Friday, 22 May 2015


Test Alliance has a special interest group (SIG) called Predditors.

Predditors is a group of people who like flying cloaked things. They support our strat ops with bombing wings (with limited success), but their main purpose is hunting enemy pilots doing PVE and "dropping" them.

The group is actually a really good advertisement for Test as a whole, and as Dreddit HR, I've seen a fair amount of apps from people who are only interested in Test because of Predditors.

Last night, we had a Predditors fleet going and I just thought I'd write a little bit about what happened - and what we killed.

As with most things in Eve, the fun part wasn't flying the space ships but was instead hanging round on voice comms and tinychat with a bunch of people.

The first drop (which the fleet initially formed for) was a battleship gang. Our initial intel was that they were sat off a gate, and we assumed they were smart bombing. What other use does a small group of battleships do in nullsec have?

The battleships were about 30-40km from the gate, and were sat in a dictor bubble of their own making. They were supported by a small frigates on the gate itself

Our tackle, who had been cloaky AFK in this system for a while, got himself within scram range of an Armageddon and as he decloaked to get point, he lit a covert cyno and the rest of us bridged through.

The Armageddon melted pretty quickly, and we managed to scram ourselves a Typhoon as well, as two more battleships burned to the gate and made their escape.

As we were just finishing off the Typhoon, a second Typhoon landed in the bubble (which the enemy Heretic had kindly refreshed). I feel for that guy, he must have known he was dead as he entered warp right as his friends were screaming about being dropped. It must have been a hell of a long warp for him.

He died pretty quickly as well under the DPS of our torpedos. Our fleet scattered and cloaked. We lost the initial tackle (which is normally to be expected) but we also lost a bomber, who for some reason had three polarized torpedo launchers. Those launchers each cost more than the hull they were fitted to. Of the three of them, only one dropped as loot. 

After the fleet had safed up, I remained on grid as the de facto FC to make sure everyone was safe. The fleet we had dropped had all fled except a single interceptor, who quite rightly wasn't that scared of a bomber gang and was tooting around looking at the contents of all the wrecks. 

I too, was on my way to the wreck of our lost bomber - slowly, as I was still cloaked. I watched in annoyance as the Interceptor started burning towards the wreck I wanted and we both reached it at the same time. I stopped my ship prior to getting there to avoid being de-cloaked, and positioned the wreck so that it was between me and the Sun. My annoyance changed to glee as the Interceptor overshot has mark without looting the wreck, and I quickly decloaked, opened the wreck and grabbed the torp launcher before warping off. As I was in a bit of a rush, and my muscle memory (and new mouse) aren't yet comfortable, I warped to 0 at the Sun. The Interceptor followed me, and in fact arrived before me. I landed 2,800m from him. Pretty bloody lucky.


Note: Some of those fits are fairly questionable...


Note: At least one of those fits is questionable...

We headed back to our staging system and sent our hunters out for more targets.

They found some fairly quickly - another gang sat on a gate.

This gang was a bit more danger zone, as it contained cruisers and other ships that could easily kill a bunch of bombers.

We dropped anyway, culling a Scythe Fleet Issue that had strayed from it's herd.

We didn't hang around on grid, and I believe we all got out safely.

While we were waiting for our jump fatigue to lower, we set up at random places around the station in system.

Right as we were contemplating whether we could volley a Noctis on the undock before he could dock, our prey were set blue by our Alliance (for reasons).

We decided to go home, and were about to leave when a RED gang came to station. We couldn't REALLY engage them safely, but we watched with growing glee as a Curse strayed from the pack and was sat 30-40km from his friends. He was quickly probed, and tackled and destroyed. Unfortunately, he was not looted. Why this is apparent will become clear when you look at the following killmail:

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