Friday, 10 January 2014

The Day We Killed 6b ISK

Warning: This post will probably get rather long due to the amount of PVP we had yesterday.
Last night was a very fun evening, after a bit of a lull in corp activity over the Christmas period.
I alluded to it a little bit in yesterday's blog, and I realise now that posting that was a little premature.
I actually had the day off work yesterday, and I was out in town doing a few various tasks when I got an email blast calling for our home defence fleet to form up, for cap kills. My pace picked up and I may have rudely tutted at a number of people as I rushed to get my jobs done and get back home.
Once back, I logged on to find out what happened.
Apparently, we had a direct lowsec connection, and had been fighting the locals when they dropped a Thanatos on our gang. We obviously lost that initial engagement, losing a Stratios, Purifier and two Ferox for just one Pilgrim in return. [RUNNING TOTAL: - 481b]
At the point of me logging on, the guys had gone out in hunt of some more things to kill, as the Thanatos and friends had scurried back to their station as we formed a proper fleet to kill them. Our scout, flying a Jaguar, had found a Vexor and a Hurricane belt ratting one jump away. We reshipped into a cruiser doctrine and headed out. Zonis (the Jag pilot) got us a warp in and tackled the Hurricane and we jumped into system to his aid. Both the Vexor and the Cane were engaged with Zonis, but the Vexor (who was untackled) wisely fucked off when the rest of us landed on grid. The Hurricane went down pretty quickly under our DPS and we managed to get his pod too. We started to loot the field, and exclaim our surprise at how much the Clone Soldier tags were worth and what the relative merits between being a pirate and not being a pirate were. This was quickly overshadowed by shouts of disbelief when the person with the killing blow linked the Hurricane pilot's pod kill in to our fleet chat. A full Snake set, with the Omega implant, totally about 2b. [RUNNING TOTAL: + 2.14b]
We made the jump back into the next door lowsec where our WH exit was and warped to the station to repair our overheat damage (nanite repair paste is expensive yo). Once there, we found a Tornado and a Drake trying to bait us into aggressing them. The Tornado pilot was actually fairly skilled and had multiple safe spots around the station grid and try as we might, we couldn't catch him. Once we were all done repairing, we went back to the hole, only to be followed by the Tornado, landing 100km from us. Luckily, our glorious Jag pilot had also warped to the hole at 100km and was able to tackle him. As we started to apply DPS at quite a long range, we somehow lost tackle and the prey escaped. We continued to chase him around for a little while and eventually Minus had a scout alt cloaked 20km away. The Tornado pilot will never know how lucky he was that day as Minus, being Minus, warped us all off to an offgrid perch so we could warp back directly on top of the Tornado. As well as warping the fleet, he also accidently warped the alt and so the warp in was lost. [RUNNING TOTAL: +2.14b]
We gave up and went home, and all was quiet for about an hour.
Within a wormhole, chatting in local is largely faux pas, as it means you show up in the list, and people know that you are there. We were all just chilling in our respective POSs when some random dude starts talking. A quick D-Scan later, we see he is in a Hurricane and a quick Alt-Tab reveals that he is sat on the LS hole. We expect him to just jump out after a little taunt, and are thoroughly shocked when he warps to the sun. Brave Zonis hears this and warps his hero Jaguar (the same one that caught the Hurricane and Tornado) to the sun also. And tackles the Hurricane.
During this, I am reshipping from cruiser to battlecruiser. When Zonis states that he is following the Hurricane, I automatically go through the right click options to prepare myself to warp there if he gets tackle. I accidently click the button instead of waiting and I am in warp before I can stop myself. I land right as the Hurricane finishes off the Jaguar and land tackle. As mentioned in yesterdays post, it is generally a bad idea to bring an armor tanked ship into a Pulsar, and my shield BC has a whopping tank in our HH, so I was making rather light work of him. My BC of choice is a Cyclone. There are a few reasons for this; I multibox quite a lot, so I prefer to use missile based ships so that I don't have to worry too much about my optimal range, fall off or tracking. It also offers a range of fitting options in terms of DPS. It can field 5 drones as well as 5 launcher hard points (which you can fit HML or HAM). There are also two turret hardpoints, and the hull has enough CPU/PG to be able to fit either 2 x Medium Energy Neutralizers or 2 x 425mm Autocannons, which you can switch out dependant on the situation.
