Friday, 16 May 2014

Good luck systems

I wasn't going to write a blog post today. I had to wake up early for an appointment that both wasted my time and cost me money. I've been in a bad mood all day.

I got home and logged on to find a couple of corp mates scanning out a fairly large chain, so I jumped in to a Helios and started scanning with them. Whilst scanning, someone jumped into two industrials coming out of a C2 wormhole but were unable to catch them, so on a different character I logged in an interdictor and cloaked up off the wormhole hoping to catch them coming back.

I continued to scan and found a high sec. Upon jumping through, we were delighted to find that it was the system of Odin. Our alliance is called Odin's Call, so we believe this system to be quite good luck. 

And it was.

Another scanner was in a C6 and watched as an Archon jumped out into a C5 that had a LS connection. Thinking he was rolling the hole the scout started to prepare to jump before the hole collapsed. After about 20 seconds, there was no Archon return and we realised that he must be leaving the hole. 

I rushed my dictor back to the lowsec and arrived just as he decloaked. It was then I realised I couldn't bubble. No matter, I had a scram and the carrier was pointed. Arriving at the same time was a friendly Tengu. 

The Archon launced heavy ECM drones and jammed me out. He then switched them straight to the Tengu and then warped off before I could regain me lock on him. Well played Archon. Well played.

A hostile Vigilant jumped through seconds later and my Sabre was pretty much toast. He kited all of our fleet hardcore. A Hurricane came through at the same time as some of our reinforcements and was quickly sent on his way to explosions.

What happened next was unexpected. A Proteus jumped straight into us and we started laying it on. He was starting to break our T1 cruisers/battlecruisers until my Sabre pilot came back in a Scythe. We continued to smack on the Proteus, expecting either the Archon to come rep him, or him to jump back into the wormhole. He didn't. It was worth 850m and dropped about 400 of it.

Like I said, good luck systems.

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