Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Solo Sabre Success

So after reading about that solo Sabre guy on TMC, an amazing coincidence happened last night.

We were running the C5 sites in our home hole with a medium sized fleet. We were on the second escalation when our scout (who is a very new player and can't shoot red crosses with us, but is super awesome at still wanting to get involved) spoke up over comms to tell us that a Cheetah had just jumped through into our hole.

With caps on field, and not yet that close to the end of the site, this was not very welcome news. A Cheetah can easily be a scout for a large T3 blob sat a few jumps away, and with the amount of ISK we had on field, this was a tiny bit worrying.

Our static was the only signature at the time, so I knew that if he was going to leave, it would be from whence he came.

I was duel boxing, on one account a siege boosting Loki, and on the other a triage Chimera. The triage Chimera is under a resonable amount of pressure during a capital escalation as the battleships hit rather hard.

I decided that this Cheetah was not going to survive, and I quickly warped the Loki down to my SMA and reshipped into a Sabre. I warped straight to the static and as I landed, so did the Cheetah. I jumped immediately and put my bubble up (I actually was a few seconds late doing this as I always forget that I can't laucnh it until I've broken my natural jump cloak). The little finger on my left hand is holding the CTRL button down, whilst the index finger on my right hand is applying light pressure to my mouse button, who's pointer is hovering anxiously over the overview waiting for the Cheetah to decloak.

In retrospect, I can only imagine he paniced a little bit and didn't execute the cloak+MWD trick quite fast enough. The other possibility is that he spawned too close to the hole and was not able to cloak or maybe my finger was that little bit faster than his.

Either way, I caught him and he was quickly dispatched, along with his pod that was worth three times more than the ship.


I've been flying a Sabre for quite a long time, but I'm normally with some sort of fleet, whether it be big or small. This is the first time I've ever killed something solo with a Sabre, and I can add it to my very small list of all the solo kills I've ever had.

It won't be the last time.

It was fun.


Talking of TMC, I'm apparently no longer a proof reader. This is not a bad thing as I didn't really have the time or inclination to put as many hours into it as they "require".


I really wish people would stop moaning about new mechanics. The more and more I play this game, the more I realise that there's a lot of people who just love to moan. Nerf something? Moan. Buff something? Whine. Not pander to your particular playstyle? Moan. Change something that you didn't want to be changed? Whine.

I'm sure that it's a very small minority of actual people doing all the moaning, but those people seem to be the most vocal. The most vocal seem to be a couple of high ranking Goons who seem to have a ~toxic~ opinion on every little thing. Maybe this is observer bias, but I swear these two pop up somewhere in whatever I'm reading.

To those people (in general, not just the two of them), I have a message:


Hopefully that will help in some small way.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Banter is Fun

Not too much to report today, I didn't do much Eve over the weekend.

Two of my RL friends have started playing again, which is super awesome but cost me 4.8b, as one of them quit after he was caught RMTing and got neg balanced. 

On the plus side, part of the agreement was to give me all of his expensive shit, and as he was a CNR Level 4 runner, his stuff should offset that 5b somewhat.

The only other thing of note happened this evening when we had an exit to a LS pocket in which a Naglfar and some T3 BCs were shooting POCOs. 

Unfortunately, we didn't have enough people online, combined with them being on the last POCO meant we couldn't take advantage.

Had some nice banter though (the first bit should be sung to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtwJvgPJ9xw):

Notmo > NO LOGI
Alexsanndra > np man
Rysant > well good thing i got cloak and my exit cyno
Rysant > fuck the nag
Notmo > lol HIC lesss than 20 from you
Alexsanndra > its ok man i have 15 supers ready
Notmo > 15 supers
Notmo > OK
BigCrusher > i know right :)
Alexsanndra > i do say so
BigCrusher > why dont you help us shoot?
Muffy ROX > why are you yelling
Alexsanndra > actualy
Tao Zun > y u all the caps
Notmo > im sinign
FerrenoNL > <url=showinfo:1373//90218543>Notmo</url> you like pie?
Gugl1 Molou > did you caps lock jam?
Alexsanndra > mmmm pie
FerrenoNL > I like pie.
Alexsanndra > gimme some pie
Notmo > im sinigng to you in my loud voice
Gugl1 Molou > dont get me wrong, jizz can jam ut up pretttyy guud
Rysant > wut
Alexsanndra > ^^^^
Notmo > bye guys
Alexsanndra > nooooo
Alexsanndra > come back
BigCrusher > love you
Festering Mongul > long time
Alexsanndra > weres this cyno ?
Alexsanndra > :(

(One guy left on field in a Talos)

Notmo > wow
Notmo > wcs talos?
Alexsanndra > lol u had no warp dis :P
Notmo > oh
Alexsanndra > scrub
Notmo > i clicked my scram
Notmo > lol
Notmo > #toomanypoints
FerrenoNL > your corp says enough, one percent danger
Rysant > alex is a tard
FerrenoNL > 99 percent idiot
Notmo > lol
Rysant > u literally picked the stupidest person of our corp to try and point
Notmo > id guessed
Notmo > as he was also the last one on field
Rysant > hence stupid
Notmo > and i know he is blaster fit
Notmo > because he was a t 0 on the poco
Rysant > well ur a pretty good guesser
Rysant > id give u that
Notmo > i am
Notmo > you can have that advice for free
Tao Zun > because rail talos are all the rage
Alexsanndra > wana try that again man ?
Notmo > yeh, im still here
FerrenoNL > I see low IQ is all the rage too
Notmo > stop talking about alex like that
Notmo > his IQ is at least double digits
FerrenoNL > <loc><url=showinfo:5//30002187>Amarr</url>, set desto to high-sec, that'll sort ya
Notmo > what is high sec?
Festering Mongul > one point above monkey
Notmo > another piece of advice for you, check for wormholes before you put caps on field
Notmo > have fun

