Thursday, 6 February 2014

EFT: Things you might not know

Considering the large amount of new players, I've been trying to think of something good to do for them.
I wanted it to be educational.

Whilst theory crafting something today, I realised I was staring right at it.


For those that don't already know, EFT (standing for Eve Fitting Tool) is a small program which contains ships and modules, allowing you to 'fit' ships out of the game client itself.

It displays lots of the stats about the game (although it does exclude a couple of things), and is the basis of most ship fitting decisions.

It allows you to see what a ship can do, without the necessity of buying the mods in game, or logging into Singularity, the test server.

This blog post will hopefully show you some tips and tricks that you might not know about. I'm not going to go through any of the basics, as it's actually fairly self explanatory.

Reload Time:

The first trick is reload time. The DPS figure that is shown as standard is a calculation of the base damage that all of your weapon system do. This is your maximum possible damage, assuming you are at exactly your optimal and with perfect damage. The base figure doesn't include the time it takes to reload your weapons, something which an important factor to every weapon except lasers.

Including reload time into your calculations makes the figure more accurate and there are two ways to do so. The first, and most simple, is to hover your mouse over the DPS figure. The hover-over will break down the DPS numbers so that you can see how much your guns, drones and other damage seperately. It also shows the DPS figure including the reload time.

If you go to File | Preferences there is a tick box option that allows you to always show DPS including reloads.

Lock Time:

Within the targeting section of the Stats panel, the bottom left icon shows your Signature Resolution. This is basically how fast your ship can lock another ship and is displayed in "mm". To the average pilot, this does not give a ton of information other than bigger is better. 

If you right click the icon, you are presented with a drop down menu with thee options. The first option is your default SigRes. The second option allows you to choose a "preset" hull type, with the numbers next to them being the base signature of the hull type. Once you have chosen a hull type, the value shown will be how fast you can lock that type of ship from your current fit. It isn't perfectly accurate but it's close. 

The third drop down option allows you to select a set up you already have open. This is getting into pretty advanced theory crafting, but it can be useful, especially if you know what you're going to be fighting.

Damage Types:

Under the Defence section of the "Stats" panel there are two numbers. On the left of the two numbers there is an icon which changes. By default, this icon is set to show whatever your highest defence type is, so either armor or hull.

The top number is your sustained defence, and if you hover over it, it will give a good explanation of exactly what it is showing. The bottom number is your maximum defence, and again, the hover will reveal it's secrets.

If you right click the icon, you are again presented with a drop down with three options. The first option is your default. The second option we'll skip for just a second. The third option expands into another drop down and allows you to select which area of your defence you want to display. This is particularly useful for the rare dual tank.

Back to the second option: Edit custom profiles...

The way EFT calculates your defence by default is by assuming all incoming damage is split equally between the four damage types (EM, Thermal, Kinetic and Explosive). In reality, this is almost never the case. This option allows you to add a custom profile with a custom damage split. This is useful if you know what type of ship and ammo an enemy (such as an NPC) is going to be using against you, and will allow you to more accurately correct your fit to match.

If you Google "eft custom damage profiles" you'll find plenty of links that list some stuff you can copy/paste into the EFT config file. I take no responsibility for your computer exploding.


Implants are cool. Your fit will often be much better with a certain selection of implants, and yet I see it being forgotten quite a lot of the time. At the bottom of the fitting window, there is a button you can press which will open a new panel. It's called Boosters\Implants.

You can search for all of the implants in the side bar and drag them to this panel and the effects will be applied to your ship. However, as far as I can tell, it applies all of the possible negative effects as well as the positive ones. Be warned.

The other cool tip regarding implants involves the CPU/PG section in the top right.

You will at some point, be fitting something, and it will tell you that you have gone 1-6% over your ship's limit. That's fine, as sometimes it's necessary. 

When this happens, move your cursor to the actual percentage and right click. This tells you exactly what implant is required, and gives you the option to either add it to your currently selected character, or to the ship fitting itself.

If you add it the setup, it is displayed in the Boosters/Implants panel. If you add it to your character, it is displayed in the Character Editor. Be warned, it is persistent, and you will forget about it and next time you work out your perfect fit and try to fit it in game, you'll suddenly find you've run out of CPU/PG

Projected Effects:

The projected effects panel can be found at the bottom of the fitting window next to Boosters\Implants. Any modules that give off a projected effect (such as shield reps, armor reps, sensor damps, tracking disruptors etc) can be dragged from either the side bar or from another setup. Once there, the relevant stats will be altered. You can toggle the effect on or off to see the difference. 

