Tuesday, 13 May 2014

It's been a while... again.

If I recall correctly, my last post started very similarly to this one in that it was an apology for not updating the blog more frequently.
That was in February, and for that I apologise. I've been going through one of those phases that are commonly known as "winning eve". I've remained subscribed, but been playing a lot of other games and only logging in to update my skill queue and go on the occasional fleet.
I can't remember what I was up to in February, so I'll just recap my Eve position.
I'm still with 0ne Percent, a C5 inhabiting wormhole corp. A few months ago, a rogue director stole a rather large of amount of ISK from the corp and, along with a few cronies, defected. As he was a director, he was fully able to access all the POS in our home hole, and he rifled through everybodies SMAs and CHAs and took all teh shiny things he could find. A couple of members were hit very hard (such as a new guy who has around 20 faction cruisers for some reason). Luckily, I was not affected at all, but as I'm fairly wealthy in game, I lent the corp 5 billion ISK so that some of the members who were hit hard could be repaid. The total amount stolen stood at around 30-40b ISK, and by running (and taxing) C5 sites and loot from kills, we're down to less than 10b left to be repaid. Other than ships and modules, the miscreant also took a corp wallet that was our savings towards entering the Alliance tournament. 0ne Percent has AT history, and we were gearing up our money making operations and starting to prepare our doctrines and training schedule for the upcoming AT. The theft has utterly destroyed our chance of entering, but there'll always be next year.
In terms of what I've been doing with my pilots, I now have 2 capital capable pilots. One is now able to fly an Archon, a Chimera and a Naglfar, the other just a Chimera (for now). They both aren't perfect, but I'm at that point where the skills are taking quite some time (T2 Siege/Triage etc). I haven't purchased a Naglfar yet due to security. Capitals are so big, they need their own Ship Maintenance Array, and the POS I live in is already full. I've been considering putting up my own POS so I can store my Capitals in a hangar rather than having a character sitting in them at all times. Unforntunately, due to the way POS roles work, this still wouldn't be fully secure, as well as being pretty expensive for me to run. Not to mention I'd have to haul all my own damn fuel.
I decided I needed an independent way of making my own ISK, so I trained up two of my pilots to be able to fly remote rep Tengus. The fit is very simple. Each Tengu has a rack of heavy missile launchers in the highs, a fully passive shield tank in the mids and damage mods (plus a Damage Control) in the lows. In one of the high slots, there's a single large remote shield transfer. The fit is cap stable, can tank around 700 DPS. and each Tengu outputs about 450 DPS. Some may ask why I went with two Tengus, rather than one pimp Tengu (or even two pimp Tengus). It's pretty simple. The two Tengu's are not shiny. In total, they cost me juts under 800m ISK and that included the additional subsystems and other fits that I'll go into later. You can easily fit a single Tengu with a faction shield booster and Heavy Assault Missiles that can solo C3 sites. However, it requires a significant amount of micro management, which is then duplicated if I threw a second pilot in to the mix. With this setup, I can warp to 0 on the site, set up the rep chain and push F1 until the site is complete. That's it. Due to the extremely low micro management, I can then concentrate on D-Scan and checking for new signatures, which are the key to keeping me alive. The setup does pretty well, and I've tried it out a few times. I reckon it brings me about 150m an hour if I find a C3 hole with plenty of sites. It can run in wormholes that have wormhole effects except a Wolf-Rayet. because that would be uber-dumb. If I do have the misfortune to be ganked, I'm only losing two ships worth 400m each, with the chance that at least one of them will escape, rather than losing a pimped faction solo Tengu worth 1.5b. I've been tempted to play around with a RR Ishtar operating under the same principle but even more AFK. Drop drones on aggressive and come back 10 minutes later. The only flaw with this plan is that they might prematurely shoot a trigger and spawn the next wave, which would then be too much DPS. I think it would need some faction stuff to work properly, but would still probably be cheaper than Tengu's, but with the bonus of not losing skill points if I do die at any point.