Friday, 10 January 2014

The Day We Killed 6b ISK

Warning: This post will probably get rather long due to the amount of PVP we had yesterday.
Last night was a very fun evening, after a bit of a lull in corp activity over the Christmas period.
I alluded to it a little bit in yesterday's blog, and I realise now that posting that was a little premature.
I actually had the day off work yesterday, and I was out in town doing a few various tasks when I got an email blast calling for our home defence fleet to form up, for cap kills. My pace picked up and I may have rudely tutted at a number of people as I rushed to get my jobs done and get back home.
Once back, I logged on to find out what happened.
Apparently, we had a direct lowsec connection, and had been fighting the locals when they dropped a Thanatos on our gang. We obviously lost that initial engagement, losing a Stratios, Purifier and two Ferox for just one Pilgrim in return. [RUNNING TOTAL: - 481b]
At the point of me logging on, the guys had gone out in hunt of some more things to kill, as the Thanatos and friends had scurried back to their station as we formed a proper fleet to kill them. Our scout, flying a Jaguar, had found a Vexor and a Hurricane belt ratting one jump away. We reshipped into a cruiser doctrine and headed out. Zonis (the Jag pilot) got us a warp in and tackled the Hurricane and we jumped into system to his aid. Both the Vexor and the Cane were engaged with Zonis, but the Vexor (who was untackled) wisely fucked off when the rest of us landed on grid. The Hurricane went down pretty quickly under our DPS and we managed to get his pod too. We started to loot the field, and exclaim our surprise at how much the Clone Soldier tags were worth and what the relative merits between being a pirate and not being a pirate were. This was quickly overshadowed by shouts of disbelief when the person with the killing blow linked the Hurricane pilot's pod kill in to our fleet chat. A full Snake set, with the Omega implant, totally about 2b. [RUNNING TOTAL: + 2.14b]
We made the jump back into the next door lowsec where our WH exit was and warped to the station to repair our overheat damage (nanite repair paste is expensive yo). Once there, we found a Tornado and a Drake trying to bait us into aggressing them. The Tornado pilot was actually fairly skilled and had multiple safe spots around the station grid and try as we might, we couldn't catch him. Once we were all done repairing, we went back to the hole, only to be followed by the Tornado, landing 100km from us. Luckily, our glorious Jag pilot had also warped to the hole at 100km and was able to tackle him. As we started to apply DPS at quite a long range, we somehow lost tackle and the prey escaped. We continued to chase him around for a little while and eventually Minus had a scout alt cloaked 20km away. The Tornado pilot will never know how lucky he was that day as Minus, being Minus, warped us all off to an offgrid perch so we could warp back directly on top of the Tornado. As well as warping the fleet, he also accidently warped the alt and so the warp in was lost. [RUNNING TOTAL: +2.14b]
We gave up and went home, and all was quiet for about an hour.
Within a wormhole, chatting in local is largely faux pas, as it means you show up in the list, and people know that you are there. We were all just chilling in our respective POSs when some random dude starts talking. A quick D-Scan later, we see he is in a Hurricane and a quick Alt-Tab reveals that he is sat on the LS hole. We expect him to just jump out after a little taunt, and are thoroughly shocked when he warps to the sun. Brave Zonis hears this and warps his hero Jaguar (the same one that caught the Hurricane and Tornado) to the sun also. And tackles the Hurricane.
During this, I am reshipping from cruiser to battlecruiser. When Zonis states that he is following the Hurricane, I automatically go through the right click options to prepare myself to warp there if he gets tackle. I accidently click the button instead of waiting and I am in warp before I can stop myself. I land right as the Hurricane finishes off the Jaguar and land tackle. As mentioned in yesterdays post, it is generally a bad idea to bring an armor tanked ship into a Pulsar, and my shield BC has a whopping tank in our HH, so I was making rather light work of him. My BC of choice is a Cyclone. There are a few reasons for this; I multibox quite a lot, so I prefer to use missile based ships so that I don't have to worry too much about my optimal range, fall off or tracking. It also offers a range of fitting options in terms of DPS. It can field 5 drones as well as 5 launcher hard points (which you can fit HML or HAM). There are also two turret hardpoints, and the hull has enough CPU/PG to be able to fit either 2 x Medium Energy Neutralizers or 2 x 425mm Autocannons, which you can switch out dependant on the situation.
In this case, I have my Neuts fit, so I'm happily chewing through him as well as making sure he can't kite away from me by taking away his ability to use his prop mod for very long (neuts might be by new favourite toy).
Some of his friends start to land, comprising of a couple of T1 Logistics ships (Augorors) who land at range and very briefly start to land reps before more of our DPS lands. He is also joined by a couple of Tornados, who land at range from the fight and do extremely well at not affecting any of us at all. We have a couple of fast tackle who drive both the Tornados and the Augorors off the field multiple times. As the Hurricane is dipping into structure, a Dominix lands at 0, drops sentry drones and starts to shoot me. This is fine, as I have both a very good buffer tank and my alt is sat 30km from me in a Scimitar. The Hurricane dies and is quickly followed by the Dominix. The quad-plate Dominix in a Pulsar that I talked about yesterday. The Tornados land one more time I start burning for them. There are two of them and they manage to get me down to 91% shields before I burn the 60km to them, both warping off just before I get into overheated point range. I should invest in a faction point. On the topic of overheating, I should also note that I felt like a boss when I remembered to turn my shit off when it was all at about 80-90% damaged.
As I'd been chasing the Tornados, the rest of our fleet had warped to the LS hole, wisely anticipating that this is where the Tornado's would flee to. They were right, we killed them both.
In the total engagement, we lost the initial hero-tackling Jaguar and apparently an Interdictor who landed, realised popping a bubble was a bad idea but was obviously primaried because of the threat before he could warp off. [RUNNING TOTAL: + 2.53b]
We were having such a good time, we decided to roll our static hole and see what new opportunities it brought before us. This time, it was two Procurers, mining at two different ore sites. We formed up again, this time in Cov-Ops capable ships and were about to jump and kill one of them when I questioned whether we could get both of them at the same time. I laid down our plan and off I went to refit. Instead of my normal "point, painter, sebo", I changed to a triple scram set up. Mining barges are notorious for having warp core stabs and have evaded us before. Our scout makes us a bookmark right next to one of the barges and uses himself as the warpin for the other. We all jump in and the fleet warps to Rae (our scout) whilst I warp to the bookmark. We land at roughly the same time and comms is adrift with shouts of "point", "point", "scram", "tackled" and "die mining scum". They make pretty short work of it, bringing along a Heavy Interdictor in order to catch the pod as well. Meanwhile, over in the other site, I have this Procurer triple scrammed, and I'm starting to lay down dome DPS on him. I cycle down my launchers so that he doesn't die before the rest of the fleet can get here and get on the kill when I realise that by me being here, I cannot get on the other kill, so I overheat my torps and try to kill him as fast as possible for that glorious solo kill. For some time, he doesn't do anything but yellow box me, but eventually realises that he has some Warrior I's, who actually start to hurt me. I can't do much to prevent it as I'm nowhere near cap stable and can't run my prop mod and all three scrams at the same time. I also have to stay within scram range, so even moving faster won't do that much to mitigate the Warrior DPS. I bug out seconds before the rest of the fleet arrive and the Procurer doesn't have enough time to warp out and is retackled. I come back in at range and try to time my torpedo volley to steal the last hit. I am successful. [RUNNING TOTAL: +2.61b]
We continue to scan down our chain, with me scanning down one direction and Rae scanning the other. We simultaneously find active holes. Both are C2 wormholes, mine with a large number of active towers, which had a couple of piloted ships (two Tengus, a probing ship, an Assault Frigate and an industrial). There was also another Procurer ratting away happily in an ore site. In Rae's C2, there are wrecks on scan and a Tengu is quickly located on D-Scan. He is running a probe-able site so we can't get an easy warp in on him, and the probes will spook him. We decide to take the risk on the Tengu and form up a couple or cloaky ships, a couple of cloaky Strat Cruisers and some non-cloak DPS. The Tengu is observed to be warping in and out of the site repeatedly, using a Mobile Tractor Unit as his warp in, and we guess this is due to a tanking issue. Rae warps to an outer planet and drops his probes, then returns to watch the Tengu's POS. Once he has sighted the Tengu sat in the shields, he knows he is fairly safe to probe down the site as it is out of D-Scan range, so he does. He then warps to it and begins observing the Tengu in its natural habitat (or not so natural considering how often he had to warp in and out). Our entrance is also out of D-Scan from both the site and the POS, so we move in all the cloaky ships, but keep them on the hole cloaked until Rae can get a close enough warp in, which is proving hard as the Tengu doesn't stay close to the MTU for long.

