Thursday, 12 December 2013

RIP Stratios

Another quick post, sorry.

Today, I combat scanned a Noctis like a mother-fucking pro. (I had a little help from a corp member in finding out roughly where he was)

The system was fucking huge, like 120 AU across. Me and Rae spread out to try and work out exactly where he was, with Rae finding him.

I warped off to a distant planet, uncloaked, dropped combat probes and immediately moved them way the fuck out into the middle of nowhere and hit scan so that they would actually move.

Then, warping to the nearest planet to where the bad guy was, I positioned probes roughly where we thought he was, hoovering up them wrecks. I hit scan. I wait. 100% hit baby.
I warp. I decloak. I lock. I scram.

Rae comes in and we start to take him down.

Suddenly, Proteus... 

Meanwhile, a corp mate is ont he way with a Stratios and lands at roughly the same time as the Legion. The Stratios starts to go to town on the Proteus, neuting him and applying fairly significant damage. Other corp members are on the way as backup when a Dominix lands, starts to rep the Legion and pops two of us in Manticores as well as the Stratios with his sentry drones. RIP Stratios.

Those of us that died are racing the two or three jumps home in order to reship to heavier ships, but Mr. Berolt drives off the Legion and kills the remote rep Domi.

Overall, OP success, other than the loss of the Stratios.

Here's a really fucked up battle report. The Domi/Noctis were obviously not on the same side as 0ne Percent...


I'm trying to decide what to do with my industry character. He has all the Industry skills trained up pretty high (but none of the research/invention stuff). He's currently training into an Orca, but I'm looking to do something a little more interesting and, importantly, to make money.

If anyone has some good market tips that meet the following criteria, please let me know:

  • Highsec based
  • Single character only
  • No massive start up costs
  • As little effort as possible


  1. I'd suggest you start off by selling your own loot. Much better to sell on Sell Orders than to Buy Orders. I'd recommend Jita.

    In addition you want to start by focusing on one commodity. The good starting commodities are things that are sold elsewhere in high sec but not at Jita like skillbooks and most blueprints. You'll always make a premium selling Hurricane BPOs at Jita and you can collect them from Minnie space in a shuttle.

    I occasionally blog about markets at but the top blog at the moment on the topic is this one:

  2. I've been doing alright (EVE IPH says 2-500k ISK per production line hour running) building rigs on a repurposed frigate pilot. For non-industrial stuff, Stabs has better suggestions: I don't do that, just some idle industry (rigs research quickly, to the point where the real lag time is getting a slot, and small ones often don't require research) and then no-life the market while sitting on comms with my main to get them to sell. I'm pretty sure the part about no-lifing the market is optional, but I can't be sure with rigs... there are pretty aggressive 0.01 iskers, probably because of the margins.


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