Thursday, 9 January 2014

Things you shouldn't do...

Quick battle report for today. this just happened and I'm still giggling a little bit.

So, a question. You have two pieces of information available to you.

The first is that the fight is happening in a C5 Pulsar.

The second is that you are flying this:

What do you do?

Well firstly, you turn around and go and take the four armor plates off your Dominix. Secondly, you go find a shield ship to fight with.

A C5 Pulsar has the following effects:

Shield HP +85%
Armor Resists -34%
(some other things irrelavent to this post)

Can you see why that Dominix fit is a bad idea? 

Another thing you shouldn't do is bring another armor ship too:

Next question. If you are fighting in a wormhole, and you know there's only one way out if you need to escape. Do you:

a) bring a proper PVP ship 


b) bring two glass tanked Tornados?

Ding ding ding. Wrong answer.


Bonus unrelated pod round.

We caught this guy belt ratting in low sec.

and more importantly, his pod

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  1. I find that mining foreman mindlink on the pod very disturbing. Yet at the same time I find the combination with a slave set very amusing.


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