Disaster strikes. Rae's computer locks up on him and the only thing he can do is use his PTT key and talk to us. We furiously mash D-Scan to see if he disconnects (because he will de-cloak and maybe give the game away). Luckily, the game still see's him as logged in and nothing happens. After the Tengu warps out for what is probably the eighth or ninth time, we tell Rae to quickly restart his computer. As expected, he decloaks and e-warps. It's a nervous 60 seconds as we mash D-Scan, both for when Rae disappears and for the Tengu appearing. Literally seconds after Rae is removed from space, the Tengu appears on our D-Scan coming back to the site. By this time, we are more or less in position, all the cloakies are on grid. The only remaining obstacle are the two sleeper battleships, which will probably switch to one of our own ships as soon as we engage the Tengu. We are waiting until the Tengu kills one, so that one remains (which we can deal with) when suddenly someone uncloaks. There is a high pitched scream as the rest of us scramble to click our cloaks and tackle the Tengu. We start laying down DPS and have to actually stop in order for our non cloaky DPS to arrive and get on the killmail. Rae is furious. It's taken too long for his computer to restart and for him to log in and get on the killmail. We are under a little bit of pressure to kill it before the sleepers realise what's happening and switch to us. Rae is even more furious when the killmail is linked. Possibly even more furious than the guy we killed in local, who is now shouting obscenities at us and making threats he can't possibly keep (he doesn't know where our mothers live, for sure).
The Tengu is brim full of expensive faction modules, netting us the second 2b kill of the evening. What came next was rather hilarious as we scrambled to loot the wreck as it was tractored towards the MTU faster than we could reach it. We were now under heavy sleeper fire whilst trying to kill the MTU to access our plunder, we almost lost three ships trying to do so. What was slightly sad is that neither of the Tengu's Caldari Navy Invulnerability Fields dropped from the initial kill, and each was worth about 750m... [RUNNING TOTAL: 5.25b]
We head home and we finish scanning the other C2, where the procurer is now sat safe and snug in his POS. This hole has a HS static, which we now need in order to sell the Tengu loot (we split loot evenly). Rae angrily informs us that he is doing now more scanning/scouting this evening. I scan down the HS which is just a few jumps from Jita before going AFK to make some food.
I come back an hour or so later and am told to quickly jump into a shield BC and some logi as we're about to fight a T3 gang. I do as ordered and start moving. I'm filled in on the details as I do so. A couple of our newer members had taken the opportunity of the HS hole to do some logistics and move in some of their stuff. Whilst doing so, a cloaky Loki had tried and failed to tackle one of the haulers and our initial response fleet had spotted the rest of the Loki's gang. We formed up a jump away out of their site while two of our guys went to bait them in a pair of brawler Ferox. The Loki takes the bait and the two Ferox chew through and kill it in no time. As it dies, two Hurricanes and a Proteus land in the fray, and at this point, the rest of us move up to engage. We have to split our fleet on either side of the wormhole in order to kill them all, which we do, and they all explode. We camp the hole while our guys finish running their haulers backwards and forwards and our concentration wanes. A stiletto hangs around on the HS hole but gets away before we can catch him. Due to our lack of attentiveness, we fail to keep track of the hostiles reshipping into bombers and disappearing. The final hauler jumps in, and the two ships guarding the HS hole warp back to the exit. As they land, four bombers decloak and launch bombs at the hole. It is a good bombing run, and a bad responsiveness from us. We don't take the obvious action of jumping out and instead lose a Ferox and a Manticore, with a number of our other ships in very low armour/structure. My Cyclone is at 89% shields, so I am smug. We make a tactical retreat and head home for the evening. [FINAL TOTAL: 6.1b]
As a result of our successful evening, the corp killboard shows that we are now operation at 70.09% ISK Efficiency. Previous to tonight, it was at around 60% and and normally averages at between 64-65%. Get in.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Things you shouldn't do...