This is useful for seeing how much your ship can tank under logistics reps, or how badly your setup will be affected by enemy EWAR. The stats will only ever use the base stats and will not show the stats from bonused ships (i.e. webs from a Rapier)

If you live in wormholes, environmental effects can also be dragged here to see how good you are in your home system, and how bad you are in someone else's.

Affecting Skills:

You probably already knew this one but if you ever wanted to know how to improve a certain element of your fit, you can right click a module and select "Change Affecting Skills...". This will give you a drop down of all the skills that affect that module. Again, this is a persistent change to your character sheet so don't forget to change it back (or re-import your API)


A recent update to EFT added a new feature allowing you to place ammo, charges and selected deployable into your cargohold. It will only allow you to select ammo or charges that your current set up uses though. It's useful for working out how much different ammo, nanite repair paste, containers, cap boosters and mobile depots you can squeeze in.


Next to the drop down where you select the setup you want to look at the is a blue question mark icon. Hover over this and it will tell you the ship and role bonuses that the ship gets. This is very useful when you're fitting a ship you aren't used to.


On the right hand side of the Stats window, there are three options you can change relating to your fleet composition. This is where you can see how much better your ship is if your fleet has pilots who are boosting. This ranges from 256 man fleets, to mining fleets, to solo PVP with offgrid boosts.

In order to utilize these options, you need to have already created some setups and have them open or minimized. These setups only need to include the Warfare Links that you'll be getting from your booster, and the character flying those ships should be set to [All level V].

Once you have them open, right clicking where it tells you to right click will give you the option of choosing Bonus from Ship, and you can then select the relevant setup. 

EFT doesn't need you to fill all three positions like a real fleet would (i.e. you need Wing and Squad Commanders to get boosts from someone in the Fleet Commander position) so you don't have to set all three.


You'll likely have seen people sharing EFT fits in various places. To do this, click on the drop down between the current setup and the character and select "Copy to Clipboard". You can now Ctrl+V your fit someone else and share it.

This also includes importing it to EveMon, which will tell you exactly what skills you are missing.

A lot of people don't know that you can export your fits from EFT and import them into the client itself, where it will display when you browse your ingame fittings.

To do this, follow the same process as above, but click "Export to XML" instead of clipboard. You will now be given a choice of where to save the file and you should navigate to your Eve client setting folder (usually located in My Documents | Eve) save it in the Fittings folder (if this is not there, you can simply create a folder called "Fittings"). 

Now log in to your game (you can do this whilst already logged in), go to your fittings page (ctrl+f by default), click browse in the bottom right and then Import at the bottom. Click the ship type and then the specific fit you want to import. Voila, you fit is now in game. 

This also works in reverse if someone shows you an in game fit and you want to play with it in EFT without the hassle of manually fitting from scratch.

Hopefully, you'll have learnt something new today.

Let me know if I've missed a trick, or made a mistake.

Monday, 3 February 2014

It's Been a While

Apparently it's been about two weeks since I last wrote any proper words for this blog. How time flies.

Whilst I've been procrastinating, several things have happened.

Firstly, there was the big fuck off super brawl in B-R. I kind of wish I'd been there, but then again, I'm glad I wasn't as it lasted 21 hours and I have an actual real life to attend to.

During the last two weeks, there have been three major things that have happened in me Eve life.

The first thing that happened was a very strange Tuesday evening. Very strange indeed. It started as three of us scouting a chain and culminated in a fleet of assorted battleships trying to take down two capitals in an escalated C6 wormhole, whilst having no exit and being hunted by a 30-40 man Tengu fleet.

I wrote an AAR for our internal forums, which I shall paste here after removing all the ~sensitive~ intel:

 Tuesday morning was patch day, and after downtime, Varag, Zonis, Falalu and I were plexing the SC3 when a sporadic C4 popped up to our home hole. Varag went to scout it out and found a connecting C4 (C4b) which had two re-inforced POS, one for 3 hours away, and the other for 1d 7h. We scouted around and eventually worked out that NOMEX were the besiegers and were trying to get hole control. 

At 19:00, 0ne Percent formed up a battleship fleet, comprising of three armageddons, two machariels, a maelstrom, two gnosis, two falcons, a HIC and four Basilisks.

