Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The call is strong...

It's been nearly three months since I wrote anything, and more like five since I last logged in.

Recently, the urge to return is very strong and it's only getting stronger.

I've hit a dilemma though. I don't want to resub all my accounts. Paying 60 bux per month is a lot of money, and I'd rather not grind for PLEX.

I'm very seriously considering selling a couple of my characters, once I work out exactly how much it's going to cost me - and have a look at home much they will be worth. And of course working out which characters I want to part with. The problem with the way I did things is that by selling a couple of characters, I lose the specialisations that I have with them.

I'd also have to resub them all to sell them, and to transfer the assets they have over to other accounts.

The second dilemma is what to do once I resub. These are the issues:

No pressure to log in - My current job involves quite a lot of travel and periods away from the internet so things like a small WH group is unfeasible

Background - Obviously, my time in Black Legion and previously Test slightly limits my options for the huge conglomerates

Income - I have ISK but, as always, want more. I like making money in an easy way. This is probably going to involve moongoo, PI, WH ratting or incursions or a combination thereof. I've never been very good at market stuff, and even worse at industry.

The probable way forward is to resub all the accounts for a short time, log in and do some incursions whilst I look for a "bigger" wormhole group that will take me and try and choose a couple of characters to sell.

Let's see where that gets me...


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