Friday, 1 August 2014

Drop the dreads...

This AAR is from my perspective. Because I'm writing it, and I'm the best.

I logged on after work to hear a group of our guys out on an interceptor roam. They were out of a direct NS hole to Venal, which is an NPC region.

They were riling up the locals and a small gang of 8 guys shipped up to fight them with a couple of Cynabals, a Myrmidon, Tengu, Deimos and a couple of other things.

We ran back to HH and reshipped into Ferox Fleet. I took a Talos because I'm special. It took a little while for the Logi to get sorted due to a couple of mod issues and Berolt got shouty.

We eventually got moving (partly spurred by me getting bored and going solo). Me and GMan were designated as bait and we went into their system and started calling them rude names. The rest of the fleet was holding one jump out.

The hostiles didn't really seem interested. They were playing undock games, fairly successfully.

I was playing with a Deimos and a Falcon (who I kept volleying into half shields before he had to re-dock) on one of the undocks when it was called to pull out and go home. As I warped off, one of the locals started mouthing off saying I was running away so I told him he was a plant and to come fight me on the BV- gate. He told me to go to the other gate. We moved our cloaky eyes over there and low and behold, there was a fleet sat there waiting for me. Our fleet turned around and warped back and I jumped through to see what was up. Their fleet was on the other side and as we jumped, they jumped as well.

Berolt used an awesome analogy of burglars inside your house, and you outside. We all laughed. (Some of us were just being polite)

They grew some cajones and jumped back into us and we started to brawl. Their Falcon went down like a sack of shit and we started working on their BCs. Minus did a good job calling targets and our Logi were outstanding in keeping up reps. Suddenly, they popped a cyno and a Chimera appeared on grid (to rep their breaking armor Myrmidons apparently). He did one cycle of Triage before he realised we were still breaking their ships with good target swapping and overheat cycles. A couple of support ships came in - another Falcon, a Rapier and a sniping Naga. GMan flying the Caracal Navy Issue did some pro solo PVP and burnt out to kill them whilst the rest of the fleet kept the pressure on the baddies with our awesome blasters. 

Eventually, their fleet realized that they were all dying and they started to extract. Most of their battleships got out (some were very low structure), and they had too many ships for us to point while we were maintaining two points on the carrier (just in case).

Meanwhile, I was logging in my Naglfar and we were sorting out cynos. We cyno'd in and I jumped. I mashed all the buttons whilst locking the Carrier. I got off a single volley before I realized I wasn't in Siege. As soon as I hit the Siege button, the Chimera exploded. Apparently he'd initiated self-destruct and we hadn't noticed. By this time, his friends had deserted him. 

We hung around and looted what we could while we waited for the cyno and the siege cycle to end. It took us a while to sort out an exit cyno, so I warped the dread to the NPC station and docked up. Eventually, the cyno got sorted and as I undocked so did a Sabre. All the adrenaline finally got to Minus and he went check-check-check-crazy. Everyone else remained calm and we extracted the dread. 

Me and Minus had both already logged in alts and were burning to pick up the capital sized loot that remained. 

The rest of the fleet extracted back to home hole.

We killed 3b of things and only lost a single Interceptor in the very first engagement. Killboard green.

Despite only shooting the carrier with a single un-sieged volley, I still managed to get top damage:


Battle Report:

Exeq Navy Issue was not, in fact, on our side. Fuck knows what happened to that Enyo...

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