Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Solo Sabre Success

So after reading about that solo Sabre guy on TMC, an amazing coincidence happened last night.

We were running the C5 sites in our home hole with a medium sized fleet. We were on the second escalation when our scout (who is a very new player and can't shoot red crosses with us, but is super awesome at still wanting to get involved) spoke up over comms to tell us that a Cheetah had just jumped through into our hole.

With caps on field, and not yet that close to the end of the site, this was not very welcome news. A Cheetah can easily be a scout for a large T3 blob sat a few jumps away, and with the amount of ISK we had on field, this was a tiny bit worrying.

Our static was the only signature at the time, so I knew that if he was going to leave, it would be from whence he came.

I was duel boxing, on one account a siege boosting Loki, and on the other a triage Chimera. The triage Chimera is under a resonable amount of pressure during a capital escalation as the battleships hit rather hard.

I decided that this Cheetah was not going to survive, and I quickly warped the Loki down to my SMA and reshipped into a Sabre. I warped straight to the static and as I landed, so did the Cheetah. I jumped immediately and put my bubble up (I actually was a few seconds late doing this as I always forget that I can't laucnh it until I've broken my natural jump cloak). The little finger on my left hand is holding the CTRL button down, whilst the index finger on my right hand is applying light pressure to my mouse button, who's pointer is hovering anxiously over the overview waiting for the Cheetah to decloak.

In retrospect, I can only imagine he paniced a little bit and didn't execute the cloak+MWD trick quite fast enough. The other possibility is that he spawned too close to the hole and was not able to cloak or maybe my finger was that little bit faster than his.

Either way, I caught him and he was quickly dispatched, along with his pod that was worth three times more than the ship.


I've been flying a Sabre for quite a long time, but I'm normally with some sort of fleet, whether it be big or small. This is the first time I've ever killed something solo with a Sabre, and I can add it to my very small list of all the solo kills I've ever had.

It won't be the last time.

It was fun.


Talking of TMC, I'm apparently no longer a proof reader. This is not a bad thing as I didn't really have the time or inclination to put as many hours into it as they "require".


I really wish people would stop moaning about new mechanics. The more and more I play this game, the more I realise that there's a lot of people who just love to moan. Nerf something? Moan. Buff something? Whine. Not pander to your particular playstyle? Moan. Change something that you didn't want to be changed? Whine.

I'm sure that it's a very small minority of actual people doing all the moaning, but those people seem to be the most vocal. The most vocal seem to be a couple of high ranking Goons who seem to have a ~toxic~ opinion on every little thing. Maybe this is observer bias, but I swear these two pop up somewhere in whatever I'm reading.

To those people (in general, not just the two of them), I have a message:


Hopefully that will help in some small way.

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