The plan was to jump onto the NOMEX fleet, force them out and then roll them out of their own objective. 

This part of the plan went swimmingly.

We killed a Legion, Cerberus and a Phobos and some assorted pods (including half a slave set): - Legion - Capsule - Cerberus - Capsule - Phobos

[TOTAL - 3.963b killed, 0.000b lost]

After they'd been shut out, we started on the tower. Negotiations were started with the POS owner, who tried to flog us some cheap caps. We took the tower down to about 15% shields when one of our scouts found two Legions, sat at a planet doing not much. We got tackle and two falcons (with full Amarr jams) and started to move a little bit of stuff over to apply DPS. 

We got a call that a hostile fleet was incoming, so we left the Legion (his lucky day) and went back to the tower. Upon arrival, the call was made to run away. The hostile fleet (Trollhole) was 20 Tengu's (apparently a multiboxer) as well as other T3 support. We ran to the same hole that we'd had the Legion in and continued to run away down a chain we had not yet scouted. 

Down that chain, we found a little treat. An Archon, Revelation and Loki escalating an anomoly. With very little choice, as we were being chased, we jumped in and warped straight to the site, tackling the caps and starting to lay down our viking power.

Considering we were not setup to fight capitals, we did astoundingly well. Klinch was the FC for the fight and did stellar.

We killed the following: - Oracle - Apoc Navy Issue - Legion - Capsule - Falcon

Unfortunately, trying to fight in an escalated fight also means fighting sleepers, and this was a teller as we lost quite a few things: - Manticore - Oracle - Maelstrom - Gnosis - Baslisk - Oracle - Hound - AWOXED POD

[TOTAL: 1.522b killed, 0.781b lost]

Whilst we were fighting, the Tengus decided to roll us out and continued to have their own little fight with some other people. 

Minus, who had a bath instead of coming along, can fill us in on that bit.

As we started to lose people to combined dread and sleeper fire, the call was made to evac if possible. The Archon and the Rev put a very good fight, and it's a shame we couldn't burn them down.

Luckily, our scout didn't die and we were able to probe down a chain to a HS exit.


My personal hindsight points: [You are very much encouraged to think long and hard and write those thoughts down. It will help us next time]


  • We hard switched targets very well, forcing the Archon to work very hard, which it did.
  • Fleet co-ordination was very good - calling points, calling damage, calling for reps was really good.
  • Fleet comms was ~mostly~ good.


  • We should have put a lot more pressure on the Archon, self reps use a lot more cap than remote reps, he would eventually have run out of stront. 
  • Fleet comms could have been better.
  • I was triple boxing three different roles and I should not have been. I was not paying enough concentration to my logi character. I'm sorry.
  • I should have realised my pod had implants before I self-destructed/before Thomas killed me.
  • We shouldn't have let the Rev burn so far off, by getting range on us enabled him to shoot us better.

Our corp recently became part of an Alliance called Odin's Call. So far, we are the only members but the idea is to start making friends and recruiting like minded wormhole groups to form a loosely based group of people we can go on roams and shoot things with. Over the past couple of weeks, we made some friends. It's a long convoluted story and I wasn't really paying attention when it was being told, but the gist is that the ex-corp of a couple of our members (a low-sec pirate corp) wants to try their hand at wormholes and we are helping them out. I'm not sure how or why, but these guys are also friends with a German corp, who are also trying to stick their foot in.

Between the two of them, they found a nice C4/C3 wormhole, and started to move in. Unfortunately, the hole was currently occupied and so we were asked to come and help siege the residents out. Sounds like fun.

During the week we took along a decent sized fleet and were joined by our two new friends. I actually wasn't there so I'm using the royal "we", but we had a pretty good fight (which we won), but lacked the DPS to actually reinforce the tower.

We went back at the weekend with a proper POS bashing fleet, incapped all of the defences and put the tower into reinforce. No fight.

The stront timer was at max, so 1d17h later (which put us smack bang in the middle of our prime time) we went back. We were actually late to the party as our home hole exit, and the target hole entrance did not want to co-operate in the slightest. When we eventually arrived (about 35 jumps later), the CEO of the besieged corp was actively self destructing all of his ships.

For an unknown reason, he decided to do it in reverse order of value, starting with the shuttles, then the many ventures, then the T1 frigates and so on. For some reason, he also didn't strip any of the fits, or indeed empty their cargoes, so when we inevitably killed the tower, the loot was all ours. It wasn't a huge payout considering the man hours and fleet size, but the total haul came to around 2b, which we hauled out in our long boats and shared.