Quick battle report for today. this just happened and I'm still giggling a little bit.

So, a question. You have two pieces of information available to you.

The first is that the fight is happening in a C5 Pulsar.

The second is that you are flying this: http://0nepercent.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=21312498

What do you do?

Well firstly, you turn around and go and take the four armor plates off your Dominix. Secondly, you go find a shield ship to fight with.

A C5 Pulsar has the following effects:

Shield HP +85%
Armor Resists -34%
(some other things irrelavent to this post)

Can you see why that Dominix fit is a bad idea? 

Another thing you shouldn't do is bring another armor ship too: http://0nepercent.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=21312472

Next question. If you are fighting in a wormhole, and you know there's only one way out if you need to escape. Do you:

a) bring a proper PVP ship 


b) bring two glass tanked Tornados?


Ding ding ding. Wrong answer.


Bonus unrelated pod round.

We caught this guy belt ratting in low sec.


and more importantly, his pod


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Predictions and Interpretations of the War

A warning; this post contains a lot of words, and not so many jokes and quips. Also, no pictures.
A second word of warning. The following words are purely speculative, and my interpretation (and opinion) of the limited information I see. I don't profess to be an expert, but I do have a fair amount of knowledge of how the meta politics of Eve work. I'm also not particularly anti-Goon anymore either, although I admit I am rooting on the TEMP side for this war, rather than the CFC so I can't claim to be impartial (who can?).
I've been involved or on the sidelines of every major war in Eve for the past three to four years. This time, I'm at the back of the spectator stand in the cheap seats. I've got the programmes from previous games on my lap and I'm looking through them. From what I'm seeing, I can make a valid prediction of how this war is going to end.
The CFC is losing right now.
How do I conclude this? Well, they are playing a number of cards I've seen them play before in every major conflict, but instead of playing them out strategically, they seem to be putting them on the table in fairly quick succession.
So what have I seen that leads me to this conclusion?
Well, working from most recent:
Highlighting a single character and launching a campaign of slander - This time it's Baki Yuki with a smatter of Aerallo, previous to that it was Montolio, or Viktor Villiance, or Makalu Zayra. The tactic is exactly the same each time. In fact I think it's even been Baki before. A number of dreads went "missing" when Test started to dissolve, and it's widely known that it was probably Baki that did it. Most of Test didn't really know this at the time and it was kept fairly quiet. To be fair, nobody really cared either as they were a personal donation to the Alliance and Test were on the losing end of a war, losing all their sov and most of their cap pilots were being poached anyway. If it wasn't Baki, it likely would have been someone else. This tactic relies on focusing on some kind of popular leadership charater and defaming them. It reduces confidence of the people they lead and increase pressure on the person themselves.
Capital Victories - Every time the CFC wins a cap battle, it's major news. OMG WE KILLED 17 DREADS AND SOME CARRIERS GUYS WE ARE WINNING LOOK AT ALL OUR SMUG. Where's the same amount of news distribution when the CFC themselves lose caps? This is pretty obvious one-sided reporting, designed to be used as a morale booster to CFC forces. The exact same thing happened in Fountain in the summer, and I'm sure you'll see it again.
Moving Supers - The CFC is known to have a rather large supercapital fleet, possibly one of the biggest, and yet it's also one of the dustiest. It's very rare to see a CFC supercap fleet out and about, and even rarer to see it shooting anything other than structures. It's my opinion that this capital fleet is largely a bit of smoke and mirrors. People who fly supercaps are generally old players, and old players generally get a bit bored of not using a ship, or a character and stop logging in. I would wager that the CFC super fleet is nowhere near as large as people suspect it to be. Sure they have the pilots and the ships, but I think most of the pilots are inactive which effectively means a smaller super fleet. The CFC made a reasonably big, public show of moving these supers down to the deployment area at the weekend, When else have they done this? Down to Fountain and down to Delve/Querious. They are a pretty big deterrant and one can liken them to the nuclear threat in real world politics. Will they ever be dropped? Only if it is an absolute 100% guanteed safe win.
Sov Drops - This could be completely coincidental, and to be fair with the most recent sov drop, there wasn't a lot of evidence that the CFC was invovled, but the trends are there so it's worth mentioning. Whenever the CFC gets involved in a war, and they start to go on a defensive backing, some sov somewhere drops. Is it ever CFC allied sov? Of course not. Occasionally, the CFC will claim it was them outright, but then just as often, it's only revealed after the war has been sewn up.
A Shiny New Tactic - This is a valid thing in any war, and the CFC do it very well. This time there have been two in close succession. The first is the Naglfar doctrine, designed to counter the TEMP carrier circlejerk. A big announcement, throw some pretty statistics and some glitter in there and voila. You've given your allies a new purpose and direction, you've distracted your opponent so they have to come up with a counter-counter and have also taken a small morale hit. In the most recent war, this was countered very quickly, fairly publicly and quite effectively by TEMP and sudddenly, all talk Naglfars seems to die off. In Fountain, this was Fuck You Fleet and Seige Fleet (Damping Celestis and DPS Bombers, respectively). In Delve/Querious, this was NApocs and Rokhs as a counter to Tengus. The second tactic to be announced is "Waterboarding", which is the act of perma bubbling part of the enemy cap fleet whilst the other part is engaged. This worked rather well yesterday, but as far as I can see, is pretty easy to counter by switching up mids a little bit. It also probably relies on some spy intel letting CFC know where the mid points are so that bubblers can be moved into position.
