Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Updates and new ideas.

So, I'm trying to get back into writing more regular blog posts. One of the ways I can do that is to write about a few random things rather than writing about a specific piece of content. I get rather bored of other people's blogs that outline and analyze, for example, the latest patch notes, or go off on some random rant about how this ship needs rebalancing.

If you read my blog in any kind of regular way, you'll know I have a pretty short attention span, and get bored of projects and ideas far too quickly for me to actually follow through with them, or even start them in some cases (T3 manufacturing).

One of my new ideas is a new set of inforgraphics. When I was in Test, I created about a dozen different infographics based on an already existing template. The ones I did about PI were probably the best received, and are still very relevant today, especially given the latest Hyperion announcement that PI will no longer require Sov in order to drop a Command Center. That particular infographic needs a bit of updating, and I'm really hoping I can find the originals to tweak.

I really enjoy making infographics. I like breaking a pretty complex system down into well designed steps and explanations that are easy on the eye and aren't 8+n pages of text with a couple of tables and maybe a screenshot.

I think there's also a niche market in producing these, and if I can find the will power to complete a whole set, they could be widely used and well regarded. That's good for me, and it's good for the user.

I have a couple of ideas that I might get on with in the next few weeks, but if anyone reading this has any thoughts on what they'd like to see, be sure to let me know.


It's been a while since I've written an update on what I'm doing in Eve so here goes.

I few months ago, I wrote about a goal I set myself which was to have 100b by the end of the year.. That goal is pretty unachievable given my current playstyle of not wanting to grind or put super serious time into anything. I've reduced that goal to one of making sure my month to month balance is of an upward trend. I don't PLEX my accounts, so this should be pretty achievable, I just have to make sure what I make is more that what I spend or lose in explosions.

I'll be making a crude spreadsheet that'll update weekly, including liquid ISK, ship assets and module assets (and any other assets), and I'll try to post that up on here at least once a week, possibly with a breakdown of how much ISK I earnt doing what activites.

Character wise, this is what I'm up to with each at the moment:

Main: My main character is a jack of all trades, master of none. I'm currently working on some drone skills, and after that some armor skills that I've neglected. Most of the skills I'm training on this character are rounding out things I never got round to training to V. Eventually, I'll train him into a dreadnaught, as he's good on the gunnery, navigation and other support skills, but has none of the prerequisites for flying a capital ship.

Carrier/Dread Pilot: This pilot continues to train into a perfect Naglfar. She can already fly a pretty good Carrier (2 races) and her dread skill are almost done, although the skills that are left are very long. (2 x 19d skills to finish gunnery supports, 54 days for Capital Ships V, 46 days for Minmatar Dreadnaught V). She then has a couple of drone skills for the carrier skillset before I decide her next step. It'll probably be into a Black Ops or Marauder.

Secondary PVP: This character is on constant catch up to my main. He started out as a pure ECM character and can fly an impeccable Falcon, but more recently I've been training him to be a more general PVP character so that I can use my main as a booster and fight with this character.

Scout: This character is specialised into flying subcaps that are Battlecruiser or less. He has no large weapon skills, although he can sit in T1 Battleship hulls because it's useful sometimes. He's currently finishing his last cruiser V, and after that will be training the couple of small weapon skills (Light Missiles, Rockets, Torpedoes). He can now fly a good interdictor and has almost perfect scanning skills. I'm debating whether to buy a set of expensive scanning implants for him, but Interdictors and expensive pods don't go very well together.

Industry: This guy is currently finishing up all the skills required for Reverse Invention, Research and the manufacture of T2 and T3 items. This is in anticipation of the hinted changes to this type of industry coming this year, and I'll hopefully be well placed to take advantage of whatever they turn out to be. I'm not going to max those skills, because it's a waste of SP due to the fact that I don;t really have the patience for industry right now. I've purchased a couple of BPCs and BPOs which I've turned a profit on, but since Crius, the tools I used to work out what was profitable to make are no longer very accurate. I'm considering maxing out the refining and compression skills, but I'd need a POS to make decent money, and that's too much time and money investment right now. This character would sell for quite a lot if I were to offer him for sale, but I;ve grown rather attached and his role as an out of alliance hauler is actually rather useful. One day I'll get round to buying and using a Jump Freighter he can use perfectly.

Carrier/Logi: I dropped this guy out of corp just before I had a week off work with the idea that, due to the fact he is a perfect subcap logi pilot, I'd run incursions all week and make bank. I did run some, and it was tedious. It is good for when I have an hour or two to spare and nothing is happening in corp, but recently incursions have been a bit wierd and keep moving, so he's sat making no money at all right now.

My PI farm has ground to a halt due to one of the pilots being the incursion pilot and me being too lazy to log the other in and restart their chains. I should pick it back up, and I'm toying with using the industry character to use low level PI, turn it into high level PI and then turn it into sov structures or POS stuff.

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