Thursday, 5 June 2014

Raging Mad

I wrote in my last post that we were having a fleet doctrine competition. Well, I won and am now a billion ISK better off. For those that don't know, I've made most of my money by doing things that other people either don't want to or can't do themselves.
I'm not going to share the final doctrine with you, because this is Eve, and in all likelyhood, someone might use it against me, but I will say that in the right circumstances (i.e. our home hole), it's very close to being indestructible. It's obviously shield based, and in the right ratios, nothing will ever come close to beating it, especially with capital support.
I've actually been putting my industrial character to work recently. I bought a couple of blueprints that I calculated would be making a profit even when they are totally unresearched. I'm considering doing some calculations for a couple of T2 ships/items but I think I might be biting off more than I can chew. I'm no where even close to being at full capacity with that character, but that's mainly due to the fact that there aren't that many open manufacturing slots available within a distance that I'm willing to travel (i.e. <4 jumps), so I've just been setting overnight buy orders and then setting a small number of runs the next day. I'm not making very much profit, in fact, I could make more by shooting a couple of sleepers, but I'm quite enjoying the process. I'm strongly considering ramping things up when the next expansion (Krius?) hits, when the entry barrier will be much easier and the ability to research blueprints much more accessible. My only worry is that the various external tools that I kind of rely on won't be able to track some of the new fangled things that CCP are introducing.
In other big news, last weekend we decided to seige a C3 wormhole. A suitable target was found and on a Thursday night, we moved in, set up a small staging POS and started to make progress on this corps' tower. It was a faction tower, with a ton of faction defences, along with eight SMAs, 5 CHAs and lots of other enticing things such as drug labs and T3 manufacturing processes. The POS itself, like many, was vastly overdefended, with tons of modules anchored but offline and as we started to chew through them, they were onlining things to replace the ones we had incapacitated. Luckily, the didn't have much ECM, webs or points, but they did have a metric fuck ton of Sensor Dampeners and a fair number of guns.
It was a long grind and we actually lost a couple of ships due to AFK or lucky alpha from the POS guns. I was running a DPS ship and a Logi ship (was also running a links ship) and I have to say, it's one of the most stressful few hours of logistics I've ever done. By the time it came for me to log off, I was exhaused. I warped all my ships to the safe POS and logged off for the night. The next day, at work, I received a notification on my phone (I use the Eve Droid app and the Aura app, both Android) with a mail from one of the directors saying that we had pulled out of the hole and OP success. Frustratingly, as I was at work, I couldn't ask any questions about how much success the OP success actually was and had to wait several hours until I was back at my computer.
When we go raiding, there are two aims in mind. Firstly, to make ISK - either by simple extortion or by the loot we gather and secondly, by getting a ~good fight~. I had presumed, based on my veiwing of their POS, that this operation would have the former aim in mind, to make some ISK. It turns out that was not the case. This corp, German Dynamics, had hired Surely Your Joking - a Merc group - to come and get us out of their hole. SSY came with a rather large blob of T3s with another large blob of Guardians to support them. this fleet was much much much larger than our USTZ seiging fleet and so we lost that particualr fight, although we did kill a fair number of T3s and the ISK battle was actually fairly even.
It is then revealed that directly after the fight, we tore down our staging POS and pulled out completely. I understand the thought process and the logistics of doing such a thing, but I was a little bit pissed off to find that upon logging in, I had three combat fit ships (no cloaks/probes etc) stuck in a hostile hole that may or may not have been scanned and may or may not have hostiles waiting to find me and kill me. Added to that, the hole we were sieging had a HS static and two of my three characters cannot go to HS above 0.6 security. Luckily, the exit WAS bookmarked and WASN'T bubbled and I extracted without a whole lot of bother. I then had to travel halfway across the universe (seriously, like 30+ jumps) to get back to an entrance to our home hole. I was mad. I very quickly logged out of comms, logged on all my PI characters, emptied all my planets, shipped the PI out to HS and started packing my carrier. Luckily, I ran out of time before I had to log off, but I was almost fully prepared to rage quit the corp and evac. I had character logged out in safes with haulers full of all my ammo and modules, my capitals were travel fit and logged off in safes to wait for an exit, I had a scout in a scanning ship ready to go. the only thing that stopped me was the fact that I had somehow misplaced the isotopes for my carrier and thus it would be stranded wherever the exit might be.
I've since calmed down and unpacked my shit again, although I still haven't restarted my PI production.

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