The last notable thing that's happened recently is that we killed about 10b ISK in about 20 minutes, and recorded it too.

I'm actually still a tiny bit (read: very) mad about getting drunk in the afternoon and having a nap and missing this.

There is no proper AAR as the rest of the corp is intimidated by my prose and scared of my proper-grammar-whip, but from what I've heard SCUM. (who we've had run-ins with before) and our new friends have a little bit of history (again, I've been told what it is but wasn't really listening). SCUM. like to hotdrop people in Low-Sec, and our friends have been dropped by them a couple of times because they either do not recognise what bait is, or do not care (probably the latter). This time however, we set up bait for the bait, and when the drop inevitably came, our unscouted fleet jumped through the gate and proceeded to kill everything. By everything, I mean five Black Ops battleships, two T3s and a carrier. We lost two ships, coming to a total of 0.5b (a Guardian and a Myrmidon) whilst they lost just over over 10b. We also killed a Retriever in the same system before we left.

I'm going to try and convince our Director to let me post the video footage here, but he might not let me because the comms are awful (and in some parts offensive). Maybe I can overlay some nice music and hide some of the overviews or something.

Don't make fun of the FC too much...


On that note, I have a new half-assed project. I want to learn video editing and make a 3D logo. If you haven't seen any of the recent Black Legion videos, you should. The fights are mostly terrible, but whoever makes their logos is amazing.

Whilst on the subject of half-assed projects, I'm still looking for something useful to do with my industry alt. I trained some mining skills and went to mine ice/asteroids close to Amarr before realising that it was fairly futile and not worth very much money. I have a couple of items lined up that I really want to build, but they only turn a good profit when the BPOs are researched (and not even that much). My issue is finding somewhere to research them without having to put up a fucking POS.

I cannot be bothered with putting up a POS, especially in high-sec, just to do about ten days worth of research on a blueprint. As I'm sure you can guess, I haven't looked very far in terms of far out regions for research slots, but I also don;t want to have to fly to every bloody region in order to find a slot. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this yet, but I need to do something.
As a blogger, and someone who immensely enjoys helping newbros out, I feel I should be writing something educational for the mass influx of new players. I'd love to start a corp of my own and craft these new players into a lean mean killing machine but I unfortunately lack the time and commitment such an endeavour would need.

However, I am willing to offer my services in any capability to any young fledgling corps who feel like they need an adviser or someone who knows what the fuck they are talking about. I promise not to steal, awox or do anything but help in any way I can.


A few weeks ago, I wrote (or I think I wrote) a post about how one of my RL friends got back into Eve, and how I gave him 5b to get him out of his neg-wallet hole. Part of that condition was that he contracted me all of the shit he didn't need. We finally got around to arranging this and -my god- it's a lot of stuff to sort through. it took four contracts in order to transfer it all (as each contract has a maximum of 200 unique items). Most of it is shitty salvage, and jEveassets has a function that shows you what is worth more if you reprocess it. Unfortunately, it doesn't take into account that the max refine is 95% without some serious standings grind. It's also a massive list (like 500 of 800+ items) to go through.

I also need to move it all to a real market hub. I might do this myself - buy a freighter from buy orders, move the shit and then sell the freighter back at sell orders, thus netting me profit.

It's a giant pain in the derriere and something I'm totally putting off.
List of other things I need to/should do:
  • Write another blog post tomorrow, and the day after and so on.
  • Write a guide/blog post about Corp Roles - I've seen several instances where people have asked for this, and as far as I know, no such things exists.
  • Learn how to code (or find a coder) and write something like a database so people can easily find systems with ice belts/other assorted things.
  • Decide what to train with a) my logi pilot (probably another carrier pilot) b) My recon character (who has just finished interdictor training) and c) my carrier pilot (can I really be bothered with T2 triage?)
  • Find a station (or other way) to research some blueprints
  • Make a spreadsheet and work out some items to build/trade
  • Re-do my entire PI empire as I realised most of my characters can actually have six planets rather than five - meaning I can totally re-do my system and make more money
  • Go through my CHA/SMA and remove all overheated mods, take them to a station and repair them.
  • Inventory my stuff and buy more of the things I use regularly
  • Work out how to replicate Inventory filters across multiple characters
  • Get more readers