Squad Deployment - I've seen this one a number of times first. CFC announces that one of the SIGs (Special Interest Groups) is deploying somewhere, but it's only a squad, so it's ok. My opinion is that this is more smoke and mirrors. The CFC SIGs are open to all, so what they are effectively doing is saying "anyone interested in PVP, deploy here". Obviously, that means the majority of the CFC active PVP pilots, which is not just a squad deployment. When they start to lose is when it's announced as a "real war" and the rest of the coalition is "asked" to deploy. In other terms, the ratters and semi-active people that were previously content to stay out the PVP and sit in CFC sov and shoot rats etc. In my eyes, this could be directly compared to subscription, as the "real war" pilots are viewed only as "pilots in ships; more pilots = more win".
Here are some cards I haven't yet seen in this war, but that I'm predicting will happen fairly soon.
The Timer Grind - This is basically a race to see who burns out first. The CFC starts putting everything they can into reinforce, despite knowing they can't contest everything. It puts them on the aggressing foot as TEMP now have to respond to the CFC. More and more timers means more and more work for the leadership, who will eventually burn out or make mistakes or both. I think this will be a later player in this this war as both sides are very capable of this tactic and it could easily back fire.
The TZ Switch - Like the above point, this tactic relies on throwing everything they have at a TZ that they feel they are stronger than the enemy in, in order to accelerate or trigger burn out. Once a single TZ is burnt out, gaps start opening else where as other TZs start alarm clocking.
Spin - If you throw enough shit at a wall, some of it will stick. Eventually, CFC will find someone within TEMP leadership to focus on politically destroying and it will stick. As mentioned in the very first part of this blog, this process is ongoing and at some point will stick.
Division - This is happening right now to some extent, and it's happening on both sides. CFC are trying to drive a wedge between Test (who have recently entered the battlefield) and EMP (who are mostly ex-Test). TEMP are trying to drive the wedge between the CFC and RUS, who are known to be unhappy about allying with CFC for this war (the consider it the lesser of two evils)
Economic - This is probably happening on a small scale already, but as the war grows older, this tactic will ramp up. TEMP, as far as I can see, doesn't have a particularly strong income source which means whatever income they do have can be disrupted fairly easily. N3 and PL rely mostly on rental income, and it's a very well established system and not quite as easy to disrupt. The CFC has also started renting, but the difference is that their renters form a buffer between CFC sov and hostile sov, whereas N3/PL renters are protected by the N3/PL sov space. It's a subtle difference, but as the war goes back and forth, whose renters will feel more at risk? I see the CFC constantly state that their moon goo income is no longer their primary source of income, but I don't believe them, and obviously, those are not stats they are going to publish.
That concludes what I have to say about the that. I'm absolutely sure that I'll be told I'm wrong. Someone will pick a particular point that I've stated and disprove it, thusly invalidating the rest of my points. That's how an internet argument work apparently. Maybe I'm so close to the mark that they'll go for the personal attack, bringing up something from my Test days, or calling me toxic. Maybe they'll take the "so much bullshit let's all point and laugh" approach. It actually doesn't matter to me. I'm sat on the sidelines, wrapped up warm and drinking my beer, not slogging around in the wind and rain down on the battlefield.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Viking Raid

This weekend was quite interesting.

On Saturday, we discovered that one of the holes in our chain connected to a C3 that we had previously seiged and extorted. I'm pretty sure I write about it at the time, but the TL;DR is that we found some dudes living in a small undefended POS in a C3 wormhole. We seiged the tower and the hole and a disgruntled corp member ejected all their ships and gave us the POS password. I think he paid us too.

Since having their POS destroyed by us, this corp apparently moved into a new hole and upgraded their POS. However, there upgrade was only to a medium with only 2 hardeners, 6 guns and a neut. This hole was in our route to HS, so we had a scout placed in there while we ran some logistics.

The CEO of the corp was the only one online (most of us still had their pilots on watch list since the last siege) and was fucking about in a Pilgrim. We continued to watch what he was up to until we had finished hauling at which point one of our pilots (Apollo) decided to go and run the site in this hole with a Tengu and a Mobile Tractor Unit.

What a good choice that was.

About 10 minutes later, calls for help are heard over voice comms. The Tengu is tackled by a Dominix and is taking damage from both the Domi and the site rats. We scramble to help him and the Domi dies before most of us arrive. The Tengu lives, just, and warps away in 29% structure.

The Tengu repairs in one of the connecting LowSec holes and returns to finish the site.

Between the Tengu leaving and returning. Our new friend decides to bring his Hurricane to loot the Domi wreck. He lands on grid and realises the the Mobile Tractor Unit has tractored his wreck and scooped all the loot. Not to be outdone, the CEO reships into a Pilgrim and warps to the MTU and kills it. It's at this point that we uncloak and point him, killing his Pilgrim but not catching the Pod.

Knowing that he now has two wrecks on field, as well as the sleeper wrecks, he does what any sensible pilot would do. He brings in his Noctis and starts salvaging.

