Monday, 2 December 2013

Monday Moods

Right, first off, fuck writing a weekly Friday post about the same thing.

It was stupid gimmick and it was totally dumb.

Next, we killed a drake last night. I'm starting to see a trend in those who fly Drakes. Mostly that those people shouldn't be allowed near the fitting window.

That's the Drake, it's retarded.

One of the guys in corp couldn't quite get over it though, and contacted the dude for comment:

[18:40:43] Warran Simalia > i dont always rat. but when i do, i throw random shield modules on a drake and go

Fair play to him. Original comment still stands.


I'm started to get a little frustrated.

I started a little side project to make myself some serious ISK.

After buying everything I needed (and getting totally frustrated with the 0.1 ISK thing, so I just spiked the buy orders. Hard.), and scouting out the place to do it from (which took a little over a week), and training all the skills I needed (some ancillary ones that this character didn't have), I still haven't got the project off the ground.

It involves a wormhole with a high sec static. The static is a very small one, and it pops of its own accord every twenty four hours. I don't call it by the static code like some people do though *cough*Goblin*cough*

The problem is that for the past, erm, two weeks the HS has been shit.

It's either been in a terrible HS island in the middle of lowsec, far away from any of the trade hubs (seriously, like 25 jumps) or really close to the wrong trade hub.

Making me very mad.


I wrote a reply to a Reddit post today that I thought was pretty good, so I'm going to put it here as well. For prosperity or something.

The question was: 

Any tips on being great success [in nullsec exploration] without being spergled within seconds, apart from hitting the dscan?

The answer was:

  • Watch and observe for a little while before decloaking yourself.
  • Learn the Cloak+MWD trick
  • Fit a cargo scanner and cherry pick from sites. This minimises exposure to death and maximises profit/time
  • If you don't want to splash out on a Sisters probe launcher, at least splash out for the Sisters probes. You can no longer lose your probes other than them being out for too long.
  • People in nullsec will mostly think you're there to kill them, up until the point you start scanning with core probes and by being decloaked (so they see you in a Helios). Minimise both of these things as much as possible. I often do my exporation with a specially fit Manticore. People are much less likely to engage a Manticore than a Helios. You lose out on your role bonus, but you will die less (I've never died)
  • Don't get greedy. Find a good drop? Turn around and take it home immediately, just one more site is not an excuse.
  • Keep to the less populated areas where possible.
  • Scan out all of the sites in a 3-4 system area then go run them all, don't scan-run-scan-run-scan-run
  • Position your hacking window so that you can still see (and use) your D-Scan, Local window and Overview. Don't neglect your three best friends.
  • You're better off using wormholes to get to NS rather than travelling through LS to get there.
  • Never warp directly to a gate you can't see on D-Scan.
  • Take the time to make perches/bounces.
  • Make sure you understand how bubbles work, the best way to get out of them, and that they are on your overview.

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  1. Besides the passive hardener (should be a couple active invulns and EM field instead) that drake is a pretty standard PVE mission fit. Might not be the best idea using a Drake in WH (assuming it was in WH) but then again if they don't get visitors often they can use pretty much anything and get away with it.

    I agree with the bit about people being much less likely to engage Manticores than a lot of other ships. I used to use Manticores (with standard bombing run fits) as shiny transport precisely because of that.


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