables will assume it is "free"

This sheet assumes you are doing Alchemy with a Medium Gallente tower, which you might not be. Feel free to change this.


This is the meat of the spreadsheet.

It's easiest to explain this backwards.

In Column AJ, are the fuel costs, similar to the other sheets. Feel free to change these if you desire.

In Column AI are any simple reactions you are carrying out (taking two raw moon materials and putting them through a Simple Reactor Array) Leave this how it is unless you are buying Intermediate Materials (Don't buy intermediate materials, the market isn't very good)

If you are mining any materials, add them to Column AH. 

Column AG shows you the profits for a full reaction, meaning that you react from raw to composite. 
Column AF shows the profit for just the complex reaction (from intermediate to composite). It looks good, but the market fluctuates wildly because no-one really trades in the intermediates.

AE is your fuel cost.

AD is the amount of towers you need to do the reaction efficiently. For every two raw inputs a complex reaction needs, you will need one large Caldari tower.

Don't worry about the next twelve columns unless you want to double check my math.

Column R shows the two intermediate products needed for the composite product in Column X

Column P shows the profit to be made if you are only carrying out Intermediate reactions. It assumes you are using a Medium Gallente tower, because that's what you should be using.

Column F shows you how much it's going to cost to supply your reaction chain per month. It's broken down per material, and a total is shown between each reaction. This is basically how much liquid cash you need to have at all times.

It will take you some time to sit down and work this shit out. I'm happy to help you if you get stuck though.

Fuel Calculator

A basic calculator that tells you how much fuel you need for a specified time period.

Change the sov from "n" to "y", and the "Days" "Hours" columns to suit.

Stront Calculator

Does the same as above, but for stront if your tower gets reinforced.

You set how long you want the reinforce cycle to be, it tells you how much stront you need.


This shows you how to setup you POS reaction farm.

There are three diagrams.

As I mentioned earlier, some reactions take four inputs, some reactions take six inputs, and some reactions take eight inputs.

There is a diagram for each.

The yellow boxes are labelled numerically. This indicates which raw material goes into it. They should never be empty.

The orange boxes are your intermediate silos. Reactions require you to take stuff out of the siloand move it to a silo on a different POS. They should never be empty.

The red box stores the shit you take out and sell. It should never be full.

Fuel Blocks

A handy calculator to see how much money you could save by building your own fuel blocks.

Change Column A if you are producing PI components, or mining ice products.

Change C11 to the racial type you want.

Change C12 to reflect how many blocks you need (refer to "Fuel Calculator")

It assumes you have good skills and a perfect BPC (which doesn't take long to aquire). You can change these values if you don't have the good BP or skills. It's Column D

Use this all at your own peril. As far as I know, everything is correct, but the responsibility for checking the market is your own. Prices can and do fluctuate depending on a large variety of factors.

If you have any questions, or find any mistakes, please let me know. Me contact details are on the right hand side of the page ---->


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