I'm still there in my bomber, so I de-cloak and kill that too.
I miss his pod again and he almost immediately comes back in a Stabber, because Stabbers are quite good against Stealth Bombers. Except when the SB is 50km away and the Stabber is pointed by a Tengu. He dies for the fourth time in less than an hour.

He finally reships to a Shuttle and heads out of the hole, presumably to buy some more ships.

He's gone quite a long time, and we start to leave but unfortunately get jumped by a T3 gang after we (possibly foolishly) engage a Rapier on the exit WH and loose a couple of bombers and an interceptor.

We are a little shocked about an hour or two later when we receive notification that we have been war-decced. By our new CEO friend. This causes great amusement to all as war decs don't really work too well against WH corps who mostly use neutral alts to haul their stuff anyway. Especially when the war dec comes from someone who is clearly not very good at PVP.
By now, we have a good number of pilots on, so the decision is made to go and kill his POS. Again.

We form up a solid number of DPS/Logi ships and head out. We are halfway through defanging his POS when he warps into his shields. We open negotiations. The offer is exactly the same as the last time we did this to him. Pay "xyz" now or "double xyz" after we reinforce your POS. After some very good diplomacy, Berolt receives the first payment (half xyz). the second half will come after we leave and take all of our scouts with us. We do this and sure enough, the second payment comes through and we go home. It took us eight minutes and each person in the fleet made about 150m, which was more than enough to pay for the ships we took with us, as well as a cut for the Corp wallet. Easiest 150m I've ever made. He also retracts the war dec.

Kill mails: http://0nepercent.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_related&kll_id=21264236

Here's an edited version of the "Diplomacy Logs":

[00:49:57] Berolt > Whats with this war dec?
[00:50:36] Hostile CEO > what's with attacking my wh again?
[00:50:48] Berolt > We had no intention, we just happened through.
[00:51:03] Berolt > Now though, we will.
[00:51:09] Berolt > Because you war decced.
[00:51:12] Hostile CEO > fine, i can do this all year
[00:51:29] Berolt > As usual, there is a way to stop it. "xyz"b before reo- "double xyz"b after reo.
[00:52:02] Hostile CEO > i have no way to know if you are trustworthy at all, have no guarantees that you won't be back in a month to fuck with me again.
[00:52:48] Berolt > You did not pay last time and we took down your tower, as we said we would.
[00:52:58] Berolt > You war decced, that caused us to come back.
[00:53:07] Hostile CEO > negative ghostrider
[00:53:09] Berolt > Now, once again, we will leave for "xyz"b now, "doublexyz"4b after reo.
[00:53:15] Berolt > Or, you lose it all again.
[00:53:45] Hostile CEO > i war decced because you iniitiated hostilities again, this time I made it official.
[00:53:49] Berolt > I did see we were fighting with you earlier, that did not prompt this current attack.
[00:54:21] Berolt > We will leave now, for "xyz"b isk.
[00:55:10] Hostile CEO > i will consider it if you give a guarantee against future aggression and remove ALL ships from this wormhole, incl scanning alts, etc
[00:55:46] Berolt > Hmm. That sounds fair.
[00:56:06] Berolt > We will not blue you, but we will overlook your pos for a period of time
[00:56:32] Berolt > Aka, we wont target your hole again.
[00:56:46] Hostile CEO > permanently?
[00:57:23] Berolt > You got it.
[00:57:23] Hostile CEO also, may I assume that Forsaken Asylum are allies of yours?
[00:57:37] Berolt > Hmm, no, we dont have allies.
[00:57:55] Berolt > You POS setup is real weak man, thats why other entities are likely targeting you as well.
[00:58:00] Hostile CEO let me be more precise... Forsaken Asylum friends of yours, your alts, etc
[00:58:18] Berolt > Incorrect, not our spy corp or alt corp or anything.
[00:58:19] Hostile CEO > we lived in here nearly a year with that small you took down
[00:59:22] Hostile CEO > how do we seal the deal then?
[00:59:57] Berolt > "half xyz"b isk to me. We move out our main force. Send the second "xyz " billion and our last scanner leaves.
[01:00:16] Hostile CEO > and the text copy of this chat is our contract?
[01:00:54] Berolt > That will work. Believe me, theres plenty of people for us to hit.
[01:01:05] Berolt > So, we can put you onto our NO list
[01:01:09] Hostile CEO > Good enough.
[01:01:36] Hostile CEO > Isk sent
[01:02:31] Berolt > Departing
[01:02:33] Hostile CEO > I am pulling the wardec
[01:04:11] Berolt > We are leaving through the U210
[01:04:31] Hostile CEO > understood
[01:04:41] Berolt > Main force is out.
[01:05:23] Hostile CEO > I pay the final installment of "xyz"b now and your scanny alt(s) depart permanently, yes?
[01:05:37] Berolt > Yes
[01:06:19] Hostile CEO > isk sent
[01:06:31] Berolt > Thanks, good luck out there.
[01:07:06] Hostile CEO > you as well, as long as it involves some other poor sucker lol
Prior to the above engagement, we tried to kill two ratting Mackinaws in a C6. Unfortunately, as we landed they warped off. I was a little slow and was the last on field when a Purifier de-cloaked and pointed my Manticore. I reciprocated and pointed him too, and started to lay into him with my torps. I started to melt much faster than I was expecting and my calls for some assistance went up a few octaves as I was very clearly going to lose this engagement. 

After some heckling as to how I was dying to another bomber, assistance arrived just in time, as I exploded seconds later. It turns out, the Purifier was fit with light missiles, which made very quick work of my badly fit ship (it was left over from when I actually flew bombers in order to bomb things, and I'd just taken the bomb launcher off).

