Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pyfa/EFT Damage Profiles

It's been a while eh? (again).

I just made a big post to Reddit, and thought I might as well copy it over to here as well for longevity.

I just downloaded Pyfa to play with the new BC changes. I'm normally an EFT man, but I'm trying to convert myself.

When I was looking to import the various different damage profiles, the top two links on google didn't work, and it appears as though Gorski has changed the way you import the damage types.

He's gone from:

[name] = EM:0, Therm:0, Kin:0, Exp:0


DamageProfile = [name],[EM amount],[Thermal amount],[Kinetic amount],[Explosive amount]

I though it might be handy to list them here for anyone who wants them.


1) Open Pyfa
2) Hit CTRL+D (or Window > Damage Pattern Editor)
3) Copy the below list on to your clip board

DamageProfile = Antimatter,0,20,28,0
DamageProfile = Aurora,20,12,0,0
DamageProfile = Barrage,0,0,20,24
DamageProfile = Conflagration,1,1,0,0
DamageProfile = EM,1,0,0,0
DamageProfile = EMP,36,0,4,8
DamageProfile = Explosive,0,0,0,1
DamageProfile = Fusion,0,0,8,40
DamageProfile = Gleam,1,1,0,0
DamageProfile = Hail,0,0,13,48
DamageProfile = Javelin,0,32,24,0
DamageProfile = Kinetic,0,0,1,0
DamageProfile = Multifreq,28,20,0,0
DamageProfile = NPC Amarr,47,42,7,4
DamageProfile = NPC Angel,7,9,22,62
DamageProfile = NPC Blood Raider,50,48,2,0
DamageProfile = NPC Caldari,1,48,51,0
DamageProfile = NPC Drones,0,10,20,70
DamageProfile = NPC Gallente,1,39,60,0
DamageProfile = NPC Guristas,2,18,79,1
DamageProfile = NPC Minmatar,12,7,31,50
DamageProfile = NPC Mordu's Legion,0,30,70,0
DamageProfile = NPC Sansha,53,47,0,0
DamageProfile = NPC Serpentis,0,55,45,0
DamageProfile = Null,0,24,20,0
DamageProfile = Phased Plasma,0,40,8,0
DamageProfile = Quake,0,0,20,36
DamageProfile = Radio,1,0,0,0 DamageProfile = Scorch,36,8,0,0
DamageProfile = Spike,0,1,1,0
DamageProfile = Thermal,0,1,0,0
DamageProfile = Tremor,0,0,12,20
DamageProfile = Void,0,1,1,0

4) Click "Import patterns from clipboard" (bottom right of the dialog box) 
5) To use, right click anywhere in the "Resistances" tab of the fitting screen and select the damage you want to test your tank against.

You can use the same thing for EFT.

The process is a little bit different and is as follows:

1) Open EFT folder
2) Open the "config.ini" file in Notepad (EFT should not be open at this time)
3) At the very bottom of the file (the last line), copy and paste the damage profiles.
4) Save

To use:

4) Right click on the Defense section of the fitting window
5) Choose what profile


  1. For EFT you need to remove the spaces between "DamageProfiles" the "=" and the name so it would look like this

    Otherwise EFT won't read it


  2. And thank you for those damage profiles. They will be very useful!


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