In this case, I have my Neuts fit, so I'm happily chewing through him as well as making sure he can't kite away from me by taking away his ability to use his prop mod for very long (neuts might be by new favourite toy).
Some of his friends start to land, comprising of a couple of T1 Logistics ships (Augorors) who land at range and very briefly start to land reps before more of our DPS lands. He is also joined by a couple of Tornados, who land at range from the fight and do extremely well at not affecting any of us at all. We have a couple of fast tackle who drive both the Tornados and the Augorors off the field multiple times. As the Hurricane is dipping into structure, a Dominix lands at 0, drops sentry drones and starts to shoot me. This is fine, as I have both a very good buffer tank and my alt is sat 30km from me in a Scimitar. The Hurricane dies and is quickly followed by the Dominix. The quad-plate Dominix in a Pulsar that I talked about yesterday. The Tornados land one more time I start burning for them. There are two of them and they manage to get me down to 91% shields before I burn the 60km to them, both warping off just before I get into overheated point range. I should invest in a faction point. On the topic of overheating, I should also note that I felt like a boss when I remembered to turn my shit off when it was all at about 80-90% damaged.
As I'd been chasing the Tornados, the rest of our fleet had warped to the LS hole, wisely anticipating that this is where the Tornado's would flee to. They were right, we killed them both.
In the total engagement, we lost the initial hero-tackling Jaguar and apparently an Interdictor who landed, realised popping a bubble was a bad idea but was obviously primaried because of the threat before he could warp off. [RUNNING TOTAL: + 2.53b]
We were having such a good time, we decided to roll our static hole and see what new opportunities it brought before us. This time, it was two Procurers, mining at two different ore sites. We formed up again, this time in Cov-Ops capable ships and were about to jump and kill one of them when I questioned whether we could get both of them at the same time. I laid down our plan and off I went to refit. Instead of my normal "point, painter, sebo", I changed to a triple scram set up. Mining barges are notorious for having warp core stabs and have evaded us before. Our scout makes us a bookmark right next to one of the barges and uses himself as the warpin for the other. We all jump in and the fleet warps to Rae (our scout) whilst I warp to the bookmark. We land at roughly the same time and comms is adrift with shouts of "point", "point", "scram", "tackled" and "die mining scum". They make pretty short work of it, bringing along a Heavy Interdictor in order to catch the pod as well. Meanwhile, over in the other site, I have this Procurer triple scrammed, and I'm starting to lay down dome DPS on him. I cycle down my launchers so that he doesn't die before the rest of the fleet can get here and get on the kill when I realise that by me being here, I cannot get on the other kill, so I overheat my torps and try to kill him as fast as possible for that glorious solo kill. For some time, he doesn't do anything but yellow box me, but eventually realises that he has some Warrior I's, who actually start to hurt me. I can't do much to prevent it as I'm nowhere near cap stable and can't run my prop mod and all three scrams at the same time. I also have to stay within scram range, so even moving faster won't do that much to mitigate the Warrior DPS. I bug out seconds before the rest of the fleet arrive and the Procurer doesn't have enough time to warp out and is retackled. I come back in at range and try to time my torpedo volley to steal the last hit. I am successful. [RUNNING TOTAL: +2.61b]
We continue to scan down our chain, with me scanning down one direction and Rae scanning the other. We simultaneously find active holes. Both are C2 wormholes, mine with a large number of active towers, which had a couple of piloted ships (two Tengus, a probing ship, an Assault Frigate and an industrial). There was also another Procurer ratting away happily in an ore site. In Rae's C2, there are wrecks on scan and a Tengu is quickly located on D-Scan. He is running a probe-able site so we can't get an easy warp in on him, and the probes will spook him. We decide to take the risk on the Tengu and form up a couple or cloaky ships, a couple of cloaky Strat Cruisers and some non-cloak DPS. The Tengu is observed to be warping in and out of the site repeatedly, using a Mobile Tractor Unit as his warp in, and we guess this is due to a tanking issue. Rae warps to an outer planet and drops his probes, then returns to watch the Tengu's POS. Once he has sighted the Tengu sat in the shields, he knows he is fairly safe to probe down the site as it is out of D-Scan range, so he does. He then warps to it and begins observing the Tengu in its natural habitat (or not so natural considering how often he had to warp in and out). Our entrance is also out of D-Scan from both the site and the POS, so we move in all the cloaky ships, but keep them on the hole cloaked until Rae can get a close enough warp in, which is proving hard as the Tengu doesn't stay close to the MTU for long.