We got their mining ships about 30 minutes later though:  http://0nepercent.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_related&kll_id=21264241

Friday, 3 January 2014

Building things, more spreadsheets and the CSM notes

So the CSM minutes were released last night, just in time to take the spot light away from my much anticipated first blog post of 2014...
It's a total of 76 pages of a PDF document and get this: no pictures?!
On a postive note, I could read it in peace at work and not have to worry about people looking over my shoulder as it looks like any random .pdf document. It was actually fairly entertaining, as CCP Dolan deemed it OK to add in lots of puns, jokes and jibes - mostly at other peoples' expense.
The actual content was pretty boring considering the stuff that isn't under NDA has already been released but there were a few things that were enlightening, especially the economic review by the doctor dude. It's definitely worth a read if you like reading 70 page documents with no pictures. Nerds.
I yet again spent a few hours looking at industry shit last night. I re-installed Eve Isk Per Hour, a third party program which is very useful for working out profitability. There are tons of walk throughs around on how to initially set it up so I won't go too much into that.
Unfortunately, the program doesn't seem to take sales and broker taxes into account, and I didn't realise this until I'd got all excited because I'd found a couple of things which met my industry criteria; easy to build, profitable.
I found a few things that would net me a nice unit profit and that weren't particualry complicated, so I went out, found a station with manufacturing slots close by, and as I went to buy all of the components, realised that the cost of buying the main component was about 10% higher than IPH was predicting, and that 10% completely wiped out any profit I hoped to make.
That particular alt doesn't have any trade skills at all, which is something I'm now rectifying, but even with max skills, the difference between what IPH says I make as profit, and what I actually make as profit are quite substantial.
A huge majority of the items I looked at would have netted me a negative profit, and this is largely due to the fact there is an option within IPH to ignore the mineral costs of items. There are a subset of people in Eve Online that consider the minerals they mine as "free". I can understand their position, even if it is wrong and I'm not going to go on a word spree or use any words like "opportunity cost" because frankly I don't fully understand them (I get the principle, obviously). I have a question about it though. If I suicide gank a miner, who subsequently drops some minerals, are those minerals free? Or maybe I should just train a mining ship.
Another possibility is getting into the refining business. My indy character has pretty good refining skills, and I'm sure there are plenty of people who are too lazy to check whether their mission loot is worth more as minerals than selling it straight to market. I'm sure there are people who sell ores straight to market instead of selling the minerals seperately too. I think it's spreadsheet time again when I get home...
One last thing about IPH - the reactions tab is very misleading. My brow furrowed to an extreme depth when I looked at it and it told me that there were only about 2 things worth reacting on a moon, as I know this to be utter tripe. I've run those numbers myself and I know for a fact that there are only a few that aren't profitable. However, once I'd played around with the IPH settings, it made a lot more sense. It still seemed pretty inaccurate though, and there was no apparent option to be able to change whether a tower is in sov space or not (which has a huge effect on POS costs and therefore profit). It also lacks the ability to set up different tower configurations, which is also a major factor when comparing different reactions.
Something which IPH also doesn't include is Planetary Interaction, which is something which I feel is right up it's street. I sat down last night and worked out the profitability of buying OP3 products in Jita, shipping them one jump and turning them into P4 to sell. It's a huge net loss once you take tax into account. Don't do it. The export tax on a P4 product on an NPC POCO is gigantic and in over half the P4s is more than the actual market value of the product.
I'm going to take a look at the POCOs in a few Lowsec systems (with highsec connections tonight) and see whether I can make it profitable or not.
On the subject of PI, Gevlon today announced that you could make 850m per month with a single character by making P2. I'm not sure I will ever get tired of laughing at him or his blog. Take my word for it, making 850m per month per character is NOT possible, no matter where you are doing your PI. If it was, everybody would be doing it.
In the last week I've had two people ask me when I'm returning to nullsec and offering to recruit me. This is the first time this has happened. I'm still a little mad that no-one tried to poach or turn me during the CFC/Test war in Fountain, despite me having perma roles for all the sov structures and POS, on multiple accounts.I'm not saying I would have done anything to help the CFC, but it would have been nice to have been asked...
I'm seriously considering dropping a single character out of the hole and into either of these corps. I use all 5 of the accounts that are in the hole pretty regularly and I'm wondering if I'd miss one too much.
It's a toss up between two of them, either my Logi alt or my Falcon alt. The Falcon alt can actually fly much more than a Falcon nowadays, but probably not the doctrines the corp would be using in a 0.0 blob fest.
The logi alt is my least used WH pilot, and would be the most valuable 0.0 pilot, so I'd probably choose this one. It's also not that far away from an Archon (it even has JDC5).
I think you've just watched me convince myself and make up my mind. Tune in on Monday to see if you were correct!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

The New Year

Well, I'm back from my festivities.

I planned to write something yesterday, but I (stupidly) purchased Game Dev Tycoon which was part of the Steam Sale.

If you take one thing from this entire article, don't buy that game if you value free time and free will. 

It's a very fun game, but a little like Eve with a fairly steep learning curve and a lot like crack cocaine in it's addictiveness. I spent eleven straight hours playing it, summing up the last day of my free time.


So what have I been up (Eve-wise) over the holiday break?

Well a few things. Firstly, I finally finished cross training into a shield carrier. Coincidentally, Test Alliance has announced it will concentrate primarily on shield carriers too so consider me a step ahead.

I sold both my Archons after a post on Reddit. I honestly had no idea where to sell carriers, but as it turns out, Reddit is a good a place as any. I still have my Rorqual, and it's currently still filled with stuff I have no way of selling in Aridia (unless there's a mining/hauling/industrial scene I hadn't noticed). I'm undecided what to do with it. On one hand, it's worth about 2.5-3b, but on the other I've been coming up with some HILARIOUS Rorqual fits if I bought it into our home hole. Seriously, nearly 4m EHP and can shoot at like 250km...