Each Tengu carries a number of things in the cargohold for those "OHSHITOMGWTF" moments that are what makes Eve so much fun. The things they carry are identical and are as follows:
Interdiction Nullifer Subsystem
Covert Reconfiguration Subsystem
Covert Ops Cloak
2 x Warp Core Stabs
Probe Launcher + Probes
Warp Disruptor
Mobile Depot
In every system I visit, I make a couple of safe spots. The idea is that if I'm suddenly confronted by a gang of people who are trying to kill me, and I manage to escape, I can go to the first safe spot, drop the Mobile Depot, warp between the other safe spots for the time it takes the Depot to online, the go back to it and refit to a cloaky Tengu setup and hopefully either avoid the baddies altogether, or take them on in a fight.
After 3 or 4 months of inactivity, I started up my PI farm again a few nights ago. The farm has previously been written about, and brings in a not unreasonable amount of ISK each month for very little effort. Logging in late last night to reset a PI planet cycle, I was only paying partial attention to the game, and hadn't checked our corp mapping software at all. Apparently we were connected to another C5 hole, occupied by Probe Patrol of Ixtab, a fairly large corp/alliance that we didn't have the pilots to fight last night. I was happily warping around between customs offices whilst trying to make a googledoc spreadsheet do what I wanted it to do (concacentation) when a Loki suddenly decloaked 23km from me. I immediately hit my cloak button but was obviously at 0 to a POCO. As he locked me up, I returned the gesture and started to log on to comms. I own two Epithals which are used to handle my PI operations over my six accounts. For some unexplicable reason, they are two different fits. Both have cloaks, both have double invulns and that is where the similarity ends. One of them has align and warp speed rigs, the other has shield rigs. One has a full set of warp core stabs, the other has a pair of stabs, a DC and a nano. One has prop mod, the other has a point. Can you guess which one I was in?
The fucking pointless one. On the plus side, it meant I could slide into warp with an o7 in local.
Apparently a cloaky Loki was sighted on D-Scan earlier today (despite the connecting hole now being gone) called Funny Viking. I think it's probably the same guy, and I think he might be a little mad.
I've set myself a goal for the next 12 months which is for my gross wealth to be over 100b ISK. At this moment in time, I'm sat at  25.2b raw ISK, another 2b in modules and assets (inculding PI/gas waiting to be sold) and about 5b in ship assets (including the carrier). That puts me at 32.2b, so I'm 1/3rd of the way there already.
I bought myself a Rattlesnake last week. That's a lie. I actually built myself a Rattlesnake last week. Someone in corp had been running DED sites, and a Rattlesnake BPC had dropped. He was trying to sell it at 350m ISK, which is a steal considering the minerals needed came to about 144m, and the sell value of a Rattlesnake hull is sitting at around 600m. I took the BPC off his hands, took it two jumps out to a station with slots and had Red Frog haul the minerals over night. Four hours later, I was the owner of a Rattlesnake battleship. A beast of a ship, that is getting a rather generous buff in the next expansion. The only thing I hadn;t considered is that the only pilot that I have that can fly a Rattlesnake is also a pirate in High Sec, and thus trying to get the Rattlesnake home would be rather difficult. Repackaged, the Rattlesnake is 50,000m3, so hauling it in an industrial other than an Orca is impossible. Buying a 800m ship to transport a 600m ship through a wormhole seems rather stupid, so I had to wait a few days and convince a corp mate to move it in for me. In all likelyhood, it will very rarely see the outside of the SMA except in a home hole defence situation. We rarely run escalated C5 sites, but when we do I'm normally dualboxing a combination of Web Loki/Triage Carrier/Dreadnaught (*delete one as applicable), so wouldn't be flying a DPS battleship. I think it's the first faction ship I've ever owned.
That's it for this post. Hopefully I'll get back into the routine of updating the blog a few times a week. Every day is a bit of an effort, and it burnt me out in the past, so I probably won't be returning to that regime.

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