Disaster strikes. Rae's computer locks up on him and the only thing he can do is use his PTT key and talk to us. We furiously mash D-Scan to see if he disconnects (because he will de-cloak and maybe give the game away). Luckily, the game still see's him as logged in and nothing happens. After the Tengu warps out for what is probably the eighth or ninth time, we tell Rae to quickly restart his computer. As expected, he decloaks and e-warps. It's a nervous 60 seconds as we mash D-Scan, both for when Rae disappears and for the Tengu appearing. Literally seconds after Rae is removed from space, the Tengu appears on our D-Scan coming back to the site. By this time, we are more or less in position, all the cloakies are on grid. The only remaining obstacle are the two sleeper battleships, which will probably switch to one of our own ships as soon as we engage the Tengu. We are waiting until the Tengu kills one, so that one remains (which we can deal with) when suddenly someone uncloaks. There is a high pitched scream as the rest of us scramble to click our cloaks and tackle the Tengu. We start laying down DPS and have to actually stop in order for our non cloaky DPS to arrive and get on the killmail. Rae is furious. It's taken too long for his computer to restart and for him to log in and get on the killmail. We are under a little bit of pressure to kill it before the sleepers realise what's happening and switch to us. Rae is even more furious when the killmail is linked. Possibly even more furious than the guy we killed in local, who is now shouting obscenities at us and making threats he can't possibly keep (he doesn't know where our mothers live, for sure).
The Tengu is brim full of expensive faction modules, netting us the second 2b kill of the evening. What came next was rather hilarious as we scrambled to loot the wreck as it was tractored towards the MTU faster than we could reach it. We were now under heavy sleeper fire whilst trying to kill the MTU to access our plunder, we almost lost three ships trying to do so. What was slightly sad is that neither of the Tengu's Caldari Navy Invulnerability Fields dropped from the initial kill, and each was worth about 750m... [RUNNING TOTAL: 5.25b]
We head home and we finish scanning the other C2, where the procurer is now sat safe and snug in his POS. This hole has a HS static, which we now need in order to sell the Tengu loot (we split loot evenly). Rae angrily informs us that he is doing now more scanning/scouting this evening. I scan down the HS which is just a few jumps from Jita before going AFK to make some food.
I come back an hour or so later and am told to quickly jump into a shield BC and some logi as we're about to fight a T3 gang. I do as ordered and start moving. I'm filled in on the details as I do so. A couple of our newer members had taken the opportunity of the HS hole to do some logistics and move in some of their stuff. Whilst doing so, a cloaky Loki had tried and failed to tackle one of the haulers and our initial response fleet had spotted the rest of the Loki's gang. We formed up a jump away out of their site while two of our guys went to bait them in a pair of brawler Ferox. The Loki takes the bait and the two Ferox chew through and kill it in no time. As it dies, two Hurricanes and a Proteus land in the fray, and at this point, the rest of us move up to engage. We have to split our fleet on either side of the wormhole in order to kill them all, which we do, and they all explode. We camp the hole while our guys finish running their haulers backwards and forwards and our concentration wanes. A stiletto hangs around on the HS hole but gets away before we can catch him. Due to our lack of attentiveness, we fail to keep track of the hostiles reshipping into bombers and disappearing. The final hauler jumps in, and the two ships guarding the HS hole warp back to the exit. As they land, four bombers decloak and launch bombs at the hole. It is a good bombing run, and a bad responsiveness from us. We don't take the obvious action of jumping out and instead lose a Ferox and a Manticore, with a number of our other ships in very low armour/structure. My Cyclone is at 89% shields, so I am smug. We make a tactical retreat and head home for the evening. [FINAL TOTAL: 6.1b]
As a result of our successful evening, the corp killboard shows that we are now operation at 70.09% ISK Efficiency. Previous to tonight, it was at around 60% and and normally averages at between 64-65%. Get in.

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