My only reservation with the second option is that I only have one capital pilot, and I don't like leaving capitals floating around without a pilot.

I bought a Chimera. It's not as sexy as the Archon, and it looks a bit like a cat fish made of Lego.

It does, however, have a hilarious amount of shield HP in our home hole and I've promised to use it to drop on the first thing that I can. I didn't bling fit it, it's just a standard T1 triage fit, so I have no particular fear of losing it.

I got a very good deal on it too, it was one billion for the hull, three large rigs (fit before capital rigs were introduced, so retaining the bonuses), a handful of drones and about 46k in fuel. It worked out at about 200m below market value, mostly because it was in the arse end of nowhere. Luckily, I can call upon lots of my own cynos, so it only took me an hour or so to move it to a nice quiet lowsec system a couple of jumps from Jita where it sat in the station as I ferried capital mods and the other fittings out to it. Yes, I moved it unfit. Yes, I was forced to use a couple of kick out stations. Yes, it could have ended terribly/hilariously.

I still haven't worked out a good way to spend the 23b or so I have sat in liquid form, other than transferring it across all of my alts repeatedly to make some funny looking graphs in jEveassets (and causing a huge headache for a recruiter if I should ever change corp again). I'm still considering some kind of industry shit with my industry alt who's never made anything before. I got shoulder deep into the research of the SBU market before realising that I needed Capital Parts to build SBUs and Capital Parts are big and expensive.

There's very good money to be made in it if you have the capacity to move large volumes easily. I haven't ruled it out completely yet considering there's now a four-front war being fought by basically everyone who lives in nullsec.


I've spent a good chunk of money over the holiday period (in game, and out) and let my PI empire slack off completely. I'm telling myself that I didn't do any PI for three weeks because I needed to let the planets rest and re-cooperate but in reality I was just being super lazy. 

The empire will crank back up to full production over the next few days. It isn't a bad idea to have a "rest day" for your planets fairly often by the way. Resources on a planet are finite in theory, and the more you extract, the quicker they deplete. If you run a fairly passive setup (3+ day cycles), it's not a huge deal, but if you run 24 hour cycles like I do, you'll quickly notice that you productivity falls. It doesn't always fall across the board either, some planets deplete faster than others so it's often good practice to let certain planets "rest" for longer, or more often than others.

I've never seen any numbers of facts behind planet depletion, but it must exist somewhere. Last year, I did start a tracking spreadsheet to track profit and productivity of my PI empire in nullsec, but as with most of my projects, it fell by the way side and I'm not even sure how much information it would have gleaned considering the number of variables. Somebody scientific and intelligent should go and work out the math. For science.


I haven't actually done that much PVP recently, but there are two events sticking in my mind that I can write about.

The first one was an impromptu assault frigate roam into lowsec. We had a direct exit, and I'd just run a 2/10 site (no drop, grr) with a brand new Ishkur. There were quite a few people online so we decided to do a blitz around the local area to see what we could find. Apparently this constellation is where the Stay Frosty boys live. We fought them, and I ~think~ we came out on top, slightly. Even if we didn't, we should have because one of their bright sparks bought a Thorax to an Ass-Frig fight, which I consider to be very dis-honourable and tweeted Rixx Javix as much. Here's the battle report: http://0nepercent.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_related&kll_id=21126097

Sadly, I lost my Ishkur and realised afterwards that whilst I have short range guns, it is a kiting drone ship and I should not have been sat right next to anything at all, which is why I died. I have discovered that Ishkurs are amazing and are my new favourite Frigate class ship. Sorry dual ASB Jaguar, your prime days are over.

The second fight was a bit more interesting.

Out of our static hole was an exit to lowsec. The op-sit got very confusing as there were multiple skirmishes from multiple different groups, in our static, in the lowsec and in the C3 connected to the same lowsec. We were formed in our normal shield battlecruiser skirmish doctrine, and for once we were more doctrine than kitchen-sink; even if the doctrine was Drakes. We engaged what we thought was a lone Arazu, who evaded our grasp and warped off. He was shortly followed by a Cerberus who was quickly dispatched. 

Almost as soon as the Cerberus went bang, two Stealth Bombers de-cloaked on the static side and started to attack one of our polarised Drakes who had been left alone (me). As our fleet jumped back into the static hole to kill the SBs, the Arazu landed and jumped through. This was an extremely clever tactic and it took us a moment to realise that we'd been had, as the SBs cloaked and fucked off somewhere. Luckily, we were on step ahead (or behind, depending on how you look at it) and our brave Doku managed to get a scram and a web on the Arazu, as he had not yet jumped to engage the SBs. Your favourite blog author was also now polarisation free and jumped back to the LS to kill the Arazu. How shameful it must be to lose a 500m Arazu to two Drakes...

The fight did not end there. Now angered by two expensive loss mails, the locals formed up to fight. As Doku and I prepared to jump back into the static to rejoin our friends, battleships of all descriptions started to land (at 0). This was certainly interesting, so we started to set up and prepare ourselves on the static side to see if they'd jump to engage. They did. One by one, and immediately started to burn back to the hole. Luckily for them, their battleship sized buffers were just too large for our DPS to break before they burnt the couple of kilometres back to relative safety. We decided to take the fight to them, and followed them through. We'd seen that our DPS was more than enough to break them, especially as they had just polarised themselves, and that we hadn't yet seen any logistics to save them.

As we jumped and started to fight, an Archon landed. Fight over. We had nowhere near enough pilots to break battleships with capital reps, and to be honest, even if we did, I don't doubt they would have brought more caps on field. Unfortunately, we lost a couple of BCs due to us polarising, but we still came out well ahead on the killboard. Again.



That was a lot of words, but I've been away for two weeks so I'm making up for lost time. You know you love it.