Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Back to normal...

Yesterday I wrote that I wouldn't be updating this blog daily. That, however, was before I got home and logged in to an evening of Eve Online. A couple of cool things happened yesterday that I thought were worth noting.

I mentioned yesterday that a hostile Loki named Funny Viking had been sighted in our home hole yesterday. Someone had sent a corp mail warning everybody to be cautious over the next few days. Turns out, someone had just purchased a Loki in home hole and the whole thing was a coincidence. 

When I logged on, the corp was rolling the static hole in order to find a decent entrance/exit so that we could link up with our Alliance bros, Space. One of the new statics had a High Sec static for it's own, and it was deemed suitable. As Space were en route, I took the opportunity to throw some loot out to market. My normal process for this is to haul the loot (comprising of some sleeper loot, PI, salvage and PVP loot) through the holes and deposit it in a station. I then contract it to my out of corp industry/market alt, who lives in high sec and just runs round buying and hauling things. Once the loot is contracted, the wormhole character goes back into the deep and the High Sec character takes over.

This was all going well and normally until the HS character got to the station to pick up the loot in order to take it to market. As I slid out of warp on to the station grid, I noticed a yellow wreck on the undock. That's normal, I assumed it was a dead cyno or something of that nature until I realised I was in High Sec, and that the wreck was full. I docked and undocked and took a look inside. 31m of loot. Score. After checking with my more High Sec inclined corp mates, I scooped it and re-docked immediately. I convo-ed the pilot to whom the wreck belonged and queried what had happened. Apparently, he'd been killed by Concord due to his sec status vs the sec status of the system (1.0). I have no idea why he didn't come back and scoop his own loot, but his loss is my gain. Not a great deal of gain, but I'm one of those people that never says no to free stuff.

Once our Space bros had arrived, we went out on a roam. Initially, I wasn't really in the mood, but when they found a fight after just one jump, I quickly re-shipped in to a Caracal and went to join them. We had a couple of pretty good fights which culminated in a three (or possibly four) way in the same system as the first fight but about 20 minutes later.

Someone also caught it on Fraps if you're into that kind of thing:

The last thing that I thought was worth mentioning was a new money making tactic I discovered on Reddit. After telling someone that it would be impossible to run a C5 relic/data site with a solo Ishtar, I was proved utterly and completely wrong by a posted video.

The video details how to do such a thing and immediately after watching, I went and refit an Ishtar of mine and ran a data site. The only downside of the whole concept is that an Ishtar with a T1 data/relic analyser makes it almost impossible to hack the cans. I do have a workaround in plan which involves a Stratios and a Falcon in addition to the Ishtar, but I've yet to trial it.

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