Friday, 3 January 2014

Building things, more spreadsheets and the CSM notes

So the CSM minutes were released last night, just in time to take the spot light away from my much anticipated first blog post of 2014...
It's a total of 76 pages of a PDF document and get this: no pictures?!
On a postive note, I could read it in peace at work and not have to worry about people looking over my shoulder as it looks like any random .pdf document. It was actually fairly entertaining, as CCP Dolan deemed it OK to add in lots of puns, jokes and jibes - mostly at other peoples' expense.
The actual content was pretty boring considering the stuff that isn't under NDA has already been released but there were a few things that were enlightening, especially the economic review by the doctor dude. It's definitely worth a read if you like reading 70 page documents with no pictures. Nerds.
I yet again spent a few hours looking at industry shit last night. I re-installed Eve Isk Per Hour, a third party program which is very useful for working out profitability. There are tons of walk throughs around on how to initially set it up so I won't go too much into that.
Unfortunately, the program doesn't seem to take sales and broker taxes into account, and I didn't realise this until I'd got all excited because I'd found a couple of things which met my industry criteria; easy to build, profitable.
I found a few things that would net me a nice unit profit and that weren't particualry complicated, so I went out, found a station with manufacturing slots close by, and as I went to buy all of the components, realised that the cost of buying the main component was about 10% higher than IPH was predicting, and that 10% completely wiped out any profit I hoped to make.
That particular alt doesn't have any trade skills at all, which is something I'm now rectifying, but even with max skills, the difference between what IPH says I make as profit, and what I actually make as profit are quite substantial.
A huge majority of the items I looked at would have netted me a negative profit, and this is largely due to the fact there is an option within IPH to ignore the mineral costs of items. There are a subset of people in Eve Online that consider the minerals they mine as "free". I can understand their position, even if it is wrong and I'm not going to go on a word spree or use any words like "opportunity cost" because frankly I don't fully understand them (I get the principle, obviously). I have a question about it though. If I suicide gank a miner, who subsequently drops some minerals, are those minerals free? Or maybe I should just train a mining ship.
Another possibility is getting into the refining business. My indy character has pretty good refining skills, and I'm sure there are plenty of people who are too lazy to check whether their mission loot is worth more as minerals than selling it straight to market. I'm sure there are people who sell ores straight to market instead of selling the minerals seperately too. I think it's spreadsheet time again when I get home...
One last thing about IPH - the reactions tab is very misleading. My brow furrowed to an extreme depth when I looked at it and it told me that there were only about 2 things worth reacting on a moon, as I know this to be utter tripe. I've run those numbers myself and I know for a fact that there are only a few that aren't profitable. However, once I'd played around with the IPH settings, it made a lot more sense. It still seemed pretty inaccurate though, and there was no apparent option to be able to change whether a tower is in sov space or not (which has a huge effect on POS costs and therefore profit). It also lacks the ability to set up different tower configurations, which is also a major factor when comparing different reactions.
Something which IPH also doesn't include is Planetary Interaction, which is something which I feel is right up it's street. I sat down last night and worked out the profitability of buying OP3 products in Jita, shipping them one jump and turning them into P4 to sell. It's a huge net loss once you take tax into account. Don't do it. The export tax on a P4 product on an NPC POCO is gigantic and in over half the P4s is more than the actual market value of the product.
I'm going to take a look at the POCOs in a few Lowsec systems (with highsec connections tonight) and see whether I can make it profitable or not.
On the subject of PI, Gevlon today announced that you could make 850m per month with a single character by making P2. I'm not sure I will ever get tired of laughing at him or his blog. Take my word for it, making 850m per month per character is NOT possible, no matter where you are doing your PI. If it was, everybody would be doing it.
In the last week I've had two people ask me when I'm returning to nullsec and offering to recruit me. This is the first time this has happened. I'm still a little mad that no-one tried to poach or turn me during the CFC/Test war in Fountain, despite me having perma roles for all the sov structures and POS, on multiple accounts.I'm not saying I would have done anything to help the CFC, but it would have been nice to have been asked...
I'm seriously considering dropping a single character out of the hole and into either of these corps. I use all 5 of the accounts that are in the hole pretty regularly and I'm wondering if I'd miss one too much.
It's a toss up between two of them, either my Logi alt or my Falcon alt. The Falcon alt can actually fly much more than a Falcon nowadays, but probably not the doctrines the corp would be using in a 0.0 blob fest.
The logi alt is my least used WH pilot, and would be the most valuable 0.0 pilot, so I'd probably choose this one. It's also not that far away from an Archon (it even has JDC5).
I think you've just watched me convince myself and make up my mind. Tune in on Monday to see if you were correct!


  1. " If I suicide gank a miner, who subsequently drops some minerals, are those minerals free? Or maybe I should just train a mining ship."

    the cost of your minerals will therefore be the cost of your "ganking" including the "ganking" that yields nothing.

  2. You can buy a skillbook now to reduce NPC office taxes, too. By like, 25%.

    Not that I traffic in filthy highsec planet offices.


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